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  1. Aure continued smiling as they fully entered the compartment. They were glad to see Lucia on the train to school this year and had missed their friend dearly over the summer holidays. “It’s great to see you and Murdoc too! And of course your lovely Flitterbloom,” they said as they began to situate their large trunk. After the trunk was squared away and the door to the compartment firmly closed, they unlatched Weldis’ cage and urged the owl to let his wings extend as he flew freely about the compartment. He let out soft, happy hoots as he did so and playfully flew as close as he dared to Murdoc who was resting on Lucia’s shoulder. “Weldis, you’d better be careful,” Aure warned as they took a seat by Lucia, “I know you and Murdoc are friends but no one likes waking up from a nap.” They laughed at the owl’s antics as he sprung about the compartment. “My summer was nice. Not too busy, but I went camping with my family once or twice and read some really great books!” Aure smiled as they thought about the great time they’d had. Though they loved their school with all their might, it was hard sometimes only communicating with their family via Weldis for such a long period of time. Some rest and relaxation was very nice every now and then. “And how was yours?” they asked their lovely friend.
  2. Aure grumbled quietly as they maneuvered their trunk onto the train and down the small hallway. They swore the thing got heavier each year. That would make sense considering how much more I've acquired, they thought absentmindedly. Their barn owl companion, Weldis, hooted softly from the cage perched precariously on top of their trunk and Aure nodded quickly at him offering a wry smile. "Once we're safe in a compartment, I can let you roam free for a bit," they promised. As they moved down the line, they saw their friend Lucia seated in one of the compartments. Dodging a couple other students who had begun a chat mid-corridor, Aure slid open the door and stood in the doorway. "Mind if I join you?" they asked, sending Lucia a smile. They pulled their trunk in about halfway in order to get it out of the way of others coming down the hall.
  3. Hello Jasmine and Elysia! Great to see you in the Dungeons! Help yourself to a complimentary pumpkin pastie
  4. Thank you, Louis! Jigsaws are such a fun way to start the year
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