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  1. Dear Journal, Wow this month kind of flew by! Winter Fling just finished up and it was such fun. I'm so grateful for all the fun it brought to the Dungeons! I submitted my first puzzle to the puzzle exchange instead of just completing puzzles, so that was kind of fun. I also got some great feedback on my art and library department submissions that I'll make sure to consider in future submissions. I've completed a good amount of homework so far this month, but I'm still working on my Divination OWL. Since it has a part that needed three journal entries from different days, I managed to put
  2. Thank you Emily, February, and Scarlet for the winter fun! It was wonderful to relive memories and hear about others' favorite parts about winter, even with how cold it can be. I'm looking forward to the next one!
  3. I agree with the quote Tarma posted. I can see why the goblins would have a particular attachment to the sword and would want it back in their hands, but if most wizards aren't aware of this then the blame cannot lie solely on wizards for the misunderstanding. Because of this, I think that the Sword of Gryffindor doesn't truly belong to anyone anymore. Additionally since the sword occasionally emerges from the Sorting Hat to those deemed able to use it, it likely has its own brand of magic that wouldn't leave it in goblin hands for long.
  4. I'd hum it "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music.
  5. I think it kind of made sense. If Harry had the Elder Wand but hadn't destroyed all of the horcruxes yet, he wouldn't be able to defeat Voldemort, merely bring him to the form he existed in before regaining a body. In that case, much like Tarma mentioned, there would likely be more blood spilled before Voldemort's reign finally ended. I also understand why Dumbledore would want Harry to avoid falling prey to the temptations of the Elder Wand, but of course, when the answer is so close it is difficult to resist. Props to Harry for letting such a powerful weapon go and realizing that he may not
  6. reached out a careful hand towards it. It seemed to anticipate my action...
  7. I think that Harry chose to speak to Griphook first as his way of choosing horcruxes over hallows. Right before he goes to speak to either, he thinks about what Dumbledore would want him to prioritize, and once he's formed a realization of where Voldemort is going and what he is after, Harry has decided to prioritize the horcruxes. After all, if Voldemort still has horcruxes, it wouldn't matter if Harry beat him with the Elder Wand. If he were to talk to Ollivander first, the trio may have tried to beat Voldemort to the wand, losing important information about the Lestrange vault from Griphook
  8. the cat I had been chasing, standing in a nearby clearing looking right at me. I stared back and...
  9. As Ivey's snowball distracted February, Aure let out a sigh of relief. She took the moment to gather up a few more snowballs, but this time she wasn't looking to throw them. They would serve as her defense for the next time someone came to attack her. She placed them together to form a low barrier and waved her wand over them to fuse them together. Now that she had a decent shield (only on one side unfortunately..) she decided to keep practicing her snowball levitation. She tried to form a snowman like she'd seen Will doing, but her concentration kept slipping since she was so cautious of once
  10. and checked the surrounding flora, but it was very difficult to see much through the underbrush. Right as I was about to give up...
  11. Guilty, I love lemonade! Has more than one pet?
  12. Yep! TWBM prefers chocolate over vanilla.
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