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  1. Off to School Chat Party

    A fun get together on IRC in the channel #offtoschool to meet other students and play fun chat games.
  2. It's almost time for a new term to begin! Make sure to visit all four of the common rooms and the main HOL forum to participate in a fun back to school activity!

  3. Welcome to Off to School Week One! I’m glad you were able to find your way to the Dungeons, the place the Slytherin snakes call home. The activity will run from now until September 30th, so keep up with the main HOL forum for more fun games and chat parties! For this ice-breaker, we’re going to learn some new facts about each other. The game works like this: 1.) One person states a fact about themselves. 2.) The next person to post states whether or not that fact is also true about them. 3.) That person then adds a new fact. Example: Person A: I once ran a marathon. Person B: Me too! It was really rewarding. I baked my sister a cake for her most recent birthday. Person C: I’m not a huge baker, so I can’t say I’ve done that. I have read the Harry Potter books seven times. You can earn 10 beans each for the first two posts you make in this topic for a total of 20 beans overall. Keep an eye out for another beans earning activity to be posted here next week! Here's my starter fact: I once ate jellyfish, but I don't remember it.
  4. Duelling

    Congratulations! It looks like it was an amazing time, and I'm loving the decorations!
  5. The Wizard/Witch Below Me..

    True! I don't have the opportunity to eat it often, but it is certainly enjoyable! Has one class they really want to take next term?
  6. 1-10,000

  7. Last Letter, First Letter

  8. Guess the next poster

    Ah yes it is me! Maybe Scarlet will show up next!
  9. Aurelia West's Journal

    Dear Journal, What an event filled summer! Get ready for a not-so-small update! This summer was filled with fun events and activities. Ravenclaw hosted an amusement park entitled Rowena's Realm with 4 weeks of fun activities centered around the theme. There was a lovely variety of activities and it was really great to participate in even if I fell off the wagon near the end. Unfortunately, this is probably how many of these tales will end. Hufflepuff hosted Summer Vacations also for 4 weeks where the next week of tasks was revealed by completing the last task of the week previous. These were also all really fun challenges, but near the end I didn't manage to complete all of them. Gryffindor's Beedle the Bard activity was also really fun. I loved that I finally got to read all of the tales. I came really close to nabbing the award, but in the end fell two challenges short. In hindsight, I wish I'd kicked myself to do the two earlier ones I missed instead of counting upon the two that were due the weekend I was moving. Summer Quidditch League is also going really well. I've gotten to play in a handful of games and have really enjoyed each experience. It's been fun getting to both play and cheer on my team members. Also, this year I decided to sign up for the Seeking Tournament and I'm so very glad I did as I've been having a blast getting to chase after the snitch. I've played two games so far and somehow managed to seek my way to the playoffs. It's been such a good learning experience overall, though I've realized how much more I need to bot if I'm going to be worth my salt. Now that Hufflepuff's Summer Vacations are over, this month is host to Fantastic Beasts. The first week just finished and it's been good fun so far. I've only read through the book once or twice so this activity will be sure to be a good refresher. As a bonus, there's a shiny award at the end of the tunnel. Speaking of potential awards, I just updated with my first book for the Summer Reading Challenge. I have two more books to go, and while I managed to read a decent amount during July, I think that I'll stick with books I've read in August to end up posting about since I have some exciting books planned. In any case, HOL updates aside, I just finished moving into my new apartment for the upcoming year! I'm really excited for this year and I'm glad to return to school. However, this is when the rollercoaster that is life comes in, and we'll see how well I manage to keep both RL and HOL at the forefront of my priorities. As I mentioned in my last post, I'd really like to earn more points this year than I did last, so I sincerely hope that can happen. Aure
  10. 2016-17 Slytherin Awards

    Congratulations everyone on another awesome year! This year was full of so many fun activities and I've managed to get so much more involved in everything than I did my first slither-around. The future is bright and I'm super stoked we came so close to nabbing the House Cup and fully intend to try my hardest in the upcoming year. Also an immense congratulations to all of our award winners! You all make the Dungeons a fabulous place to visit and are hugely appreciated.
  11. Double Letters

  12. 1-10,000

  13. Last Letter, First Letter

  14. Guess the next poster

    Yes, I've returned! Max?
  15. Double Letters