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  1. Aurelia West

    Aurelia West's Journal

    Dear Journal, I can't believe it's been such a long time since my last entry! I sincerely apologize, but unfortunately cannot guarantee replies will be any less sporadic in the upcoming months however much I'd like them to be. I'm debating upon whether I think I'll actually have enough time to participate in this year's Emerald Cup, but I think I'll base it on how much work I get finished this weekend. After that, I'd like to hopefully participate in whichever quidditch shenanigans occur this summer, but again I'm unsure of my available dates as things seem to simply be compounding upon each other in RL. I'll try to post again soon and with a little more substance, but until then wish me luck! Aure
  2. Aurelia West

    We now have...

    Congratulations, Amy!!
  3. Aurelia West

    The Egg and the Eye - Task 1

    I think I would also like to see more of the effects before settling on an option, but I think I'm most intrigued by the various consistencies of foam so I think I would try those out first. They could then be a good base for whatever bubbles I would want to pour on top.
  4. Aurelia West

    The Egg and the Eye - Task 2

    My path was definitely spurred on by my various life experiences and my own anxiety as to whether or not I could see myself excelling in any specific field. As a child, while I practiced ice skating and ballet, I didn't consider either as a potential career option. In middle school I enjoyed my English classes but didn't enjoy the essays that came along a bit later. I never particularly stood out in any given academic discipline, but I had an interest in science, chemistry in particular, so I decided I would try to do something with that. However during the time I was studying chemistry intensely, my focus wasn't on the math associated with many of the processes to the point that I ended up giving up on it as a career option. I still enjoy it a lot and love to learn more about it, but I no longer picture myself pursuing a career in it. I also dabbled a bit in engineering and when I was applying to colleges ended up applying to more schools for mechanical engineering than I did for dance (which is the major I'm currently pursuing). I think what ultimately pushed me to study dance is how much I was affected by seeing performances and how I wanted to be able to put that feeling into the hearts of others as well. I'm also really interested in choreographing, so I'm glad that I attend a program with an emphasis on both. Additionally, I heavily considered psychology when I was going through my college search, and though I didn't study it in my first year, I added on this past year and I'm really glad I did. When I took a psych class in high school I was pleasantly surprised at how much sense the class made to me, and I found it fascinating. The same can still be said and I'm excited to graduate with both degrees!
  5. Aurelia West

    Rita Skeeter’s Scoop - Task 2

    I think I can always count on my professors and friends to motivate me. I don't always seek them out to assist me when I'm having a tough time, but I find their advice is always very helpful and makes me think about things that I might not while I was dealing with my own crazy thoughts.
  6. Aurelia West

    Rita Skeeter’s Scoop - Task 1

    I find it hard to believe what Rita Skeeter writes when she quite obviously only uses one side of the story to attack people. There's one thing to make these outrageous claims about Hagrid with very little fact to go off of, but she also only seems to quote people in her article that make the entire thing seem true, completely ignoring the other side or people that do like Hagrid. Perhaps worst of all, she tarnishes the reputation of those that do like him like Harry Potter by wondering why they would harbor positive emotions for him rather than putting in any other perspectives on Hagrid's teaching and role at the school.
  7. Aurelia West

    The Yule Ball - Task 2

    Like Shadow, I used to have some difficulty with the word "apparation" and it also took me a long time to be able to properly pronounce "Beauxbatons."
  8. Aurelia West

    Aurelia West's Journal

    Dear Journal, I sure haven't visited in a while and I sincerely apologize for that. I must have set you aside during the hectic time that was finals. I'm back now though and plan to stay that way. In RL, I'm taking significantly less classes than I did the previous semester which makes it easier for me to spend more time around here, and I've decided on five lovely classes I'm determined to succeed in! That would be Gobbledegook, The Her in Hero, Magical Plants, Languages 101, and Career Advice. I think all five subjects are incredibly interesting and am so excited to delve into the topics. The Book Club has returned with the Harry Potter Book Festival and I'm having such a ball taking part in discussions and researching more about reading. I'm also really enjoying the Magical Winter Olympics taking place in the Hufflepuff common room and am determined to earn an award. I've been a little more active on IRC lately because I really do want to improve my Quidditch skills and it's been wonderful interacting more with everyone. More updates are sure to come soon, so I'll try to keep you updated! Aure
  9. Aurelia West

    The Yule Ball - Task 1

    I have limited experience with the foxtrot but haven't really had formal training in any kind of ballroom dance though my tap teacher does also teach it. From doing a bit more research, the foxtrot originated in 1914 and is attributed to vaudeville performer Henry Fox. It is typically performed to jazz music and can be performed at slow, medium, or fast tempos depending on how fast the music is. I'd definitely be interested in learning more about the samba and the jive as they both look so fun to perform!
  10. Aurelia West

    The Unexpected Task - Task 2

    I once saw someone ask someone else to prom using a cake. While I wasn't particularly interested in prom, I was interested in cake. My friend who wanted to go to prom simply to dance then asked me to go using a cake after I told her about it. Lots of good cake was had as was lots of good dancing.
  11. Aurelia West

    The Unexpected Task - Task 1

    I heard that the Yule Ball will feature an ice skating rink in lieu of a dance floor this year! I don't think it'll happen, but it would be really fun!
  12. Aurelia West

    The House-Elf Liberation Front - Task 2

    I think Dobby would enjoy this one because of its fun texture. Additionally, the green and red matches the socks he gave Harry Potter once. I can also picture him wearing it year round regardless of the occasion.
  13. Aurelia West

    The House-Elf Liberation Front - Task 1

    I think the Demiguise would hibernate throughout the winter. It would also almost certainly remain safe since it is essentially invisible to most.
  14. Aurelia West

    New Term!

    Many congratulations to all of the award winners! You all make it wonderful for me to visit the Dungeons Here's to the new term! May we earn many points and win many games!
  15. Aurelia West

    The Goblet of Fire - Task 2

    Hogwarts would be proud to have a Slytherin champion! Not only are Slytherins particularly good at getting results due to their cunning nature, their ambition will also take them far in the competition!