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  1. Mischief Managed

    Thank you for organizing such a fun activity! It was awesome to explore the Chamber of Secrets. I didn't know there were so many doors!
  2. Door 2: Fangs

  3. Aurelia West's Journal

    Dear Journal, I dropped off again and RL got crazy.. The Deathday Party was such a fun event, but near the end of it I fell off the wagon so only earned about half the points that I could have which is frustrating. However I was still able to earn the award, so I suppose that's a silver lining. I also disappeared from the end of Gryfftoberfest and now find myself struggling to complete Slyth-o-ween tasks. Eek! Luckily I haven't managed to miss any monthly class deadlines yet and signed up for both Mx HOL and the Hogsmeade Literary Festival. I also managed to send in something for Wizarding Times though it was short, but any points are good points! Hopefully I'll earn many more this term! Aure
  4. The Portkey - Task 1

    I would probably go see the Quidditch World Cup with a small group of close friends, and we would use a portkey for the convenience and also perhaps for the experience! I'd like to get there a few days early so that I can explore around the area and have some time to spend with my friends before the excitement begins. I'm also really keen to see what everyone else does to prepare for the event, since I don't have too much experience going to sporting events. Hopefully by getting there a bit early we can set up our camping site in a good location! I'm unsure of what I would wear, but I have enough knowledge of Muggle clothing to fit in well. I also haven't yet decided which team to support, but I'll be happy for the experience of watching the game regardless of the results. I'd probably spend a lot of money on souvenirs and snacks from this rare opportunity, so I'll have to make sure I save up accordingly ahead of time and not with leprechaun gold.
  5. Piece Together

  6. Happy Slyth-o-ween!!

    I got #24, Adalbert Waffling. Check the main website, Tarma! And then look at your treasures Hmmm I wonder what this all means.. The only thing I can think of is that he wrote Magical Theory.
  7. Signature Tradition

    Avatar: Signature: Chocolate frog sent!
  8. Aurelia West's Journal

    Dear Journal, Oh what a phrase to write again! It's been quite a long time since I last stepped foot into these halls, but I've missed them all the same. I remember the days where I would poor my soul into keeping my journal up to date, recording everything upon everything in hopes of not forgetting a thing. For some reason the tendency to remember still plagues me even though now I have centuries worth of memories to think back on. I could probably fill my library residence with books about the many adventures I've now had. I've truly missed Hogwarts. The classes I see students taking call to me and I long to study alongside them and offer up my own knowledge and experiences as Nick had helped me. Perhaps I should pop into Hogwarts more often than I have been; I believe my last visit was over a century ago. How the times and people have changed! I distinctly remember my dorm here in Slytherin. I had a wonderful roommate and we got along so well it was quite spooky. It was a shame that we didn't room together for the rest of our careers here. I miss lying in my four-poster bed, dreaming about all the spells I would soon learn, wondering how much magic was even possible to create at once, and of course stressing about my classes before I had even taken my OWLs. I miss playing Quidditch and feeling the wind through my hair. I miss eating the castle food, as nothing tastes the same anymore if it tastes at all. Though I don't need food any longer, it is still nice to remember and is a taste I certainly hope I will never forget. I even miss my old teachers, including the ones that gave homework as if we had no other classes. In death I've learned to appreciate even those. I really ought to come back to the castle more often... Sincerely, Isolde Entwistle
  9. The Riddle House - Task 1

    I also would probably fix up the house some before putting on the market. I'd try to market it based on its aesthetics, since it was mentioned to be the largest and grandest manor in the village. It also sits atop a hill overlooking the village, so I'd mention the beautiful view the inhabitants would have if they purchased it. I would probably appeal to older, rich folks who want to retire in a nice mansion, because I think they're the most likely to go for it, however I'd have to ensure they know that the place isn't inhabited by ghosts or anything of the like, as that would put a slight damper on it..
  10. The Riddle House - Task 2

    200 miles away from me is Fayetteville, Arkansas which is the third largest city in Arkansas. It is home to the University of Arkansas, the state's largest university, and is at 1,400 feet of elevation making it one of the highest major US cities in the midwest. It has gained the nickname "Track Capital of the World" since the University of Arkansas's men's track and field team has won 41 national championships to date. It has a pretty good emphasis on the arts and music scene and has a strong BBQ tradition, so I don't think I'd mind visiting if the opportunity arose. Mary Kate Wiles, an actress known for her work on various web series such as The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Squaresville, was born there, which I hadn't known before and that kind of makes me want to visit more.
  11. Last Letter, First Letter

  12. The Ultimate Ice Cream

    ...along with some rainbow sprinkles...
  13. 1-10,000

  14. Guess the next poster

    It's actually me! It just took me a bit to get here! Now Max?
  15. True For Me, True For You? (Off to School)

    I've had my list prepared for some time now, so when sign ups finally opened of course I signed up right away! I drink more water during the school year than I manage to during the summer. (I should really work on that; it's useful having a water bottle with me at all times.)