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  1. “We can’t lose them,” a female guard said, her legs moving faster through the tunnel than the rest. “Everyone else, but not them. “
  2. Entry Seven 2-2-2022 Dear Journal, I passed four of my classes, Poisons, Charms, Potions, and HOL 101. My fifth class, Astronomy is a full year. This term I decided to go with Occlumency, Ancient Alchemy, Apparition For Beginners, and Unforgivable Curses. I’m really excited to start getting into them. Until Next Time, C.T. 5 scales awarded
  3. When it’s a cold, windy, cloudy day and the sun isn’t out I find myself sinking in to depression. I don’t want to do anything, I have no energy, and I’m tired even after getting eight hours of sleep. I almost feel numb but my temper seems to always be short on days like that. When it’s sunny like it is today, the sunny shinning through the windows lighting the house up and warming it up, my mood is better. I find myself having energy, I don’t feel tired, I’m happy even if it’s really cold outside. Being able to open the curtains and let the sun stream in puts me in a good mood and I’m able to get up and be productive through the day.
  4. I have this old Yahtzee container. I lost the dice and everything that was inside of it so I decided that I would use it to put an change I have in it and to use it to hide money that I want to save up so I don’t use it. I thought it would be a great idea to use something that just looks like a game from the front. My dad used to use big jugs to save all his change and I tried doing the same but I don’t use cash anymore unfortunately but it still make for a good hiding spot.
  5. Fava Bean Dip INGREDIENTS 1 can plain fava beans (foul), 14-16 oz 1 large fresh tomato 1 large firm green pepper 1 medium onion 2-3 tbsp olive oil 1/4-1/2 tsp salt 1/2-2/3 tsp ground cumin Juice of 1 fresh lemon, or more DIRECTIONS Drain liquid from fava bean can, and slightly mash the beans with a fork. Chop the tomato and green pepper by hand into small chunks. Chop the onion in a food processor. Mix all ingredients, and season with salt, cumin, oil, and lemon juice. Correct the seasoning to taste. Refrigerate several hours before serving to allow all ingredients to incorporate well, or a day or two ahead of time. Decorate and serve with packaged Scoop Corn Chips, or home-made pita crackers.
  6. Right 2 because I just woke up but by noon time I’ll probably be nine because I’ll be well caffeinated lol
  7. We make the traditional foods for the holidays. Turkey and Ham with all the sides. But my grandmother used to make a ton of cookies and pies for everyone in the family. She would make chocolate chip, raise, non-bake, sugar, and a lot more. She always made sure to make a pumpkin and apple pie for everyone in the family. My moms side of the family used to get together once a year and jar up cabbage to be made into sauerkraut to be used for New Year’s Day pork and sauerkraut.
  8. Sorted my dog Sadie into a Hogwarts House with the filter on tiktok. She was placed into Slytherin! 🐍🐶

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