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  1. I’d love to participate! I’d love to meet on IRC but am fine with either option Present Received-Emily
  2. I definitely think that these birds mean something, though like many I could not tell you precisely what I believe it to be. Both of these birds are ones that Merlin has been equivocated to throughout the book so far, so I'm sure it is either foreshadowing for future events or offers a take on something about Merlin that we haven't uncovered yet. I'll be sure to keep this moment in mind as I continue reading!
  3. Squib Swimming in a pool or lake?
  4. With marshmallows! Tv show or movie?
  5. Lion My favorite pillow looks like one.
  6. Dear Journal, Apologies for the break, I must have let things get lost in my dorm again. The fix went swimmingly; I didn't need very many tools and after watching a handy YouTube video, I was able to replace the part in less than 20 minutes. We just finished up Slyth-o-ween and it was really fun seeing everyone's submissions! I wish I had participated just a smidge more.. I got a bit busy at the end of the month. I also missed out on participating in the Book Club's reading of The Graveyard Book (which I have checked out from the library sitting on my nightstand...) but I still plan to read the book soon. There were so many October activities that I didn't have enough time for them all, but it was so lovely to feel the energy all around the castle! To combat that, I'm trying to get as many things done at the beginning of this month that I can. This coming weekend I have a performance (my first one on an actual stage since 2019!) and it doesn't feel quite real. I simultaneously feel fairly ready and also like I have no clue what's going on. My friend's birthday is on the day of our dress rehearsal which will surely be a long day, but I'm looking forward to giving her the present I chose for her. Once that show finishes up, I'm actually starting a new job where I'll learn how to fit pointe shoes. As someone who has worn a pretty good amount of pointe shoes (some not particularly fitted for my feet), I'm excited to learn more about what goes into that and helping many dancers find shoes that work for them. I've also reconnected with some friends from back home, so I'll be visiting my mom a bit more this coming month. She has a new puppy so visits with her are always very exciting! Admittedly I'm not where I'd like to be with my classes at this point in the semester. I've almost finished one class and am about halfway through another, but I would much rather have more done. I think I've been bitten by the homework bug though, so I hope to get more done soon. I suppose I'll head off to make headway there now! Aure
  7. *quickly wraps up the nearest mummy* Of course I couldn't help but insert a pun somewhere Thank you all for joining us in the Dungeons this past Slyth-o-ween! I hope you have all obtained as much candy as you desire. Your newfound friends appreciate all the knowledge you have gained about them. I've heard Dracula's even got enough food for a wrap-up party! Of course, he only asks that we bring the blood... Here is the final scales tally (message me if anything was reported incorrectly!) Astor Arensin - 30 Aurelia West - 50 Cole Thronheart - 150 Ellie Vernez - 10 Elysia Guerin - 90 Emily Spencer - 150 Georgie Sithern - 10 Hannah Lovegood - 10 Harry Walles - 150 Kendra Givens - 30 Louis Walles - 150 Lucia Dinapoli - 110 Nameujas Katz - 20 Prof. Felicia Hartwick - 30 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 140 Prof. Will Lestrange - 160 Silvana Mandeville - 20 Willow Carter - 100 Violet Westport - 30 Until next year, stay spooky everyone!
  8. One of my more recent losses was when I played Ticket to Ride (Europe edition) with my sister and my partner this past summer. In hindsight I made my pathways much too obvious and approached my longest route from both ends, which started as a decent strategy, but as the game continued on made each of my moves unfortunately all too predictable. Though I tried to intersperse turns with different routes, since I gave away my longest route, I lost heartily. Funnily enough, this loss also taught me about my own presentation when playing games. For something like Ticket to Ride, where the available pathways quickly narrow the longer play continues, drawing too much attention to my paths at the beginning was not in my best interest. However, I sometimes get so excited about actually having people to play a board game with that I don't always think about the way I am conducting my hand from the onset of the game. I feel like many people have a persona they get into when they play games, whether or not they are competitive. In my case, depending on the game I'm playing (and perhaps whether I'd actually like to win), I may at times need to combat that natural persona that apparently wants to make all my moves obvious.
  9. Halfway (because we're a little less than halfway through this term)
  10. I come bringing leftover Halloween treats! *gestures broadly to entire table* This should suffice for a while
  11. Hello! I've arrived at long last, I guess those summons really took a while to reach me How about Silvana?
  12. Pause button for me, maybe then I'll finish all my assignments on time haha Being too cold or too warm?
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