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  1. This week I made a little broomstick for my doll. I found a sunflower stalk and I cut it to the correct size. Then I found some small sticks and I used a hot glue gun to glue them on there. Then I took some twine and wrapped it around and glued it with a hot glue gun. Then, I finished my really cute broomstick. I got my awards in HOL for Spring Staycation, which I very much enjoyed. Thank you Slytherin Promising Students!
  2. Thank you Aurelia, Louis and Lucia. It was really fun hanging out with other Slytherins. Thank you Scarlet for letting us have this fun event.
  3. I think that he probably didn't end his relationship with Dumbledore because they had been friends since Snape was a student.
  4. I think that the story would have changed a lot because I think that Snape might have not ended up being a Death Eater. Maybe he would have ended up with Lily.
  5. Can I do a graphic for the Serpent Lounge also?
  6. I hanged out with my doll and I had a lot of fun on Easter. I celebrated my brother's birthday. Last Friday, I went to the mall and got a cute bracelet with a Paris charm on it. I rode around on an electric bicycle with my friend. It was a lot of fun. I read "The Adventures of Milo and Otis."
  7. Thank you! I think that I'd like to do that.
  8. McGonagall Hug or fist bump?
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