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  1. "Oh!" Tarma grinned at Will and waved to invite him into the compartment. "I haven't the foggiest who the designated Professor is. Maybe it's Fels?" She looked out the window as a particularly spectacular piece of scenery went by. "No, I just love riding on trains." She pointed to her backpack. "Want a sandwich?"
  2. Tarma was watching kids as they settled down (or didn't) on the journey, in between watching the scenery and everything as the train chugged along. (Oh, look, was that a deer? ! ) She was happy with a thermos of hot coffee and a small sandwich which she'd had the foresight to bring along with her in her backpack. Sure, she might get something from the trolley, but sometimes the offerings there were not necessarily what she wanted! Watching, she thought she saw a familiar figure walking down the train. She decided she'd wave if it was really Will; maybe she'd even offer him a sandwich.
  3. Hey, we are on a roll. Yep! What about Will?
  4. Hey, you all have a new Head of House. Hmm. gif is of a man showing the power he can wield to U.S. army officers Have fun! 😊
  5. Tarma had watched a bit as all the students clambered, jumped, stalked, ran, or walked down the railway station and boarded the train. Then she boarded it, grateful that she didn't have to deal with any luggage besides her backpack. She made her way down the aisles, and settled into a compartment towards the back of the train. Why had she decided to get back to Hogwarts via train? she wondered to herself as the commotion and noise level seemed to increase rather than decrease as the train left the station. Ah. That's it .... she sighed contentedly to herself, as she settled back on the bench seat and looked out the windows at the changing scenery. She loved traveling by train and watching as the view out the window changed from city and town to rural and wild.
  6. I wish to thank you, Will, for the welcoming post to everyone. So, thank you. I wanted, also, to mention February and Arianna and Scarlet are three awesome people. Slytherin is poorer for their absence, but, as you say, new people have stepped up (including you!) and great things are expected to keep coming on. Thank you, House of Slytherin, for being such a great place to visit. Your people are fine. Good stuff. One final thing: BBQ sauce.
  7. This was a lovely thing to do, and fun! Thank you, Louis!
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