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  1. I sort of feel that the question of detentions being 'too light' is not addressing what was actually going on. There was a lot of other stuff going on in Harry's world at that time, and it wasn't just detentions, and not being able to play Quidditch, and not being able to be with Ginny Weasley, and not just being away from what he was wanting to do, and not just having to be in the company of Severus Snape, and not just having his nose rubbed in the actuality that he had acted as a liar and a cheat --- having the detentions, repeatedly, I think drove in the point that Harry blew it trying out a spell which he didn't have any idea of what it was or what it did. I don't remember any other time before this, that Harry was terrified of what he'd done, terrified of the outcome of what he'd done. "No---I didn't---" and "Harry was still watching, horrified by what he had done, barely aware that he too was soaked in blood and water". I feel that it was very possible, if not probably, that all of these weekends were opportunities for Harry to start waking up to his responsibilities as a wizard. Maybe this was not at an intellect conscious level, but underneath it all, he KNEW why he was there and that all of the outward, ostensible punishments given by Snape had nothing on what he was, internally, having to deal with. I feel that Snape (and Dumbledore) knew this, and they were aware that the punishment was more than just what would be apparent to others. As for Saturdays ... well, that is Quidditch games.
  2. I think that Luna might have, in the middle of her back, between her shoulder blades, a rainbow tattoo and directly under it a thestral. The rainbow would be indicative of her painted room, with the word 'Friends'. And the thestral would show her faith in all the possibilities.
  3. Yes! Here with my jar of dirt ... Scarlet again?
  4. Hermione Granger. Extracting potion materials from Professor Snape's cupboards. Three weeks denied library privileges.
  5. I have compassion for Moaning Myrtle -- being born into a Muggle family and Sorted into Ravenclaw, she probably had the kind of feedback from many Hogwarts students that Hermione Granger had (for example, being called a Mud-blood). But the who and what she has chosen to be reacts (reacted) in a quite different manner than what and how Hermione did. I looked up the origin of Moaning Myrtle in Harry Potter WIKI and found -- The Harry Potter Lexicon says that Moaning Myrtle's skills are: Eventually, maybe, she will find herself done with that 'skill set' and choose otherwise.
  6. more than 20 colours used bunches of colours used - already have 20+ in the first one
  7. It was a delightful day when I got the recipe for the VERY BEST coffee from my friend. YES! He really didn't want to give it to me, but through careful watching of his words, and following his actions when he'd make coffee, I found out that the secret ingredient is *^*#$@*+!. 😁
  8. Takes it. It can be scrubbed up and a Niffler might find the brightness of it attractive! Leaves some Felix Felicis.
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