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  1. Flesh, Blood, and Bone - Task 2

    Something which Voldemort might have added, and really despised adding it, because it is Muggle, is aloe vera. Aloe vera has an extremely powerful healing ability, both internal and external, and it seems that, in order to make sure that this regenerated body is functioning properly, there would need to be some balance and healing going on while it is being made.
  2. Flesh, Blood, and Bone - Task 1

    I might (and have) sacrificed a little blood upon occasion. Sometimes it was voluntary and sometimes not, but yeah, blood and not flesh or bone. The involuntary was more because of accidents, or being bitten or something like that. The voluntary was donating blood for a friend/blood drives.
  3. Last Letter, First Letter

  4. Double Letters

  5. Double Letters

  6. Keep a word, drop a word!

    Stardust star
  7. 1-10,000

  8. Last Letter, First Letter

  9. The Third Task - Task 1

    Another possible magical way of bugging might be something like the Mockingjays of Hunger Games. Something which hears and repeats what is said, same inflections and 'sound'. It might not be in the form of a bird or animal, all it would have to be is a 'something' which magically stores all sounds and then, with the proper enchantment, plays them back. Maybe even something which looks like a rock or piece of jewelry.
  10. The Third Task - Task 2

    In the Fun House at Santa Cruz, well, close to Santa Cruz, there was a thing called a Barrel Roll. It was a huge barrel and it rolled in place and you, ideally, walk through it. I think that it would be possible to have something like that in the aisles of the maze, either invislble 'inside' the maze, or else magically including the sides, ground and sky over the maze. This is similar to the golden mist but just moving would not remove the effects. He'd have to make it through all the way. I don't know how I'd react to the golden mist and its disorientation capabilities. I hope I would just figure to keep going in the direction that I was headed, whether upside down or not, and thus get through it.
  11. The Pensieve - Task 2

    How did I know for whom to look? That's Bellatrix Lestrange.
  12. Thank You!

    Thanks, Arianna! It was a lot of fun -- and challenging too.
  13. The Pensieve - Task 1

    "Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on."
  14. Double Letters

  15. The Pensieve - Task 2

    Yes, she'd have a job hiding! That was Harry saying it, in Dumbledore's office.