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  1. Ah, gee, is it over? Such a fun time. ☺️ Thank you Emily, Scarlet and February for giving us a really great winter activity.
  2. a snowball which zoomed through the air and smashed into the nearby tree. I jumped and ...
  3. Maybe there would be family trees, written with gold ink on platinum or palladium sheets. Things from previous ages, of historical importance and/or expensive -- all of the wizard kind. Anything belong to Muggles would not be kept, of course, even if they were costly, rare or prohibited. I don't know if she would care if the items were 'Lestrange' or 'Black'.
  4. I wouldn't use a dragon, unless the place where the valuables were were in the middle of their territory. That could be sort of fun -- having people check in on the border of the territory and give them advice as to how to get to their vault .... and back out again. I imagine that the place where all the vaults are kept (within that territory) could be an independent living unit, where those in charge of the vaults could take turns stationed there.
  5. meowed. Then it started trotting towards me and I ......
  6. mark of the Deathly Hallows. I shivered a bit, wondering ...
  7. This is so pretty! Two different views: I didn't use metal cans because most of mine are of one size and/or not appropriate for this project. I used the rectangular container for some guacamole πŸ˜ƒ and the large lid of a ketchup bottle, upside down with a rock to hold it down. For the inside decoration, I went outside, found a wind-blown branch and took moss from it. Filled everything with water and weighed the ketchup lid down with the flip top of a can.
  8. the whuffling sound faded away, until it was completely gone. I relaxed a little, turned my head a little and saw
  9. A favorite winter food is colcannon. It's mashed potatoes mixed with some sort of green - cabbage or kale or leeks or scallions or all of them together - and cream and butter is mixed after cooking the main part of it together, which makes it decadently rich and filling on a cold evening. If you look for a recipe, it might be under Colcannon or Colcannon Irish Potatoes. There are as many varieties as there are counties in Ireland, and more. My own favorite is with the potatoes and cooked cabbage (not into leeks or scallions), seasoned with pepper and herbs and then a splash
  10. a large cat, a Nundu in fact. I stood very still, hoping
  11. I had absolutely no idea of what was going on. Since my 'version' of Dumbledore is Richard Harris (quite different from the Dumbledore played by Michael Gambon), I probably figured that Dumbledore was doing the best that he could, for Harry Potter to get through this mess alive. Looking at it now, I think that if Harry had somehow gotten the Elder Wand, knowing what it was, he might have tried doing something which would end up with him (and even more others who are not Death Eaters and that bunch) being killed. Harry matured a lot from finding out he is the famous Harry Potter (etc etc
  12. Maybe he was keeping what he might consider to be the more pleasant talk to last? (Like saving dessert for last and eating the stuff you don't like first.)
  13. If Godric Gryffindor commissioned and purchased the sword from the goblins then he owns it. A quick Google search with "whatever the goblins make belongs to them" found this:
  14. No, it's me! (Guess who's been watching Jumanji! 😊 ) Rose?
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