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  1. Seriously, not shawarma. Pizza. That's it! *cough* Actually, when I read what Will wrote, inside I felt *snap*. That's sort of it. I think that seeing the choices that others have made and watching the consequences of those choices, might shine a light on issues and ways of being which I'd never considered, but had accepted as part of me because ... that is the way it is. But then I become consciously aware of them and choose otherwise. In other words, I recognize and accept that that has never been a part of who and what I truly and and so I choose to be only who and what I truly am. Along those same lines, though, I remember Hawkeye when Loki (.......) him. Forced his own will upon Hawkeye, and so Hawkeye apparently 'changed'. "Barton's been compromised." Black Widow learns Barton's been Compromised. Did Hawkeye really change his allegiance? Or was he forcibly 'changed' and his real self hidden under layers of compulsions and lies to which, for which, he had no immunities? Obviously, I feel that Hawkeye never did change his allegiance, he was simply manipulated into acting out the will of someone else who felt himself entitled to such behavior.
  2. Who has the best coffee? What about books -- do you have a great library? Or foods ... do you have a shawarma joint nearby? "There's a shawarma joint about two blocks from here. I don't know what it is, but I wanna try it." Make me an offer, if nothing else I'll know where to go for a 'cuppa hot'. *cough*
  3. Responding to the ones above that I've seen or read about ... I remember *meep meep* and Wile E Coyote always trying to kill the Road Runner. I think I most enjoy the tunnel painted onto the hillside, with the road leading through it, and Wile E. Coyote runs into it ... but then is run over by something coming out of the tunnel. I don't remember Batman versus Joker so much, but then I didn't like Joker. I don't like clowns ... I finally SAW that battle, between Iron Man and Cap! I'd not watched Civil War until just a few days ago. That was incredible awesome; yes, I will remember that. Bellatrix Lestrange and Molly Weasley ... Don't attack any of Molly's children in front of Molly. Especially don't attack the 'baby' of the family. That was just incredibly suicidal on the part of Bellatrix! I have Doctor Strange on hold -- I want to watch that movie -- and see the battle scene in it. I think the 'new' fight I want to mention is that epic battle against the Death Star and Han and Chewey coming in .... I remember the first time I saw that, I (quite literally) cheered. OH WOW.
  4. It totally depends on the weapon. Would I turn down Thor's hammer (either one)? No way. Would I turn down the Subtle Knife ... yes. Would I accept the Vorpal Sword? Oh, yes. Preferably, though, I'd have a weapon crafted just for me. While I'm pretty good at making wands (which are, or can be, considered a weapon), I'd want to get someone like Brok and/or Buri (who crafted Mjolnir), to create for me a weapon suited to me.
  5. Pommel - Phoenix Switch - Resilient Body - Jade Emitter - Vigilant Color blade - Indigo I kept it simple, with just the one blade. What is the color of your crystal? - clear azeztulite / indigo - What does your crystal stand for? - eliminate negativity - What is your hilt made of? - pommel, switch, body and emitter - How many parts are in your hilt? - 4 - Why are certain parts present? - something to hang onto, something to turn the light on, something to bash with the other end, something from which the light emits - Which side does your saber represent? - probably chaotic neutral 15 emerald shards to Heroes
  6. Ballycastle Bats vs Appleby Arrows Wimbourne Wasps vs Chudley Cannons Falmouth Falcons vs Wigtown Wanderers Tutshill Tornados vs Holyhead Harpies Puddlemere United vs Kenmare Kestrels Pride of Portree vs Montrose Magpies
  7. I can arrange, usually, for Saturday or Sunday, if I know in advance. I prefer 9 pm HOL time but could probably arrange the others if that is what is preferred by others.
  8. Advertisement placed in newspapers -- Have you noticed a change in your eating habits? Have you been recently wanting to eat your food bloody raw? Do you notice that you have inexplicably changed locations from where you were when the night fell and the moon is full, to somewhere miles away? Do you feel restless and having urges to chase after rabbits (and deer)? Does the city confine you now whereas before you felt totally at home in it? Would you like to live in a place where you can smell the mountain air and enjoy long runs in the wild terrain? Do you have the urge to protect the innocent? Call 800-DIR-WOLF
  9. Team hero(ine) Bingo Card Team Ironman - Mr Cody (Lewis) Oldest Child - Shadow Gaunt Same birthday month - CassieButterfly (Professor Cassandra Lobiesk) Won a Class Award - Sirius Fudge Disney fan - Arianna Stonewater 5 emerald shards to Heroes (BINGO #1)
  10. THAT WAS FUN! another!!!
  11. I actually got the aslkdflsdfjklskdfj game to work, after Will pointed stuff out! YAY. *cough* If and when I can get it to play without horrible lag and jumping, I might improve my score. But at least, this month, I HAVE a score! *cheer* EDIT: Got to play the game a bit more before it froze up totally on me.
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