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  1. I don't know. For Harry to have done that, he'd have to really revise his choices of who and what he is, and what he wants to be. I think if he had done that, it might be that he'd no longer continue to regard the book as a kind of friend. Depending on when Harry showed the book to Dumbledore, it's maybe unlikely that he'd have the Felix Felicis, because he'd not have used it to cheat for the 'challenge' that Slughorn held. There would have been a lot of times where the whole story line would have faltered and/or ground to a halt and taken off in an entirely different direction if Harry had shown the book to Dumbledore.
  2. I'd wear one of these two outfits, depending on the weather. My woolen midnight blue cloak with a hood, lined with the gold cloth and trimmed all around the hood and opening of cloak with (fake) fur. With it I'd wear the black flats (shoes). Under the cloak I'd wear a long lavender-lilac skirt and a cream heavy cotton blouse. Either that or a long black leather coat, with dark blue jeans and black sweatshirt and 'nice' hiking shoes, with a knitted black hat and scarf for warmth.
  3. Oooohhhhh yes, it's me! and I have a new show I'm watching ..... while doing my knitting homework! I'm making a Leverage poncho. February?
  4. I'd choose it stay open. One primary reason is that Hogwarts would probably be one of the safest places for the students to reside, if the Death Eaters were on the prowl, because of the enchantments woven within its walls and grounds, as well as having teachers (well, at least some of them) present who would, if need be, taken on anything or anyone to protect their charges and the school. If they were to disperse, and go to their homes, the likelihood would be that more of them would be captured, hurt and/or killed.
  5. Oh, that's Fleur! But then, it was a 'give away' wasn't it! 😉 Maybe this is not a give-away ?
  6. I sort of think that Snape was lying -- or giving a slant to any possible orders Voldemort might have given -- in order that the other Death Eaters didn't take Harry with them. Yes, Moldy Voldy had said Potter belonged to him, but I don't think that he'd specifically said that Potter was to be left at Hogwarts. I think that Snape was continuing to protect Harry Potter to the best of his ability.
  7. I was in the menagerie when the Death Eaters attacked. An owl had fluttered in, all smoking from having some of its feathers charred (but fortunately could fly). I sent an owl with a query to my Head of House. (Yes of course there is a menagerie -- where do you think all the creatures live?) So, it was just me and all these animals who ... you know, those Death Eaters would kill them for the sheer pleasure of bringing pain and destruction (if not using the animals for their own purposes and torturing them to DO it -- like the owls and everyone). So anyway, I got a return owl with the message telling me what was happening, saying that one more person there might not make a difference and asking me to ... protect the grounds of the menagerie as best as I could, and was given permission to do whatever I had to do in order to do so. So I did. ps Turns out I didn't do much except to keep the animals quiet and calm while all the chaos was going on outside.
  8. Thanks for the Winter Fling, Will! And thanks for the Award! There were many things which I spent way too much time trying to figure out .... 🤔 ... but it was ALL fun. (That was a lot of scale counting to do!)
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