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  1. The Unforgivable Curses - Task 1

    I don't agree with that. I think that Pottermore is perhaps confusing what the Muggles call hyppoteism (something like that) where they say a person can't be hyppoteismed to do something they wouldn't do otherwise with curses. It's because it is causing (or forcing) a person to experience something which they would not choose to experience themselves. Sure, maybe a person might think it funny to have their legs locked together but at the same time, most curses are not the friendliest of things. And there are some which can leave a person incapacitated for life (cruciatus) or dead (avada kedavra). I don't think many folks have a secret desire to be permanently incapacitated. ... or dead. I sort of wonder, then, about things like love potions and other potions... but that's another matter altogether.
  2. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    Harpies + Tornados - Holyhead Harpies 31 Montrose Magpies 7 Tutshill Tornados 28
  3. Last Letter, First Letter

  4. Keep a word, drop a word!

    chocolate frog
  5. Keep a word, drop a word!

    plate tectonics
  6. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    Harpies + Tornados - Holyhead Harpies 27 Montrose Magpies 10 Tutshill Tornados 28
  7. Mad-Eye Moody - Task 1

    This is funny because I looked this up after choosing, and making, my Yule siggy and avatar picture! Apparently one heavenly body of influence with me is the Sun. I found that some cultures call the Sun feminine and some call her masculine. (There is no ambiguity as such with several of the planets.) She is associated with one's self and is also associated with sense of purpose and vitality. Another source says "The Sun is the ancient symbol for the soul. The soul lies deeply hidden beneath our daily restless thoughts and changing emotions. The Sun, therefore, represents a point of stillness, the center of the wheel so to speak." That sounds sort of nifty to me. However, there is that of the father and son ( Daedalus and Icarus) and the son flew too high in the heavens and the sun's heat melted the wax of his wings and he fell and died. So there seems to be a balance which is needed. Great to have the sun as an influence but don't get one's feathers charred ...
  8. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    Harpies + Magpies - Holyhead Harpies 27 Montrose Magpies 9 Tutshill Tornados 29
  9. Last Letter, First Letter

  10. Mad-Eye Moody - Task 2

    I think that Mad-Eye might have chosen to transfigure someone who he felt was not being a proper 'follower' of Moldy Voldy. (After all, this wasn't Alastor Moody who did that to Draco but Bartemius Crouch Jr. who was fanatically devoted to Voldemort.) So I think he might have chosen to transfigure anyone who was of a family who was of the group of Death Eaters (he would know who they were) who might have been speaking desparagingly of Voldemort -- and maybe turned them into a toad. And have arranged that a snake was nearby ... just to give the toad incentive to hop very fast.
  11. Slythmas Signature

  12. Task 2: Venue & Décor

    I would like to have dark green live trees (their roots in balls) in the hall with lots of silvery-white snow on the boughs. The snow would have to be charmed not to melt, and the trees protected from harm, because there would be smaller fireplaces along the walls so folks can gather in front of them and warm up their hands. The ceiling would be like it was when Harry Potter first came into the Great Hall, velvety black (but I would want it midnight blue instead) dotted with stars. A sky that opens to the heavens. The carpet runners on the stone floor would be a dark red with gold accents, which are reflected in the table clothes (when the tables are set up) and the dishes. There wouldn't really be a need to have much of the way of 'black' colourings but what little there is needs to evoke an alive 'darkness', like more light could come from it at any time.
  13. Quidditch Team Elimination Game

    Harpies + Magpies - Holyhead Harpies 27 Montrose Magpies 11 Tutshill Tornados 27
  14. 1-10,000

  15. The Triwizard Tournament - Task 1

    Eleanor Branstone of Hufflepuff!