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  1. Shortly after Hermione accuses Harry of cheating in Potions class, she does something dishonest. What do you think about her justification of her actions? Do you think she would've told anyone if Harry didn't confront her about it? I think that Hermione didn't tell Harry the actual reason she did that one confunding of Cormac McLaggen (he did, after all, get the first 4 saves). I think, also, that Hermione would not have done that if she'd known that Ron was going to be going out with Lavender Brown soon.
  2. My first response is a memory of someone in the Ministry of Magic (Antonin Dolohov), whose curse on Hermione was not as effective as it might have been because he was unable to properly say the curse out loud. It just seems tidy to be able to perform magic as precisely and expeditiously as possible and that points directly to being able to do it without saying the incantation aloud. Harry, after all, was performing magic before he ever went to Hogwarts, albeit instinctively -- without intellectually knowing about it -- and not saying a word! edit -- Found something - had he made an effort to perform nonverbal magic by this scene? (I forget if he actually speaks when casting that curse/hex/jinx at the trio.)
  3. Blood stained it in a thin line where the blade pierced her heart.
  4. ... ~runs to the Foyer~ OH NO. NOT THAT! (but Will got it ... ARG ARG ARG.....) (Thanks for making this, Arianna! 😊 )
  5. I looked at the cards of that deck and liked the Page of Swords. With the explanation given, the Page of Swords is called 'the Spy'. The ability to observe others keenly, while concealing one's own nature. The talent for keeping secrets. Keeping one's head in the face of danger. The ability to endure suspense. This is from the Mother Peace Tarot deck. 'Daughter replaces the Page' I like that picture! All kinds of animals coming to be with her ... and she is on the alert. " The Daughter of Swords can be impulsive and wants things to happen right now. She has lots of good ideas, but is innocent and not yet sure how to bring them to fruition. This Daughter is a rebel, constantly busy and changing. Her hair blows in the winds of change, and she has her sword raised high and ready to fight if necessary. She can remain grounded however, as she is portrayed standing upon steady rocks. When someone wants something that requires more than their own power, they call to the winds of fate. The Daughter of Swords has called the north wind and it is rushing to meet her." Of the people of the Harry Potter books, when I look at that card, and think of them, the one who I immediately remember is Luna Lovegood. Not only that, I don't think of a card that she would more be in tune with, unless it is the wise Fool (again from the Mother Peace deck). "Let go of preconceived ideas and remain open to change."
  6. Aw. I don't have a favorite room, really. It's such a great mansion because it has such a diversity of rooms! Which do I enjoy going into the most? Maybe ... the kitchen. Some of the things in there looked absolutely scrumdiddlyumptious (others did not).
  7. I've no idea. I think she was infatuated with him, certainly. After all, she thought him 'handsome' ("I hope he looks like his papa") and she had an immense desire to escape an unbearable situation. A "secret burning passion" is not necessarily love (even if Harry assumes the words of Dumbledore means she's in love with Tom).
  8. It's difficult to single out just 'one' individual -- and I'd choose the family as a whole. Also, I choose the original books by Charles Addams. It was (and is) just delightfully different.
  9. I think they would read Grimm's Fairy Tales, and the heroes and heroines of the books would NOT be the children or the regular folks, but those who would be called 'the monsters'. (Grimm's Fairy Tales, the original versions, are sort of terrifying ...)
  10. This is a partial (and corrected) quote from a book -- Horace lies here .... The grave's a fine and quiet place but none, I think, do there embrace. Except by the lone old pine Where oak and ivy do entwine.
  11. Well ... Wednesday is awesome. from Addams Family Values *~*~*~*~*~*~*~* and one already mentioned here and there ... Girl Scout: 'Is this made from real lemons?' Wednesday: 'Yes.' Girl Scout: 'I only like all-natural foods and beverages, organically grown, with no preservatives. Are you sure they're real lemons?' Pugsley: 'Yes.' Girl Scout: 'Well, I'll tell you what. I'll buy a cup if you buy a box of my delicious Girl Scout cookies. Do we have a deal?' Wednesday: 'Are they made from real Girl Scouts?' from The Addams Family
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