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  1. Since I can affect the weight of the bike, to stand it up and get it going (hey, magic here) I'd not be so concerned about weight so much as durability and performance. Comfort is a requirement! Basically, I'd make it be as much like a Harley as possible - aiming to a Low Rider S or a FLHR Road King. I''d also include some saddlebags ... with a heat regulated thermos holder.
  2. As soon as I read the question, I immediately thought 'Kingsley Shacklebolt'. I wouldn't care if it was broomstick or thestral, but figure he would prefer broomstick and I'm fine with that.
  3. futterwacken Yes, I know I used it a few months ago, but I wanted to use it again and put in the gif!
  4. Oh. 😮 I read the other first and answered this question in there. Goes to get it. Petunia Dursley -- that "odd, tremulous look" that she gives Harry, in book 7, sort of baffled me. I don't know what was behind it and if it showed that she had changed her choices of who and what she is or if it just means that, inside of her, she knows she's been completely offensively impolite or ill-mannered towards Harry all his life and wished to make amends but on the other hand, if she did that then she would realize that her viewpoint of herself was way off all that time and I don't think she
  5. I think that Vernon Dursley now sees 'magic' as a means of protection for his family -- something that he can use even if he doesn't approve of it. I don't think he really cared about Harry having magic, or not. His whole thing was that he couldn't control Harry and Harry didn't fear him. That was unacceptable, that he wasn't in control of someone in his household. Petunia Dursley -- is moved to the other question! I did this first before reading the other question. Ha. Dudley Dursley -- well well! It seems that he's developing his own opinions of what is right and wrong and finds
  6. Hi, Rose! continuing with Leverage - and Parker -- oh no, used that one, putting in another Scarlet?
  7. When I first read the question, I immediately knew how I feel about Albus Dumbledore and also remembered the ... talkings at that I received from folks who don't care for him at all. So I had to back off and wonder why I feel as I did, and why I continue to feel that way. (I've also NOT read whatever is written above, went straight to reply mode.) So, for me, Albus Dumbledore was sort of a cypher when I read the books, up until I saw him portrayed by Richard Harris. Ah, there is Dumbledore. Okay. I know who he is. This Dumbledore is wise, kind, smart (which isn't the same thing as wise),
  8. I don't know if this is a booby trap or not, but after I looked up the definition of booby trap, it falls roughly in there. Taya the Wonder Dog has a definite tendency to adhere to the characteristics of her breed (Leopard Dog). I think that there are probably very few Leopard Dogs who have gained prizes in 'Obedience' trials! 😂 (Well, compared to other breeds who excel at such activities.) So a booby trap I have devised, when she is very interested in everything but coming back to the house, and in fact determined to stay away, is to pick up her food dish (a heavy metal pan), take it to
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