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  1. Rita Skeeter’s Scoop - Task 1

    Rita Skeeter has a way with words - what she writes can have a tendency to suck someone into reading her words, if only by being so inaccurate that a person gets upset with her, and then continues to read in order to find out what other lies she has written. I do not think that she is liken unto the lawyers and wanting 'dispute resolution', or even to get folks to agree with her. I read this a while ago and ... oh. Yes. State of Fear by Michael Crichton I don't think she cares about what is true or not, actually. What she wants is to be published. So what she writes is specifically to get her ratings up. Oddly enough, the one thing she wrote which seems correct (and Scarlet mentioned it, above) is that Rubeus Hagrid is not a pure-blood wizard, nor pure human. That one dollop of a paragraph, following a statement about someone getting a bad bite off a flobberworm, might or might not be disregarded because, after all, flobberworms don't have teeth.
  2. Rita Skeeter’s Scoop - Task 2

    When I first read the question, I felt as Shadow does, I am my own best motivator. There are some, though, who help to motivate me to make choices which are healthy. One of them is Murie, my Kelpie friend. She is very responsive to my resonances, and feels better if I am peaceful and 'still' inside.
  3. Sweets Elimination Game

    Chocolate Frogs + Sherbet Lemon - Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans 6Chocolate Frogs 9Drooble's Best Blowing Bubble Gum 7Peppermint Toads 8Cauldron Cakes 8 Licorice Wands 4Sherbet Lemon 7
  4. Keep a word, drop a word!

    sun rise
  5. Double Letters

  6. The Yule Ball - Task 1

    I love to waltz. I just really love to waltz. So a waltz is great. But maybe even more than a waltz is the POLKA! Oh, yes, I love to polka! It's sort of like a very animated waltz? I looked up how to show diagram of where the feet go and it was very confusing! I think it is confusing because you have to 'hop' as part of the steps. Here is a basic backward step So I found a Youtube showing how it is done -- click for polka instructions
  7. Guess the next poster

    No! It's me. What about Aurelia NOW?
  8. 1-10,000

  9. Keep a word, drop a word!

    lift off
  10. The Yule Ball - Task 2

    I had absolutely no idea of how to pronounce Hermione's name until I saw the first HP movie. I think I had it Herm - ee - own - ne. When I watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, I had such a great relief to know how to say it.
  11. Sweets Elimination Game

    Chocolate Frogs + Sherbet Lemon - Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans 6Chocolate Frogs 9Acid Pops 1Drooble's Best Blowing Bubble Gum 5Peppermint Toads 7Cauldron Cakes 8 Licorice Wands 5Sherbet Lemon 8
  12. The Unexpected Task - Task 1

    I heard that, at midnight, there was going to be a huge redesign of The Great Hall to be like the Forbidden Forest and there would be simulations of some of the creatures (but not the real ones). I don't think that is true, though.
  13. The Unexpected Task - Task 2

    ... re: Cody and Scarlet's posts
  14. The Unexpected Task - Task 2

    One of my favorite people in the Harry Potter books is Neville Longbottom. Always has been and probably always will be. He and Ginny Weasley went to the Yule Ball together. I think that Neville really wanted to go the ball and dance for the sheer pleasure of dancing and I think that Ginny did too. And the invitation might have gone like this: Neville looked around the Common Room, wondering who would be least apt to turn him down if he invited them to go to the Yule Ball with him. Someone had the wireless on, and music was pouring out, some of it was of that old-fashioned stuff, like waltzes. Then Ginny started tapping her foot and then picked up a pillow and started waltzing with it. She'd known about the Yule Ball, of course, and desperately wished Harry Potter would ask her but at the same time knew that he was smitten with Cho Chang and hadn't a clue that Ginny really liked him. But in the meantime!! The YULE BALL. So the music started and she wanted to dance, and did - with a pillow. Neville saw that and gathered up his courage and walked over and asked her very simply "Will you go to the Yule Ball with me, Ginny?". She glanced over at Harry, who was sitting with Ron and Hermione, looked at Neville and smiled. "Yes. Thank you for asking." Neville smiled back. And they had a lovely time at the Ball.
  15. Puzzle Exchange - Logic Puzzle

    Fred and George are up to more mischief yet again! This time they corralled some other students and experimented with another variety of potions. Who were the students they found, what kind of potion did each one drink, what years were the students (of 1st through 5th) and where did they drink the potion? 1. The person who drank the potion at the Quidditch pitch got either the furry face or the squeaking voice. The person drinking the potion in the Great Hall was an older student than Roger and two years down from Arthur. 2. Of the potion that Arthur drank and the one drunk by the 4th year student, one was drunk in the Bathroom and the other caused a pink beard to sprout. 3. Dennis is one class year up from the person who drank the potion in the Library. 4. Anna drank the potion in the Library. Dennis's potion caused him to have purple hair. 5. Roger's potion didn't give him a furry face. Of the potion Anna drank and the one that Mike drank, one causes flapping ears and the other was drunk in Greenhouse 3. 10 scales (February 2018) *** Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject: Fred & George & Mischief *** These people have solved this puzzle: Will Lestrange 5 scales (February 2018) Professor Cody Lewis 5 scales (February 2018) Professor Scarlet Leslie-Lewis 5 scales (February 2018) Emma Borg 5 scales (February 2018) Darcey Goode 5 scales (February 2018)