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  1. Yes, I play the guitar. TWBM collects fandom memorabilia.
  2. Washington (State) My husband was stationed there.
  3. Guilty I love my pet cat! Likes hot tea?
  4. Bill Weasley Molly Weasley or Ginny Weasley?
  5. The feast is done, the last carol sung, the decorations all stored away until next year, and the last present unwrapped. Thus concludes our seasonal celebration. Thank you all so much for being a part of it!! **And on a personal note, a shout out and a zillion thank you's to February Fortescue and Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis who helped make this all possible. It is appreciated much more than you will ever know. **
  6. This is now closed. I am pleased to announce that February finally got her present, which was hidden in *drumroll* Box #2. A big thanks to all of you who helped me find it! A hearty congratulations goes to Prof. Will Lestrange for finding it on the very first try. Well spotted, Will! Another intrepid present sleuth earned 6 scales for getting it right on the 3rd try. Here's looking at you, Prof. Tarma Amelia-Black! Thank you to the following for helping in the hunt. For your troubles you earn 5 scales: Mia Fountain February Fortescue Evelyn Amkette
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