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  1. I do not like James Potter. I know you're supposed to like him because he's Harry's dad and all, but I personally think James is one of the biggest jerks in the book. He thought it great fun to torment younger Snape, and comes off as your typical stereotypical 'jock' bullying the weaker guy. He was arrogant, and honestly, other than being Harry's dad and being married to Lily, I can't think of one useful or good thing he actually did. As a treasured child of pureblood parents, he was raised since birth with privilege and material wealth. All in all, he sounds like Draco Malfoy, only Draco is supposed to come off as being a "baddie", while James is portrayed as one of the "good guys". Of the pair, I actually sympathize more with Draco, as his household seems dysfunctional at best and don't even get me started on my theories there.
  2. ooohh juice and cookies?!! I'll have some of those If you made the cookies, February, you did a wonderful job; they're simply delicious!!!
  3. I'll take #9-the red velvet bag with fluffy white trim please.
  4. *waves to all the new people and sets out serpent-shaped holiday cookies* Hi everyone and welcome to the Dungeons!
  5. Frodo Real Christmas tree or artificial?
  6. Queen I am currently hooked on The Crown, which details the life of Queen Elizabeth II.
  7. Saturdays and Sundays are not very good for me, so it might be a challenge. My best day would be Friday Dec 27 at 9pm HOL time.
  8. No, I like my ham TWBM likes grilled cheese sandwiches.
  9. Lavender It's one of my favorite flowers.
  10. Loki Merlin or Morgan Le Fey?
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