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  1. Licorice Especially the salty Swedish kind-yum
  2. That would be correct since I don't even know what it is TWBM likes to drink coffee.
  3. "As I neared the Serpentine Gallery, the blizzard became fierce, suffocating trees and grass with white."
  4. I plan to dress up as a witch, but there's a good chance I might be at work, so the costume may consist of just a 'witch hat' and black nail polish.
  5. Hello to all the new people! I've made a fresh batch of butterbeer, so feel free to help yourself 😃
  6. I haven't really. It's one of those shows I always mean to watch, but never quite get around to it. Do you? If so, what's your favorite season?
  7. I'm going to the wedding Tarma planned! I would also want music at the wedding, but I would opt to go with either Celestina Warbeck or The Hobgoblins (if the client was more on the wealthy side of things). Additionally, what's a wedding without flowers?! I would beg/threaten/ask Professor Sprout for some of her Umbrella Flowers for the occasion. These large, colorful blossoms would not only add a festive touch, but would also serve as shade or shelter, depending on the weather. Oddly enough, I would also include Foxglove as part of the floral arrangements. Vivid in color, they
  8. I am going with Will on this one: Aunt Muriel had already proven herself to be an obnoxious, opinionated bore, so Harry might well have chosen to tune her out when she was speaking about Dumbledore. It would have made sense, then, for Harry instead to take the side of Elphias Doge However, bore or not, I believe that Harry instinctively knew (much to his sorrow) that Aunt Muriel was speaking the truth. I would imagine that by then, Harry had suspicions of his own regarding Dumbledore's character, making it very difficult to side with Doge's glowing description of the man. I don't thi
  9. As the Bard himself put it: Do little things for her; it doesn't have to be a monumental showstopper. Often, it's the little things like listening attentively when she speaks, or taking the time to learn her likes and dislikes and then surprising her with something she likes. What woman could resist a present?! Besides, I am not about to argue with Shakespeare on the matter of love, so it sounds like good advice to me!
  10. I'm going to go with Scarlet on this one. When it comes down to it, Tonks is still an employee of the Ministry and she stands for more than merely losing her job. She could, technically, be accused of a crime, and sent to Azkaban as punishment. Also, she could bring trouble down on those around her, such as the Weasleys and Harry Potter. Lupin, as pointed out, was a werewolf, and would have more than likely been taken in had the Minister seen him. Because we all know how the Ministry is helpful like that (Yes, that was sarcasm *laugh*)!
  11. I'm right there with you, girl! Most of my family would be too stubborn to listen to me or they would try to shout me down in favor of their own suggestions, no matter how stupid or impractical they were. So wiping their memories would definitely be the way to go. I would make sure to relocate them to somewhere pleasant, in case I don't make it back and they had to live the rest of their lives there. Upon my return, I would restore their memories...maybe.
  12. I like where you're going with the door and guardian, Sky, and I am unashamedly borrowing that from you. In addition, I would employ the Caterwauling Charm sort of like a magical home security system. It would, at least, give those inside, time to arm themselves before the intruder was directly upon them. In conjunction, I would use Sonorus to amplify the sound. Another good charm to use would be the Banishing Charm (Depulso). I know it's not fool-proof, but it is a way to repel the intruder away from the area. Perhaps the doorknob could be charmed so that the spell would become ef
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