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  1. Thank you Aurelia, Louis, and Lucia for hosting our Staycation. I had a blast!! Kudos to you three for a really great event
  2. I can do a graphic for Silly Snakes and Most Likely to be a Court Scribe. I’d also like to offer a logic puzzle.
  3. When we visited North America, we stopped off in New England to visit Ilvermorny, America's answer to Hogwarts. I have always loved this area of the country, and it brought to mind a vacation that my husband and I took to Maine a few years ago. We stayed in Portland, and were able to explore the beautiful lighthouses and scenery of the area, not to mention the...lobster!! One of my favorite memories from that trip was being a part of the 'crew' on an actual working lobster boat. We got to experience all aspects of the daily life of a lobsterman, including baiting and throwing traps, collec
  4. The place that caught my interest is Marrakech, Morocco. As the largest city in Morocco, Marrakech it offers a variety of things to do. My main destination would be the Medina District, which is the main historic district of Marrakech. Here, I would indulge my foodie nature by sampling the sumptious dishes to be found in the souk (open-air market) located in Djemaa El-Fna, which is the main square of the area. There are so many sights to see, from snake charmers to acrobats and plenty of shops to keep me occupied. The historian in me demands that I take a tour of the local architecture,
  5. Don't get me wrong; I love North America because it's where i live. But if I had to pick my favorite contininent, it would be, hands down, without a doubt- (Drumroll please) Europe. I am an Old World kinda girl at heart, I suppose. Ireland...in a word...is where my heart is. Italy, France, Romania..the list goes on forever. There is so much diversity of culture, so much history, so much..everything. I know I'm probably seeing it through rose-colored glasses, and it would be different if I actually lived there. But for right now, pour me a pint of Guiness, pass me that plate of pasta, an
  6. Good job everyone! Especially Hannah; you're an inspiration to all of us
  7. Blame it all on Doctor Who. Years ago, I watched a story entitled The Aztecs, and was instantly hooked. And now you're telling me that I get to explore that region????!! As the good Doctor, himself would say, "Fantastic!" It goes without saying that most of my time would be spent visiting various Aztec ruins. My first stop would be Tulum, located on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula. No trip to the area would be complete without seeing El Castillo (The Castle), which is the largest standing structure of the ancient Aztec village that once thrived there. Also known as the "City of Dawn", Tul
  8. House Rossafalco would be named in honor of an animal whose symbolism has long been associated with healing. I speak of the hawk, more specifically the red-tailed hawk. The name stems from the Italian word for 'red' (rossa) and the Italian word for 'hawk' (falco) . The House colors would be red and black. The red is rather obvious, but the symbolism goes even further. Red is also associated with passion, love, health and life. Black is most commonly associated with darkness and death, but on the converse, it can also be representative of power, elegance, and sophistication. Combined,
  9. The predominant colors are purple and green. Purple denotes power and balance, green represents both Slytherin House and ambition. Spanning the width and length of the crest is a healer's staff (caduceus), marking my predominant vocation. Both green squares contain symbols; the upper being a snake, which again represents my House and cunning. The lower symbol is a raven, symbolizing wisdom and also a slight nod to Ravenclaw, which I might have been sorted into had the Sorting Hat turned just slightly.
  10. I love many different types of cuisine, but one of my favorite dishes is Goan green chicken curry. Goa, incidentally, is in western India and the dish is often made with beef as well. One dish I would like to try is okonomiyaki, which is a sort of Japanese pancake made by mixing cabbage, batter, and other savory ingredients and then frying it. Tarma, colcannon is delicious! I made some not long ago
  11. I did it! Whew! Classes graded for this month; though I'll do a final check Thursday just to make sure there are no stragglers. I actually don't mind grading once I can get my procrastination tendencies to sit down and do it. One more homework due, which I can hopefully finish today. Then it's on to plotting and planning with Sindor for our upcoming HOL activity. I can't wait! It's going to be loads of fun. It's also time to start seriously thinking about Emerald Cup. I know it's awhile off, but never too soon to start planning. Small confession-I'm actually quite nervous about
  12. Well, it's been awhile since I've written. I know, I promised to keep this up and well...here we are. Anyway, Not much to report really. I'm currently teaching 3 classes, assisting February with Astrology, and running Book Bingo with the Book Club. I'm runnin a little behind on assignments this month, so have a lot of work to do. My goal is to get all of my grading done today and last assignment done tomorrow. Wish me luck! In "real world" news, I'll be getting my first Covid shot on Tuesday, and I have to admit that I'm a little apprehensive. I've heard conflicting report
  13. I'm not saying I wouldn't be associated with the Death Eaters, but I don't think I would actually be one myself (think Narcissa Malfoy). I am much more interested in being a Healer than terrorizing people
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