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  1. Honestly, I have no idea. This chapter showed us Merlin's paranormal abilities. He knew who Gorlan was and why he was here, and he knew the Apricot was poisoned (it's black inside; and it was, just not literally). I think Camlach was trying to poison him and was angered by his failure. But I don't completely understand that, because in the first chapter he seemed to actually care. Also, when Merlin refused to eat the apricot, Camlach threw it away instead of forcing him to eat it. So, I don't really understand what's happening. I would probably advice Meriln to stay cautious around Camlach.
  2. idk what applicationz all of you are using, but this is the best I could do... https://postimg.cc/214sjFR1
  3. The only 'werewolf movie' I've watched is Twlilight, which I have promptly erased from my memory. All I remember is that they can change into wolf by choice and it's an like an honour. Also, their purpose is to protect humans from the Vampires.
  4. Mine is Bellatrix Lestrange. I don't know why but I always like insane female characters on TV. If I meet one irl, I'll be scared out of my mind but as long as they are fictional...
  5. The father, we know through the prologue, ia a Prince. It's likely he's the prince from the opposite side of the war. Which is why Merlin's mother won't reveal him. I also think Camlach knows more than the King does. And he's supportive of his sister and nephew.
  6. "It was a dark winter night..." said Betty. "Yes, I know. My death story is rather overused by a lot of modern writers and storytellers. That's on me, I suppose. I shouldn't have told it to every person I met. Anyway...this was back when the Castle wasn't a school. But a home. The resident was a ruler of distant lands. His cities were the most vibrant of all. All of his businesses were gloriously successful. As were his battles. Needless to say, this was because his greatest ally was a Witch. My mother. Oh, where can I begin about her. My mother was the most beautiful woman in all of land. Although, I guess every kid says that. Her kindness and compassion knew no bounds. Naturally, she began to hesitate to give the king more favors as he lost all his humanity to his pride. As her protests grew in number and insistence, he began to fear that she would leave his side and that would be the fall of his empire. Not wanting her to align herself with another power, he ordered her to be executed. Secretly, in the middle of a dark winter night." Betty paused. "What my father did not anticipate was the extent of my mother's power. She successfully eliminated every soldier sent to kill her, including the king herself. Unbeknownst to her, there was an innocent young woman who died with the soldiers in that room. Me." And that is the story of how Princess Beatrice Young became a ghost at Hogwarts. [I actually had this planned for a Wattpad fanfic and just realized how different it is from the other entries...😅]
  7. Any idea on where I can find the book (online)???
  8. This is what Merlin looks like to me:
  9. NO. Honestly, I didn't even have to think once before saying 'no.' Sure; being a Ghost has certain advantages, like being around forever. The knowledge and wisdom that could be gathered is insurmountable. Also th thought of dying and being able to tell the tale is exciting. But those are the only advantages. As for the disadvantages: Not being able to taste, not being able to touch, an eternity of loneliness. Watching other people live their eventful lives and then seeing them die. I wouldn't be able to appreciate the high and lows of life because I probably won't have any. The thought of being a Ghost, to me, is just depressing. I hope I don't have that kind of afterlife. That being said, if I were to be a Ghost I would enjoy it's gifts for a while (as little as they are) then find any possible way out of it.
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