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  1. Cody Lewis

    Keep a word, drop a word!

    peanutbutter cup
  2. Cody Lewis

    Guess the next poster

    There must be Seer blood in your family! Vanessa seems to check this thread pretty often. Maybe she'll be next?
  3. Cody Lewis

    Favorite Quidditch Teams

    I know a few people here have their preferences, so let's hear them! What's your favorite pro Quidditch team? I've been a Montrose Magpies fan for a while, possibly because I really like black and white color schemes. It also doesn't hurt that they have a history of winning, as they lead the BIQL in League Cups. Let's make it 33 this year! Outside of the BIQL, I'm also a supporter of the Sweetwater All-Stars, who hail from my home state of Texas!
  4. Cody Lewis

    British and Irish Quidditch League

    Alternatively, you could just post the team names that you're voting for. Either way works! Wimbourne Wasps Wigtown Wanderers Tutshill Tornados Falmouth Falcons Holyhead Harpies Montrose Magpies
  5. Cody Lewis

    Today I Played...

    Today I played another round of Terraforming Mars with Scarlet and her brother. Starting as Phoblog, I was lucky enough to draw Security Fleet to start the second generation. Around mid-game, it became apparent that I wasn't going to make it to any Milestones, so I invested heavily into Awards. I bumped up to seven plant production heading into late game, and after connecting a trio of cities with greenery tiles, I was able to secure the victory! After putting our game away, we played a new addition to our collection: Boss Monster. Scarletbro had played it before, so he explained it to us. The premise is that you're the final boss of a video game, and you're trying to build a dungeon that will attract different types of Heroes. You earn points if the Heroes are slain by your dungeon, but if they survive, you gain wounds. You have to find the right balance between attracting a lot of Heroes and making sure your dungeon's rooms are strong enough to wipe them out. Overall, a very fun game for how light it is.
  6. The 2018-19 British and Irish Quidditch League season is upon us! Each week*, six matches will be posted in this thread. It’s up to you to determine the results of each match by voting for the teams you want to win. This matches for this week are: Ballycastle Bats vs Wimbourne Wasps Caerphilly Catapults vs Wigtown Wanderers Chudley Cannons vs Tutshill Tornados Falmouth Falcons vs Puddlemere United Holyhead Harpies vs Pride of Portree Kenmare Kestrels vs Montrose Magpies You have until November 3rd to post your picks below. If you want to check on how your team is doing, click here. For more information on how the scoring system works, click here. *There will be two weeks of voting leading up to the first Saturday of each month.
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  8. Cody Lewis

    Guess the next poster

    HOW'D YOU KNOW!? Hmmm, is Arianna around?
  9. Cody Lewis


  10. Cody Lewis

    Double Letters

  11. Cody Lewis

    Villain Origin Story

    Bowler Hat Guy from Meet the Robinsons comes to mind. 😄 And for all the flak the prequels get, it's really cool watching Anakin fall to the dark side in Revenge of the Sith.
  12. Cody Lewis

    Scales Race 2018-19

    Green Team! Rah, Rah!
  13. Cody Lewis

    Guess the next poster

    Nah, but I think Miss Tarma will visit us next!
  14. Cody Lewis


    LETS DO IT 5294
  15. Cody Lewis

    SerpenTimes Ideas

    All approved!