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  1. Prof. Jenny Lupin is also an option if you're looking for a target outside of Slytherin.
  2. Oh hey, Gobstones Club. It's been a while! Today I played Splendor with Scarlet and Mrs. Leslie. It's a big hit in the Leslie household, so we just leave our copy there. In the first round, Scarlet and I were neck and neck until the very last turn, when I managed to score 8 points in one go to claim a 17-point victory. After a brief intermission, I was eager to defend my title. At one point during our second round, I reserved a card that Mrs. Leslie had been eyeing. "I need it." "She doesn't have any points!" "She's the biggest threat." And sure enough, despite trailing at that point, Mrs. Leslie would end up with three cards of each color, which was good enough to claim three of the five Nobles. Heading into the final stretch, it was anyone's race. Scarlet sabotaged my game-winning play by reserving the card I had been saving up for. Moments later, all three of us hit 15 points on the same turn. As per the rules, the player with the least number of cards wins the tie-breaker, so I successfully defended my title. Or so I thought... "Tie game," Mrs. Leslie declared. ... When we got home, there was a package waiting at our door, containing 5-Minute Marvel, a spin-off of a co-op card game, 5-Minute Dungeon, that Scarlet had been wanting to try for a while. In this game, you work together to defeat bad guys using different resources. Each villain requires a different combination of resources that you have to pool together before moving onto the next one. There are also Crisis cards mixed in to impede your progress. As the title suggests, you have five minutes to get through all of them, so the game comes with an app featuring J.A.R.V.I.S., who helps keep track of time and gives you words of encouragement before each round ("Let's come up with a plan this time"). You get to play as different heroes with different special abilities, so obviously Scarlet and I went straight for Black Widow and Iron Man, respectively. Iron Man's ability lets you discard three cards to draw five, which seems incredibly overpowered so far, so I try to use it sparingly. After we play through all the baddies on easy mode, I'm excited to check out some of the other heroes' abilities!
  3. Sectumsempra + Lumos - Avada Kedavra 7 Crucio 16 Expelliarmus 2 Lumos 10 Obliviate 6 Sectumsempra 8
  4. Obviously went with the fancy scuba snowsnake with a husky sidekick at the beach.
  5. Sectumsempra + Accio - Accio 2 Avada Kedavra 6 Crucio 12 Expelliarmus 3 Imperio 3 Lumos 9 Obliviate 6 Sectumsempra 9
  6. Sectumsempra + Expecto Patronum - (yes, we can) Accio 4 Avada Kedavra 6 Crucio 11 Expelliarmus 3 Expecto Patronum 1 Imperio 3 Lumos 8 Obliviate 6 Sectumsempra 8
  7. Sectumsempra + Expecto Patronum - Accio 4 Avada Kedavra 6 Crucio 10 Expelliarmus 3 Expecto Patronum 1 Imperio 4 Lumos 7 Obliviate 6 Sectumsempra 9
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