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  1. My house would be based upon one of my favourite magical creatures, and the animal for which my middle name takes, the Phoenix. The people in this house would be strong, determined and caring, good thinkers and those that let their emotions guide meaning they are emotionally intelligent. It would be house for those who have struggled but continue through all of the turmoil and continue to get back up and go again - a house for those that persevere. Good healers too! Those that are driven, can rise from their ashes stronger than before, and those that would do absolutely anything for the people
  2. COAT OF ARMS Firstly the two birds at the top corners are actually Phoenix's, although coloured green instead of traditional red. They are there to represent my middle name 'Phoenicia,' and are coloured green to represent my house colours (and favourite colour). As well as this I hope they represent my love for magical creatures! The owl in the middle is representative of my family barn owl, Mingus. The stars in the middle represent my family and their Hogwarts houses. My mother and sister (Hufflepuffs) me (Slytherin) and my father and brothers (Gryffindors). The cat at the bottle represe
  3. The creativity is outstanding! Your minds are all so fantastic, I'd do anything to visit all these magical places in the flesh! Well done everyone, such wonderful minds at work ~
  4. Fantastic work everyone! Such wonderful responses, I am so pleased to hear of all your amazing travels!
  5. PHOTO HERE These humanoid wood creatures are called Livsnjutare. They are native nordic creatures, living mainly in Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Finland. They are home to woodland areas but thrive in all types of natural environments. Their names actually mean 'loves life deeply' and they find themselves protecting all forms of animal and plant life amongst the forests and woodland areas that they live. They blend into environments well with their camouflaged skin and so are very difficult to find, usually only showing themselves to us when we have proven not to be a threa
  6. Well done to: Cody Lewis Emily Spencer February Fortescue Hannah Lovegood Harry Walles Louis Walles Iverian Gnash Maeve Madden Mia Fountain Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis Prof. Tarma Amelia Black Prof. Will Lestrange Silvana Mandeville Amy Darvill Lyandra Snow 10 beans and 10 scales for completing the wordsearch!
  7. Happy birthday Lucia!!!

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    2. Aurelia West

      Aurelia West

      Happiest of birthdays to you, Lucia! I hope your day is wonderful ❤️

    3. Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      Happy Birthday Lucia!! May all your wishes come true!

    4. Lucia Dinapoli

      Lucia Dinapoli

      Thank you all very very much! So wonderful of you all to say! ❤️ 

  8. If you need any help, remember the promising students are here to help! The promising students are myself (who is in charge of this week) @Louis Walles and @Aurelia West
  9. @Prof. Will Lestrange The differences in language with spellcasting and parseltongue is something I would never have thought about - how wonderful they teach it as a core subject! I love that they encourage freedom in what to wear too. I need to get my travelling boots on and come along to visit!
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