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  1. I come from a huge family and we certainly have lots of different recipes and comfort foods. When I was sick I’d always have jam butties (a raspberry jelly sandwich for those unfamiliar with the term) or having adding lots of pepper to a hot water and ox to sweat out a cold. My family are also Italian so homemade pasta and antipasti is very comforting to me. My number one comfort food that reminds me of home however is a dish called Scouse. It’s basically just a huge pot of stew, potatoes, carrots, meat (usually beef) and onions or other vegetables. We usually eat this hot with nice buttery bread. Some even eat it with side dishes like beetroot. It is associated with Liverpool docklands, and gives us our people their nickname “scousers”.
  2. The Legend of Zhang Min is a story told all around China’s Wizarding World community. The legend says that an ancient and powerful wizard, skilled in the crafts of Magizoology, tamed and befriended a dangerous beast by the name the locals gave him: Killer. He was a tremendous Chinese Fireball dragon, huge scaley, red and mean. He sat at the top of a mountain and tormented villagers with his firey breath! It wasn’t until he met Zhang Min, who spoke to him without fear, respected his wishes and wanted to understand him more than kill or defeat him did he cease his attacks on the villagers. It is said on the eve of the meeting and birth of their friendship, at the height of Ainter when the villagers are shivering and wrapping up warm, that Zhang Min rides Killer through the coldest of towns and cities, using his firey breath to light fires and keep the people warm!
  3. Thank you soooo much ~ I had such a wonderful time as always!!
  4. "Why hello there," Lucia smiled seeing her younger friend approaching, hands full of homework, "Prefect duties. I volunteered since I like it up here so much. You get much done?" Lucia gestured to Emilio's work, "I'm not great at Astronomy, but I find it really interesting. Really beautiful. I just wish all the information would stay in my brain rather than go in one ear and out the other." She chuckled.
  5. Solved by: Prof. Tarma Amelia Black Maeve Madden Prof. Will Lestrange Cole Thronheart Silvana Mandeville Louis Walles Harry Walles Mia Fountain Emily Spencer Georgie Sithern
  6. The Black Lake lapped up against the rugged edges of the cliffs that surrounded the Castle. The Moon was bright and large, highlighting every ripple an shift. Lucia could have sworn she saw her own Mingus swooning over the waves, darting his claws fast in and out the water. 'Perhaps he was playing with Annabelle again?' Although this place was mostly occupied by Astronomy students, Lucia had volunteered to watch over everyone since it was so late in the night. Perfect duties call! She didn't mind all the much. The view more than made up for it. She took a big breath in of the gently moonlit wind, tracing her fingers thoughtfully along the giant metal rings of the telescopic lenses. 'I wonder what the stars are going to predict for me this year...'
  7. One of the highest points of the castle was the Astronomy Tower. The wind blew gently, curving around its open circular deck, the room littered with atlases, telescopes, maps, books and guides on the stars and planets. The Moon provided a cool blue lighting to the place, the golds of the equipment looking silver under its melancholy. What brings you up here so late? Do you have some star studies to catch up on? Are you looking for a place to star gaze? Perhaps you just like the quiet? Or perhaps theres something else.... Welcome to this months role play prompt. You, or your character, are venturing out on a Hogsmeade Trip. RP below to your heart content. There is no word limit, you may write as much or as little as you like, just as long as you stick to the rules. You will earn 5 scales for posting your roleplay below and an additional 5 scales for interacting with someone else. There is no due date, you may jump in and out whenever you wish! Remember: Only speak for your character, no one else's. Write in third person, past tense, full sentences, proper grammar etc. You are world building remember so no asterisk and the like. Keep everything G rated and follow the HOL rules. Go HERE to read the RPG Guidelines if you need to refresh yourself on the RP rules or if you are new to roleplaying.
  8. "Oh you're a person of great taste!" Lucia complimented as they reached the top, out of breathe and a little sweaty under all of her wooly clothes. "How poetic," Lucia smiled, Emelio's words ringing very true. The Shrieking Shack was one of those historical landmarks that consistently fascinated her, "I love it, in all of its rotting falling apart glory. I bet every busted floorboard in that place could tell a story. If dust could whisper I'm sure it would have a thousand words about what happened in there. I think theres some pictures of it when it was first built in Hogmeade Station. There's loads of cool old pictures in there..." Lucia leant against the wooden gate that stood between them and the Shack, her fluffy gloves catching on the worn planks. "I wish I was my cat, he's always going in there. I'd love to see it on the inside. It's a shame it's so unsafe, TerrorTours could probably make a fortune from running Tours through the place."
  9. Lucia's eyes lit up as she took in the familiar face of Emilio, Archimedes sneakily making his way to a cautious looking Murdoc. "Go on Doc, say hello," She whispered before turning her attention back to Emilio. "Mind if I join you?" Lucia asked as she settled her heavy pile of books into the seat next to Emilio, "I'm trying to get through the last of my exams so I have time to grade everyone's papers and submit my Howler Article. I seem to have left everything until the very last minute...oops. What are you up to?" 5 scales awarded
  10. "Oh yeah, I think I might have seen those cacti! They're great starter plants since succulents practically look after themselves," Lucia nodded as they made their way towards the Shrieking Shack viewpoint. Lucia silently hoped her boot grips didn't give out on her and send her slipping and sliding all the way back down the hill in front of company. "It's hard to pick an all time favourite there are so many. I guess Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls is probably my favourite. I like lots of different bands and artists though. Do you have a favourite?" Lucia asked, "You're right about the electronics too. I bet it was such a nightmare trying to listen to records if not many people had the right equipment. Imagine the chaos!"
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