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  1. Thank you all very much for so much fun! I had a great time ~
  2. I really hope they figure out how to make flying cars in the next 100 years. I feel like thats something everyone always mentions but will it ever really happen? Only time will tell I suppose... Instantaneous snacks would be a fine thing too - one can only dream
  3. Some of my favourite films are Trainspotting, A Boy Called Sailboat, Dunkirk, The Prestige, Spirited Away, Pans Labyrinth, Shaun of The Dead, Train to Busan, 50/50, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, American Psycho and Inception (and literally anything else with Tom Hardy in it hehehe) Anything Tim Burton and Studio Ghibli I adore with my whole heart too~
  4. February and Emily hit the nail on the head...for me I adore HOL and I am so thankful for its presence in my life but real life Hogwarts would be a dreeeeeam ~ If not Hogwarts I would choose Beauxbatons...Imagine being serenaded by wood nymphs at dinner!
  5. I will guess Mamba snakes (although sunbeam snakes are so cuuuuute~ i want one)
  6. Fantastic article! I thought when I read over it I may be somewhere between Questioner and Rebel and I took the test and low and behold...Rebel is what I got! Very interesting, I have never heard of the Four Tendencies before they're fascinating.
  7. Care of Magical Creatures!! Chocolate Frogs or Bertie Botts Beans?
  8. Nope. I used to play Sims 4 religiously but I haven't for a while...I might have to go have a look at it now 0.0 TWBM can play a musical instrument.
  9. Me and my family always watch It's A Wonderful Life at Christmas time! Gremlins is another one I tend to watch every year ~
  10. Hi Azriel! ~ I just sent you a PM about dorm mates! ^-^
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