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  1. thank God. there was no earthquake last night. i'm still worry though. hopefully. yesterday's incident didn't affect my spirit to keep earning points for our beloved House. 

    1. Arianna Stonewater

      Arianna Stonewater

      Sending some sneky vibes your way! stay safe!

  2. have you ever worried that 'the homework' you sent to your teacher, has not received by him yet? 

    1. Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      Some teachers only grade at the end of term, but you can always send a message to ask if your homework was received.

    2. Will Lestrange

      Will Lestrange

      Scarlet's absolutely right... but I'll be honest, I still worry about classes being abandoned until I receive the email that my assignment was graded/the HOL notification of those points!

    3. Ravenna Mills

      Ravenna Mills

      well, i was worried, though. after i sent them a message, they replied the exact same thing you said, prof. scarlet. hehe.. thanks!

  3. H-8 (my bday) :D

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    2. Ravenna Mills

      Ravenna Mills

      pretty hard to explain hehehe. back in where I came from, H-8 means 8 days to an occurrence of an event. and by 'event', i meant my birthday, October 19th. 

    3. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      That wasn't so hard to explain. LOL

    4. Ravenna Mills

      Ravenna Mills

      yeah. i was overreacted.