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  2. For the Whovians of the site And while I couldn't find instructions persay, I did find a post where someone posted their template for the snowflake. (And remember, don't blink!)
  3. Here's a template I found for 3D snowflakes. I've not tried to make them yet myself, so if you give it a try, please let me know how it goes Materials Needed: Paper (regular printer paper works) Clear Tape Ruler Scissors Pencil Instructions can be found here.
  4. Here's a possible pattern for someone to cut out ..... I could not find instructions for it, though.
  5. 104. Arcus and Livius Bonus. The word “Friends” in golden ink People who answered correctly are italicized: Aurelia West - 10 February Fortescue - 2 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 38 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 38 Prof. Will Lestrange - 38 105. What two spells did Hermione shout before they disappeared? PM me the answer by 1AM HOL time Jan. 23 for 2 scales!
  6. With such a long history, I wouldn't be surprised if the Elder Wand was once in the hands of a Muggle. Maybe only a day or a few hours. Perhaps it was disguised as a baton for an orchestra conductor on the night of his first performance or a pointer stick for a very important presentation.
  7. When Cody got a new desk, he said he needed a mousepad. And he let me pick! I searched all of his favorite things (Iron Man, zebras, etc.) and ultimately decided that this one was best:
  8. It's not a true Winter Fling without some snow! Whether you currently have snow on the ground or not, we can make our own snowflakes! HERE is a template for a snowflake with the Deathly Hallows symbol: Instructions: -Cut out the circle along the solid line -Fold the circle into quarters along the long dashed lines -Fold the quartered circle into thirds along the short dashed lines, keeping the light gray template on top -Using a crafting knife or a sharp pair of scissors, carefully cut away the light gray areas of the template -Unfold to reveal your magical snowflake!
  9. Yesterday
  10. [OUT OF CHARACTER] The Blizzards of 1993 (if three inches of snow can be called a "blizzard") and 1996 (three feet of snow? that's more like it) may have been responsible for some fun days off, but neither of them could hold a handle to the winter storm of 1994... there wasn't an enormous amount of snow that year, but the cold weather managed to freeze it so that everything was coated with an inch-thick layer of ice. No one could drive in that, and everyone thought they were stuck in their homes... but a few of the kids realized that the ice was perfectly skateable. And so, everyone (m
  11. My guess is that the Elder Wand knew Dumbledore was dying, and also in Dumbledore's weakened state his focus was briefly on Harry. I don't think Dumbledore wanted Draco to disarm him, but was hoping Snape would show up and Avada Kedavra him, so he'd die undefeated. No one seemed to even know Dumbledore's wand was the Elder Wand, so when he won it from Grindelwald, the path must have been very quiet then, I think
  12. I grew up in Kentucky, where we see all four seasons in all of their glory When you're a child, you dream of enough snow for school to be canceled, and that would practically guarantee the beginning of a perfect day! My brother and I would play outside with our friends and have a snowball fight, and then we'd find some object our parents had lying around that we could turn into a sled, and dare each other to go sliding down a hill in my yard. Finally, mom would make us all hot cocoa. I got the green glass (it's always been my favorite color, even then), my brother got the blue one, and
  13. I like watching Tomorrowland, Help! I shrunk my teacher and Home Alone 1. Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix is also one of my favourites. Then there's a movie named 3 Idiots, it's my all-time favourite comedy movie for all ages.
  14. One of the more quiet exchanges of who 'owned' the Elder Wand is when Draco Malfoy became the unwitting owner because he disarmed Dumbledore up on the Astronomy Tower, thus 'defeating' him. That exchange proved to be true, even though Dumbledore retained possession of the wand and was buried with it. (One wonders just how it was that Draco 'defeated' Dumbledore, though, when Dumbledore had the most powerful wand in existence as his own tool. Had Dumbledore decided he didn't want to chance harming Malfoy, or was he just so weakened by the curse that he didn't have the will and/or the energy to
  15. 103. He went to an inn and boasted about his wand snatched from Death Bonus. Disillusionment Charm, Bedazzling Hex, Demiguise Hair People who answered correctly are italicized: Aurelia West - 6 February Fortescue - 2 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 34 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 34 Prof. Will Lestrange - 34 104. With whom did the Elder Wand trail “go cold?” Bonus. What was the “chain” painted around the faces on Luna’s ceiling PM me the answers by 1am HOL time Jan. 22 for 4 scales!
  16. Last week
  17. Although it has some adult themes, I've always loved The Dead Poet's Society. It's about teenagers who attend a private boy's school run by teachers whose goal is to train them for careers in respectable fiends such as banking and medicine, but then along comes a teacher, played by Robin Williams, who believes that self-expression, creativity, and art are equally important. Unless you are over 18, do not watch this movie without a parental consent. If you are over 18, it does include someone taking his life, so beware of that if you decide to watch it.
  18. Living in Houston, Texas, we didn't get an opportunity for much snow at all. I can honestly say that I was quite envious of those kids who came from colder climates and could relate with first-hand knowledge about such foreign concepts as "snow days", "sledding", and "making snow angels". To my younger self, snow seemed almost magical. Confession time-in some ways, it still does. There were. however, one or two occasions that we did see snow. Not anything grand enough for snow angels, snow days, or sledding, mind you, but snow all the same. Hey, beggars can't be choosers; it was snow
  19. Not quite, but hellooo next poster thread! Now Scarlet?
  20. Living in the Sacramento Valley in central California when I was a kid, my one and only snow day was admittedly glorious. I think we had a whole two (or three?) inches of snow. Schools were cancelled, lots of people stayed home from work, and, in my family, lots of relatives came over to our home to celebrate. We had the house with its bit of backyard lawn which turned into a hill which was fairly steep and of a nice-ish distance, and then an extent of slightly sloping lawn again. We kids scavenged cardboard boxes and, on our flattened sleds, would (hopefully) zip down the hill. S
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