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  2. It's time for the first graphics challenge of the Winter Fling 2020! For this activity, create a signature (a 250 x 100 graphic) and an avatar (a 100 x 100 graphic) representing the Winter Fling for your use during the remainder of the festivities. In both the signature and avatar, you should find a way to represent the number 2020. You are free to represent the number however you wish; however, if your usage of 2020 is not transparently clear, make sure to include a brief explanation of how you incorporated the number 2020! Post your graphics to this thread by February 28 at 11:59 PM HOL for 5 scales each (PLUS a 5 scale bonus if your two graphics match each other!) NOTE: If you are incorporating the number 2020 through easily visible numbers, and these are either standard 'Arabic' numerals or Roman numerals, you will not need any additional explanation.
  3. All four digits, in that order. (But since the last one is a zero, if you can reach a number with the first three digits, all you need to do to complete the expression is add "+0" to the end!)
  4. Does each question have to use all 4 numbers? or, using your example, could it be like 2+0=2?
  5. I don't like that Harry named his son "Albus Severus" as both of the men he chose were actually cowardly as opposed to being brave. Harry knew plenty of people, men, who were even braver, and who actually tried to help Harry even if it hurt them. Those two men often hindered Harry because of their own desires/embarrassments/weird obsessions.
  6. 1. Sudoku- These are my favourite type of puzzle. 2. Logic puzzle- These are one of my favourite types of puzzles, I would only choose to do it after the Sudoku, because I think the Logic puzzles take me longer to complete. 3. Bridges- I don't think I've completely gotten the hang of Bridges yet, so I would have to remind myself of the puzzle rules. 5 scales (January 2020) Fallen Letters/Nonograms/Numberlink
  7. 102. Going out with the Giant Squid Those who answered correctly are italicized: February Fortescue - 34 Maxim Trevelyan - 38 Polaris Black - 38 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 38 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 38 Will Lestrange - 38 103. Why was Mundungus arrested? PM me the answer by 1am HOL time Jan. 23 for 2 scales!
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  9. Zinnias My mom grew these when I was growing up.
  10. I've never really watched it (and you'll probably get me hooked on another tv series 😁 ) TWBM enjoys reading science fiction novels
  11. Twiddling your thumbs between terms? Come have some fun in Winter Fling!

  12. Pretty self-explanatory Follow This link to get a pretty picture of our 4 founders. Good luck! 10 scales (January 2020)
  13. Youth I'm turning the big 3-0 next month, so I'm already mourning this!
  14. Yes, sorry I missed it. It was the end of shift and I was half asleep Continuing on: Snow Storm
  15. If you know me, you'd probably expect me to say something about Dumbledore and how frustrated I am with his actions and the amount he seems to get away with. But I don't even think that's a controversial opinion: too many people agree with me on that! Instead I'll talk about the first Slytherin adult we see in the series: someone we primarily know as a man in his thirties who, as the Head of House, was responsible for being a Slytherin role model for his house since he was barely out of Hogwarts himself. Right before the final battle of the Second Wizarding War (as if there were no wizarding wars before Voldemort) Severus Snape gives Harry some of his memories, which he views through a Pensieve. According to those memories, it seems that Snape's primary motivation was pining over a woman who, as a teenager, completely abandoned him while marrying a man who had added all sorts of misery to his Hogwarts years through bullying! Never mind that the woman in question (as well as the man she married) had been dead for nearly two decades, and neither had a chance to mature past their early twenties... My own thoughts? It's very possible to alter Pensieve memories, as we saw a year earlier in the case of Horace Slughorn. Slughorn may have done so very crudely, but Snape is one of the best known Occlumens in the Wizarding World so it is very possible that he could have altered the memories he gave to Harry! Right before his death, Snape had to know that Harry hated him with a passion, as well as knowing that (if Harry's side survive), Snape's legacy would be largely told through Harry's eyes. So that meant Snape had to present his own memories in the best possible light, as far as Harry was concerned. And what would be the best possible light for Harry? Maybe for his motivation to be driven by the person Harry saw as the purest form of good: his own mother! Harry seemed to be too 'pure' to view Snape's constantly thinking of Lily as anything other than being driven by the same pure good that Harry saw in Lily herself. This means that Snape's true motivation is still largely unknown... but is that really that uncommon for a Slytherin?
  16. 101. "For Enemies" Those who answered correctly are italicized: February Fortescue - 32 Maxim Trevelyan - 36 Polaris Black - 36 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 36 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 36 Will Lestrange - 36 102. What did Ron compare going out with Lavender to? PM me the answer by 12:30am HOL time Jan. 22 for 2 scales
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