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  3. No, not really. It's ok. TWBM loves to wear jeans.
  4. Last week
  5. OOhh thank you! I'll take that Leaves a snake
  6. Momma's gonna buy you a brand new sleigh. And if that sleigh causes you to crash....
  7. Magical cars beach or mountains?
  8. Xenophile I enjoy a variety of cultures, so this word describes me perfectly.
  9. Wayland One of my favourite character from one of my favorite book
  10. Yes I do TWBM does not have a room in their house where the walls are painted purple.
  11. V violet one of my favorite flowers, and it's often associated with the month of February.
  12. Nebulas Magical cars or magical motorbikes?
  13. Daddy's gonna buy you a rabbit with a small snout, and if that rabbit runs away...
  14. Exploding snap. Nebulas or blackholes ?
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