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  2. Thank you all so much for this fun activity. Staycation was a blast! Congratulations on putting on a very successful event!
  3. Thank you Aurelia, Louis and Lucia. It was really fun hanging out with other Slytherins. Thank you Scarlet for letting us have this fun event.
  4. I think that he probably didn't end his relationship with Dumbledore because they had been friends since Snape was a student.
  5. I think that the story would have changed a lot because I think that Snape might have not ended up being a Death Eater. Maybe he would have ended up with Lily.
  6. Thank you Aurelia, Louis, and Lucia for the lovely tour around the world! It was great to see all your hard work in action!
  7. To me, "Always" means he will always love Lily, and he will. But, first he agreed to work with Dumbledore to keep Lily safe (which he changed to keeping James and Harry safe as well). After Lily was killed by Voldemort, he agreed to continue working with Dumbledore in order to "keep Lily's son safe." Now he knows Lily's son has to die. What is his motivation now? To keep the wizarding world safe because of Lily? Revenge against Voldemort for killing Lily? Guilt in his role in the death of Lily? Compassion for others?
  8. Thank you Aurelia, Louis, and Lucia for hosting our Staycation. I had a blast!! Kudos to you three for a really great event
  9. Thank you Aurelia, Louis,and Lucia, for hosting such an amazing activity! I had a blast going on staycation
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  11. Hello everyone! Many thanks on behalf of the Slytherin Promising Students for participating in our first activity! We hope you've discovered new places and foods and had a ton of fun. We've certainly had a great time reading about all of your travels and seeing your creations. As we wrap up our around-the-world adventure, there are a couple shinies that need awarding. First up is the Continent Trekker! This goes to anyone who completed at least half of the tasks available and goes to: Emily Spencer February Fortescue Hannah Lovegood Harry Walles Iverian Gnash Louis Walles
  12. While Dumbledore says "You know, I sometimes think we Sort too soon. …” , I think that what the Sorting Hat looks at are the personal traits of the individuals, and they tend to stay the same through a person's life, unless something drastic, momentous, happens that the person chooses to change how they are. I don't think that Snape would be Sorted into any House other than Slytherin, whether he was Sorted at age 11 or at age 15. Which doesn't answer the question ... only addressing it in another way. So, for the question, if Snape was Sorted into Gryffindor, I think the story might end
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  14. After learning about Dumbledore's true plans, why do you think Snape continued working for Dumbledore, rather than ending the relationship and giving Harry over to Voldemort? 10 scales if posted by Sunday, 18th April, 23:59 HOL time. 5 scales if posted after that but before Friday, 30th April, 23:59 HOL time
  15. Do you think the story would have changed if Snape had been sorted into Gryffindor? 10 scales if posted by Sunday, 18th April, 23:59 HOL time. 5 scales if posted after that but before Friday, 30th April, 23:59 HOL time
  16. 161. "Look... at... me..." People who answered correctly are italicized: Aurelia West - 24 Hannah Lovegood - 24 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 24 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 24 Prof. Will Lestrange - 24 This upcoming week's questions are all from Chapter Thirty-three: The Prince’s Tale. I'm busy as we are coming up to the original US tax deadline (it's been extended for some) so here are your questions for the week: 161. Who lay next to Fred? Bonus. Who was Lily proposing to persuade to allow Petunia to go to Hogwarts? 162. What prefect patted Snape on his back as he
  17. 06/04/2021 - 12/04/2021 I have finished all my real life uni assignments. I will have a last exam on 15th April, so I need to study a lot! This week is also the last week of the Spring Staycation. This was a very fun experiment and I really want to do something as such again! I can't wait for the next opportunity to do something similar in the future. 20 people have participated in this event as a whole, which is awesome! UK is going out of lockdown. Positive about the whole thing. Can't wait to get some coffee!
  18. Dear Journal, It hasn’t been too long, but it feels like it’s been ages. One of my jobs is closing down at the end of this month after surviving as a small business for 16 years and understandably its dedicated customer base has been stopping in whenever they can before the closing date. This means my days have been a lot busier lately than they used to be, but it’s all still a rewarding process that I’m glad to be a part of. Unfortunately, I haven’t made much headway on my various assignments and two OWLs that I need done by the end of the month, so there’s still a lot to do. Tomorr
  19. Last week
  20. I'm definitely going to begin with the Mayan sites! I think I'm going to spend some time at the Palenque Ruins, which are deep in the jungle at the foot of the Chiapas Mountains. There are many interesting pyramids, administrative buildings, interesting architecture - the site has about 500 ruins, and most of them have not even been excavated! There's also stunning clear water cascades, which seem very refreshing. And next up: Chichen Itza! I really want to visit the Templo de Kukulkan! The temple is four sides, with 91 steps on each side, plus 1 additional step, to equal 365 steps. How
  21. This is a Furfinn. This lovely magical creature was created when Witch Penny Welkin, who never liked Kneazles, decided she was tired of them attacking other creatures, such as fish. She combined the Kneazle with the Goldfish to create a Furfinn. This creature has a Kneazle's head and a Goldfishes' body. It is unable to live outside of aquariums and cannot breathe air, and it no longer attacks fish or any other living creature. When the Furfinn purrs, the plants in the aquarium create beautiful, edible flowers, and all the fish are happy. The fish eat these flowers. The poor Furfinn, however, c
  22. Like many, I think that Snape’s death stood out amongst all of Voldemort’s other kills since he is the only one to have been killed by Nagini rather than a spell. Perhaps, like Tarma mentioned, Voldemort considered it an honorable death, hence why we haven’t seen anyone else die in the same manner before. I also agree that it would be pretty difficult to brew an antidote to Nagini’s venom and considering how unusual it is for Voldemort to kill using Nagini, it’s unlikely that Snape expected it. Attempting to brew such an antidote would likely require a lot of forethought and resources, so
  23. My impression from the book was that she lived. Like everyone else has mentioned, Fenrir Greyback wasn’t in full wolf form, and if she had died I feel like we would have known instead of having to infer.
  24. I have a postcard of the Temple of the Masonry Altars in Altun Ha from when my sister did a volunteer trip to Belize, so I have decided to make that my first stop on La Ruta Maya. The Temple of the Masonry Altars is also known as the Sun God's Tomb, but recent interpretations of the jade head in the tomb suggests that it may actually be the Jester God. Then I'd stop by Tikal in Guatemala. The juxtaposition of the Mayan ruins with the rainforest is so interesting! And, of course, there's no point in exploring Mayan history without visiting Chichen Itza and seeing El Castillo in perso
  25. 159. A Flask People who answered correctly are italicized: Aurelia West - 22 Hannah Lovegood - 22 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 22 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 22 Prof. Will Lestrange - 22 160. What were Snape’s last words? PM me the answer by 12:45am Apr. 11 for 2 scales!
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