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  2. So sorry about the delay, we had an unexpected visitor in the form of someone who needed directions, and as I rely on Google Maps/Waze I had to look up places for them 73. bright yellow Those who answered correctly are italicized: February Fortescue - 34 Maxim Trevelyan - 36 Polaris Black - 36 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 36 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 36 Will Lestrange - 36 74. What book did Eldred Worple author? PM me the answer by 1AM HOL time Dec. 13 for 2 scales!
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  4. Oxford I had the opportunity to visit Oxford in my early teens and always dreamed of studying there. Though that never happened, I did get the chance to do a short course abroad some years back.
  5. The Sundays are okay. The others are okay if I know ahead of time when it is so I can shift stuff around.
  6. One of the guests is named Griffin. He really doesn't seem all that unusual except that he's wearing long sleeves and gloves, even in a heated room of the castle. Another thing you might notice about him is that he's wearing all kinds of makeup, like a coloured body lotion, and even mascara on his eyes (and contacts in his eyes, which does seem strange for a wizard to use) and appears to be wearing a wig. His eyes seem a little strange, though, like yeah there is a pupil and colour and stuff but where the whites of the eyes would show, it seems sort of .... empty. Later on you find that a book had been written about him. A Muggle named H. G. Wells had heard stories or legends, and fabricated a story about Griffin.
  7. I think the only two days that work for me this time around are January 4 and 5 at 9 PM HOL. 9 PM HOL on a Friday is almost never a good time for me due to Muggle work obligations, and I expect to be out of town/in transit on Dec 28-29 (though I could probably make the 29th if I ABSOLUTELY had to; the 28th would be harder) so: T1: Jan 4, Jan 5 3: Dec 29 [not really viable] 4: Dec 28 [definitely not viable] T5: Dec 27, Jan 3 [definitely not viable]
  8. 72. Advanced Potion-Making Those who answered correctly are italicized: February Fortescue - 32 Maxim Trevelyan - 34 Polaris Black - 34 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 34 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 34 Will Lestrange - 34 73. What color was Harry’s eyebrow when he found Hermione with Luna? PM me the answer by 12AM HOL time Dec. 12 for 2 scales!
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  10. Tough one... Metropolis. Aragorn or Legolas?
  11. I would prefer (in no particular order): Friday Jan. 3 at 9pm HOL time Sunday Jan. 5 at 9pm HOL time as I'm not sure I'll be around between Christmas and New Year's yet, but I could make (in no particular order): Friday Dec. 27 at 9pm HOL time Sunday Dec. 29 at 9pm HOL time work out, just no Saturdays
  12. 1. Sundays 2. Saturdays 3. Fridays I'll probably be at work at all the times listed, but I'll still try to be there. Sundays are typically less busy than Saturdays. The weekend is better than Friday because there are more people around on Fridays.
  13. 1. Friday Dec. 27 at 9pm HOL time; Saturday Dec. 28 at 9pm HOL time; Friday Jan. 3 at 9pm HOL time; Saturday Jan. 4 at 9pm HOL time 2. Sunday Jan. 5 at 9pm HOL time; Sunday Dec. 29 at 9pm HOL time
  14. Welcome to the 2019 Silver Snake Gift Exchange! If you weren't around last year, the Silver Snake Gift Exchange is similar to the White Elephant exchanges. Unfortunately, in the switch ups with our Silver and Green teams, the box with our holiday decorations have been...misplaced? Luckily I've found the tree and "borrowed" a few silver ornaments, and a cuddly snake to sit atop! (If you have any spare tree decorations drop 'em below and I'll add them when I put the presents under the tree!) Sign up to participate by sending in your "gift" (a promise to make a new avatar/sig for someone, a puzzle, a joke, beans, enough beans for a new pet, a favor, etc) to me in a PM (subject Silver Snake) by Dec. 24. I will then wrap your presents and put them under this tree. At the agreed upon time (see below) we will meet on IRC to pick presents! If you are unable to join us on IRC, fear not! The presents that are left will be available for you to pick from afterwards Say 20 people sign up. I will put 20 packages under the tree. On IRC, once everyone who is playing (NOTE: you can only play if you submitted a gift) is ready, we'll assign an order for picking presents with a random generator. Person 1 posts they want the green package with red bows, we say it's a sudoku puzzle. Person 2 can steal their present or pick a new one. if they steal, person 1 picks a new present, and we say what that is. Then person 3 can steal one of those two or pick a new present. A present can only be stolen 3 times. After the last person on IRC gets their present, I will edit the image so that the picked presents are crossed off. Then anyone who wasn't able to attend the IRC can pick from those until they're all gone! For items like new avatars/siggys/favors, we will connect the person who picked that present with the person who gave it. For the IRC meet-up please list which day/time works best for you in order (this should take about 30-45min depending on how many people sign up) below: Friday Dec. 27 at 9pm HOL time Saturday Dec. 28 at 9pm HOL time Sunday Dec. 29 at 9pm HOL time Friday Jan. 3 at 9pm HOL time Saturday Jan. 4 at 9pm HOL time Sunday Jan. 5 at 9pm HOL time
  15. 71. Quintessence: A Quest Those who answered correctly are italicized: February Fortescue - 30 Maxim Trevelyan - 32 Polaris Black - 32 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 32 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 32 Will Lestrange - 32 72. What book was Harry reading while talking to Hermione in the Library? PM me the answer by 12am HOL time Dec. 11 for 2 scales!
  16. Obviously, who doesn't? TWBM is a caffeine addict
  17. I think one of the most wonderful bits of decoration is the 'snow'. This sounds strange, maybe, but where I grew up, we had snow just one time. It was almost like a ultimate holiday with the family gathering and us kids 'sledding' down the hill on our improvised flat cardboard sleds. So if a tree had some snow on the branches, and around on the ground by the tree, along with the rest of the ornaments and decorations, that would be (to me) quite a finishing touch.
  18. The Last Air Bender Gotham or Metropolis?
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