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  2. Appleby Arrows vs Kenmare Kestrels Montrose Magpies vs Holyhead Harpies Pride of Portree vs Falmouth Falcons Puddlemere United vs Chudley Cannons Tutshill Tornados vs Caerphilly Catapults Wigtown Wanderers vs Ballycastle Bats
  3. Love Chamber This room is behind a door that remains locked at all times and which cannot be unlocked by Alohomora or magical unlocking penknives. According to Dumbledore, behind the door is the most mysterious subject of study of the department, and the most powerful force ever to exist in the universe — which is known as "Love". It may also be used in attempts to understand and duplicate the magical protection self-sacrificing love creates, the only magic strong enough to repel the Killing Curse. There is said to be a large fountain of Amortentia in the room.
  4. Story Book tasks, Art/Library Department projects, and the Monthly Scales Challenge are due in 5 days!

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  6. I definitely think he was lonely, and probably did actually like Hagrid coming to teach him english and visiting with him
  7. I would imagine he'd pick Katie Bell (sixth year), Angelina Johnson (seventh year), Lee Jordan (seventh year), or Alicia Spinnet (seventh year) as they are all older and would have some more experience than the younger students. I could also see him wanting Susan Bones as her aunt works for the MoM and she might be able to help them in the MoM?
  8. The door can be opened by asking it to open. Not telling it, not compelling or forcing it, but merely asking. It opens into a room which is about 40 feet across, with 6 sides to it. The walls are a pale cream in colour. The floor is midnight blue. The ceiling appears to be a reflection of the sky outside, however it may be. In the room itself is a beautiful fountain of white marble, circular in form, the outer edges of it at least 20 feet across. The outer rim is two feet high, then it's the liquid in a pool. In the centre of the fountain is a large tree, shaped somewhat like a fir tree with broad and heavy branches. Water, so fine it appears made of sparkling and glittering winds, flows from the needles of the tree, hovering iridescently in the air for a moment when released from the fir needles then floating downward towards the fluid in the pool. The air in the room is soft, fresh and lightly scented with what seems to be peony fragrance, pure and oddly heady for such a light scent.
  9. I'm interested to do the following. Articles: - Minimalism: Less is More - Taking Care of Your Slimy Friend Graphics: - Arcade Club Puzzles: - Word Search
  10. Hello, Caleb! You are welcome here if you bring something sweet for everybody. I'm doing fine, quite busy lately but so far nobody was hurt and I consider that a success. How about you?
  11. Ooooohhhh. Wow. *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* I think I have to go to 'and now for something different' because that's a wow. Okay. Um. You walk into the Department of Mysteries and see (and feel and hear) mysterious things that you absolutely don't have any kind of connection to (that you are aware of) and you don't even have any words to describe. Then, off to the left, you see something which looks oddly familiar. Really familiar. So familiar you don't think it belongs in here! That's a telephone box! It's not the usual orange-red colour; it's sort of an odd blue colour. It seems to have a bit of a light at the top and you realize it's not a telephone box so you wander closer and see the words on it "Police Public Call Box". What's this here for? To make a Muggle phone call to the police? Curious, you walk closer and notice that the door is ajar a little bit. So you go to the door and nudge it open a little bit. Then you look inside ....
  12. At first, you aren’t sure what you’re seeing but then you realise that all the walls, floor and furnishings in here are made of the same bronze vines which seem to be gently coiling themselves. None of the angles seem right: there are too many sides and faces to each shape. Even as you watch, there is a sinuous movement that seems to encapsulate the entire room and you’re looking at an infinitely different space, made up of tiny blue dots. In another instant, the dots blink out to be replaced with a sunrise, made out of tiny squares like tiles from a complex mosaic. These soon fall to the floor and shatter. The next change is so strange and inconceivable that you stagger backwards and slam the door.
  13. " .... The Egyptians made models out of wax or clay -- servants to do every kind of job they could imagine in the afterlife. ..."
  14. In my tiredness last week, I had meant that last week was "Holy Week" (for those that don't know, my husband is a pastor and so Christmas/Easter are very busy times in our house) and THIS week is tech week! So, here are last week's answers (and points for those who answered them!) followed by this week's questions! 161: At Aragog’s lair 162: Magorian 163: a centaur stepped on it, breaking it cleanly in half 164: “Hagger”; Hagrid 165: They could smell the blood on Harry and Hermione Those who answered correctly are italicized: Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis – 36 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black – 36 Will Lestrange – 36 This week's questions come from Chapter 34: The Department of Mysterious 166: Where did Harry instruct the thestrals to go? Bonus: Who helped Ron, Hermione, and Ginny onto the thestrals they couldn’t see? Bonus: What was beneath the names on their visitor badges? 167: What color did the candle flames burn? Bonus: What happened when they closed a door? Bonus: What did the spell “Flagrate” do? 168: Who else heard voices “in there?” 169: What happened to the blade of Harry’s knife from Sirius? Bonus: What was at the heart of the bell jar? 170: What row were they near when entering through the door? Bonus: Aside from Harry’s, what other 3 names (or initials) were on the label of the dusty orb? PM me the answers by 12AM HOL time April 27 for 22 scales!
  15. Draw/graphic an item mentioned in the chapter or describe something else that you might see in the Department of Mysteries. 10 scales if posted by Sunday 28th April, 23:59 HOL time. 5 scales if posted after that but before Tuesday 30th April, 23:59 HOL time.
  16. Both Alohomora and Sirius’s knife were unable to open the locked room. What might be in there and how can the room be opened? 10 scales if posted by Sunday 28th April, 23:59 HOL time. 5 scales if posted after that but before Tuesday 30th April, 23:59 HOL time.
  17. The answer can be found in the HOL 101 lesson
  18. Hello Slytherins! I'm Caleb Bane, a Hufflepuff, probably unwelcome. I have come to say hello and ask how you guys are doing? How's your day going? How's your month going? How's your YEAR going? Thank you, Caleb B.
  19. "Is still tales from the Haunted Mansion, which meant Willa hadn't gone far enough."
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