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  2. Thank you for a very fun activity, Emily (and everyone who helped put it on). It was great exploring the waters and searching for the Cup!
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  4. Sit tight, only a few more! Last, but definitely not least, we'd like to acknowledge the individuals who make Slytherin extra special. The abnormal high amount of hissing that you've heard in the Dungeons this year is thanks to this snake, who has made Parseltongue prevalent again. In addition to running the Arcade Club and keeping us busy in the cold months, he has led the Slytherin Quidditch Team to another victory, making him 7 for 7 in Quidditch Cups as a student. This year's Singular Slytherin is none other than... Will Lestrange! Although they are busier and quieter than they used to be, when these two are around, they are bound to make someone smile. The Smug Snake Award goes to... Cody Lewis and Prof. Amy Lupin! I'm always proud to have Slytherin representation in activities all throughout HOL. We've received positive feedback for two of our housemates, citing their enthusiasm and dedication. The recipients of the Salazar's Slytherin Spirit Award are... Emily Spencer and Mya Abititeux! After a slight hiatus, she easily found her way back into the Snake Pit, pitching ideas for future SerpenTimes issues, and jumped right back into leading Read-Along. She constantly has new ideas for Slytherin and even went out of her comfort zone to represent us on the pitch. Her successful BINGO games brought visitors to the Dungeons and she became our resident Mermish expert! The Award for Special Services to Slytherin is bestowed upon... February Fortescue! The Dungeons wouldn't be the Dungeons without our friends from other houses! We appreciate all our guests, but we like to highlight one from each house. This year's Lion, Eagle, and Badger in Snake's Clothing are... Lorainia Riverrider, Mia Fountain, and Prof. Tarma Amelia Black! Congratulations to all! Have a safe and relaxing summer!
  5. Next up are scales! Put your hands together for the winners of the Spring Term Scales Race... In 3rd place, with 625 scales... Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis! In 2nd place, with 1098 scales... Will Lestrange! And in 1st place, with 1428 scales... February Fortescue! The Best Hatchling Award is given to the first year student who earns the most scales. Congratulations to Brianna Caedmon with 606 scales! We always appreciate visitors to the Dungeons and their contributions. Our Dweller of the Dungeon is none other than Prof. Tarma Amelia Black with 1858 scales! To acknowledge their hard work, the top ten Slytherin scale earners of the school year receive the Dedicated Snake award. Congratulations are in order for: February Fortescue - 3035 Will Lestrange - 1989 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 1446 Brianna Caedmon - 606 Emily Spencer - 585 Arianna Stonewater - 530 Cody Lewis - 505 Mya Abititeux - 442 Emerald Nightshade - 416 Lucia Dinapoli - 359
  6. *The Giant Squid smiles happily as she hoists the recovered Emerald Cup high in the air* (We will graciously ignore the fact that she *ahem* was the one who stole it in the first place.) "Hello to all my new friends!!! I can't thank you enough for helping us recover the Emerald Cup, especially those brave souls who risked life and limb to sneak past that scary ol' Leviathan, while some of us were busy hiding! *pointed look at Emily who merely waves* You saved the day and possibly poor Will's sanity, since his classroom met with a most unfortunate accident! (We will again ignore the fact that Annabelle (the giant squid) was the one who caused that accident). The yearly celebration of the Emerald Cup is, after all, one of the highlights here in Slytherin, made extra-special by all of you who chose to be a part of it. Your participation is certainly appreciated and from the bottom of my little squid heart, I thank you. Especially since this year was extra-special, since not only did you get the whole cool underwater experience, but finally, at LONG LAST..YOU KNOW MY NAME!!! No more 'Giant Squid'! Names are very important, you know! Mine is Annabelle in case she *another pointed look at Emily* forgets. You, my friends, may call me Anna Another thing to celebrate is all your hard work. And while everyone did a most fabulous job, I want to recognize the top 5 scale earners. Although, to be fair, I should be among those! *ignores Emily who gently reminds her that she didn't actually earn any scales* A big round applause to: Will Lestrange (Slytherin)-339 scales Professor Tarma Amelia Black (Hufflepuff)-309 scales Sindor Aloyarc (Ravenclaw)-246 scales Lorainia Riverrider (Gryffindor)-203 scales February Fortescue (Slytherin)-182 scales Honorable mention to Annabelle the Marvelous Squid! *Emily just rolls eyes and smiles* Wow! A winner from every House! Woot! It's so nice that you came from all over just to visit me help Emily not get expelled make new friends and have some fun! And now that you've found your way here, please don't be a stranger. There's always cookies and pumpkin juice in the Dungeons, and your friends in the Lake would love to see you again. And most importantly, remember to say hello to me, your friendly squid, Annabelle! It would be a shame if the cup had to go missing again...*Emily just glares* And lastly, a very special shout out to our very own Will Lestrange, whose love of that snakey-language (Parseltongue) led to this marvelous adventure. Or as Emily likes to say..IT'S ALL WILL'S FAULT!" (j/k of course) From Annabelle and all of us at Slytherin, thank you for the fun!
  7. Now that the Dungeons are repaired and we have our trophy room back, it's time to fill it up! First and foremost, the points you have diligently earned this year is what kept us in the running for the House Cup. Even if you aren't quite as vocal in the Dungeons, we are extremely grateful for all the work you put into your classes. The Salazar Awards Golden Salazar (3000+ points) Arianna Stonewater Emily Spencer February Fortescue Will Lestrange Silver Salazar (2000-2999 points) Brianna Caedmon Cody Lewis Bronze Salazar (1000-1999 points) Anna Snape Celeste Farhorn Draco Riddle Emerald Nightshade Louis Walles Lucia Dinapoli Mya Abititeux Persphone Woodson Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis Copper Salazar (300-999 points) Allyson Celestra Analise Marie Annabella Pisani Audun Helsing Cassandra Morales Chip Honeycutt Claire Fandinia Elena Min Emma Borg Hayley Grace Luna Moonshadow Marley Rose Mrya Huast Phoenix Hale Romilda Jones Rory Devaney Serenity Shaffer Sienna Black Sophia Rudel Velvetina Belle The Basil Awards Brabas Award (The perfect 10 Quills!) Arianna Stonewater (+ a bonus Quill!) Brianna Caedmon Cody Lewis Emily Spencer February Fortescue Will Lestrange Golden Basil (8-9 Quills) No one this year... Silver Basil (6-7 Quills) Draco Riddle Emerald Nightshade Bronze Basil (4-5 Quills) Anna Snape Celeste Farhorn Louis Walles Lucia Dinapoli Mya Abititeux Persphone Woodson Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis Copper Basil (2-3 Quills) Allyson Celestra Analise Marie Audun Helsing Hayley Grace Sophia Rudel Each month, we give out the Sagacious Slytherin of the Month Award to the Slytherin student who earns the most points. We truly appreciate your continuous contributions the Slytherin hour glass. Here are all the recipients this past year: September – February Fortescue - 358 points October – Emily Spencer - 289 points November – Persphone Woodson - 320 points December – Emerald Nightshade - 307 points January – Arianna Stonewater - 1610 points February – Lucia Dinapoli - 250 points March – February Fortescue - 301 points April – Brianna Caedmon - 425 points May – Louis Walles - 654 points June – Arianna Stonewater – 1026 points The Best Hatchling of the Year Award goes to the First Year who earned the most points for Slytherin. This year, that First Year is already receiving a Golden Salazar. Huge round of applause for Emily Spencer with a jaw-dropping total of 3495 points! We know to expect great things from you!
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  9. Jelly (especially strawberry) My daughter' loves jelly (this month at least)
  10. *Leaves it* I have no intention of playing Quidditch Leaves a Muggle smart phone
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  13. FINAL STANDINGS FOR JUNE 2020 1st place: Mia Fountain - 15350 points (Gold Joystick) 2nd place: Will Lestrange - 7250 points (Silver Joystick) 3rd place: Amelie Phelps - 2650 points (Bronze Joystick) But you still have a chance to compete against these scores at the Living High Score Board!
  14. One last time before we wrap up the year... Here are the Top House Point Earners for June! 10. Hayley Grace - 476 points 9. Lucia Dinapoli - 479 points 8. Emerald Nightshade - 499 points 7. Cody Lewis - 525 points 6. Brianna Caedmon, Louis Walles - 603 points 5. Celeste Farhorn - 648 points 4. Emily Spencer - 654 points 3. Will Lestrange - 814 points 2. Arianna Stonewater - 1026 points 1. February Fortescue - 1457 points The Sagacious Slytherin of the Month award goes to... Arianna Stonewater! Congratulations! Look at those totals! I'm extremely proud of all the work everyone has put into HOL and Slytherin this year! Enjoy your summer break and get recharged for next year!
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  16. Five different communities in the Great Lake were grateful for our assistance in rebuilding. Each community was at a different depth (from 2-10 meters) and required the use of different building materials. To thank us for our help, each community gave us a unique treasure (including a sceptre) to add to the collection in the Dungeons. 1. The necklace was a gift for building with granite, not basalt. The Kappa community is located two meters deeper than the one rebuilt with jasper. 2. The dagger wasn't acquired at the 6 meter location. Mudstone was used to build either the Kappa or Shrake community. 3. Agate was used for building at 6 meters. The necklace was acquired at a location two meters deeper than the Sprite community. 4. The Kelpie community didn't gift the pocket watch. The mirror was from a location four meters deeper than the Kappa community. 5. The Flying Seahorse community is located four meters deeper than the one that gave the necklace. The dagger wasn't given at the 2 meter location. Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject: Emerald Cup Rebuilding Solved by: Will Lestrange (Emerald Cup 2020) Cody Lewis (Emerald Cup 2020) Prof. Tarma Amelia Black (Emerald Cup 2020)
  17. The final races for this year's Emerald Cup! Atlantis ---> Emeralds (Winner: Cody Lewis) Emeralds ---> SpongeBob SquarePants (Winner: Prof. Amy Lupin) SpongeBob SquarePants ---> Scuba Set (Winner: Cody Lewis) Scuba Set ---> Borzoi (Winner: Prof. Tarma Amelia Black) Borzoi ---> Killer Whale (Winner: Prof. Amy Lupin) If you weren't able to make it, you can still receive 2 scales for each leg of the race you successfully complete for a maximum of 10 scales. E-mail your complete paths to slytherin.emeraldcup [at] gmail.com (Subject: "Wiki Races").
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  21. This cave is currently attached to the floor of a building, but it could just as easily be transported to the ocean floor to become an underwater habitat! It could easily provide shelter for any creature who could fit into the entrance (the large gap in front).
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