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  1. Oh green and silver, how I love you...

  2. Congratulations to our newest staff member, Prof. Cody Lewis!!

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    2. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      We'll miss your house points but congrats professor!

    3. Cody Lewis
    4. Ailime Wright

      Ailime Wright

      Good job Cody! I mean, Prof. Cody ^_^

  3. Nice to see you in my home, Ailime!! Let's go practice some quidditch together!
  4. That is true, Mikel. The forum crashed a bit ago and took the skin with it. We're working on something new... check back for an updated look for the new school year!
  5. Happy Birthday, America!

  6. Welcome to HOL, Ash, and congrats on finding the Dungeons Here, have a cockroach cluster!
  7. Hi Daphne! Tag... You're it!!

  8. I'm going to go out on a limb here and blame Basil and 'Brabas for this one. Somehow in the midst of our spring cleaning, our "Everyone is welcome to post in here" thread disappeared! The cool thing about being DHoH, though, is that I have shiny buttons. So, although you can blame our house pets for deleting the old thread, you can certainly thank me for creating a new one! (I'm super humble, too, can't you tell?) Anywho, here is the place where anyone and everyone is welcome to introduce themselves, chat about HOL things (like Quidditch!!) and just generally have a good time. Make sure you also check out the "Customize your Dungeons" thread! Status updates are quick, convenient, and satisfying, too! Have fun and be responsible. Don't break rules, because Basil and Brabas are always hungry. -Prof. Opal Curare Former Slytherin Deputy Head of House
  9. Welcome to Spring Term! As you are signing up for classes and (re)discovering your way around HOL and the Dungeons, make sure you take a peek at our current activities in the Snake Pit! Slythering in the New Year is just about to wrap up, and Be My Valentine has just begun! Plenty of fun! .... Okay I'll stop rhyming. But only if you go participate in the activities. And win points and scales. Yep.

  10. Three more days to complete & submit Slythmas things!!

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