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  1. Congratulations, everyone! It's so wonderful to see so much activity and so many people receiving awards! 💚
  2. Zephyranthes a lovely flowering plant
  3. I've recently become addicted to Mahjong. If anyone isn't familiar with it, you simply match tiles and try to clear the board. I've downloaded an app on my phone that has 5 daily challenges, with the games being labeled easy, medium, or hard. My biggest challenges are the speed matches, because I like to take my time. I need to look up the meanings of the individual tiles. I've resorted to giving some nicknames, such as N, People, Cycle, Plane, etc. because I have no idea what they represent.
  4. I'll be on vacation Monday through much of Friday. Whoohoo!!!!

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    2. Prof. Will Lestrange

      Prof. Will Lestrange

      hope it's a great one!

    3. Emily Spencer

      Emily Spencer

      Have fun, doll!!

    4. February Fortescue

      February Fortescue

      Thanks, everyone - I had an amazing time!

  5. Not everyone wants to receive messages, and that's perfectly fine. If you are someone who would, and you haven't been receiving any in awhile, please remove some of the messages in your inbox, because I enjoy sending them LOL

    1. Emily Spencer

      Emily Spencer

      Say it isn't so :P  Love ya!

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