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  1. A nice, secure spot for for the average sized creature and potential mates and little ones. Welcome home!
  2. It's not bad. I can definitely tell one brand of bottled water from another, however. TWBM has a favorite brand of bottled water.
  3. Holly Because Christmas is only 6 months away.....
  4. I don't care much for salt, but I do enjoy movies.....uh..popcorn Pizza or lasagne?
  5. I'm taking a male Betta. I love these little guys! They are brave, confrontational at times, and will swim into danger without a second thought, which balances out my cowardly and self-preservation tendencies. They also feed on the surface of the water, so no matter what happens, I can always find my way back to top!
  6. Vietnamese, like Chinese, are both tonal languages, and they are both monosyllabic. In Vietnamese, however, the adjective follows the noun, while in Chinese, the noun follows the adjective.
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