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  1. Velvet i have a small pillow covered in velvet from my childhood
  2. Leaves it. No use for it. Leaves an old boot.
  3. March Scales Total: February Fortescue – 128 Maxim Trevelyan – 146 Polaris Black – 50 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis – 60 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black – 150 Sky Alton - 100 Will Lestrange - 80
  4. Hello Hayley, welcome to Slytherin House! passes mug of butterbeer to Hayley
  5. Hello, Kira! Welcome to the Dungeons (and HOL!)
  6. I love Will's first option! In the end, though, I'd wear black robes, black sweater, long black skirt, with my Slytherin emblem on my robes and my Amethyst and Emerald pendant, ring and bracelet.
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