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  1. Hello Kaissssssssssa. Niccccccce name.
  2. Fred + Snape - Fred 174 Fred winssssssssssss
  3. Only a few more daysss left to sssend in sssubmisssionsss for Ssslyth-o-ween!

  4. Methinkssssss ssssssomeone'sssss assssking for troublesssss
  5. Time to go outsssssside......

    1. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      Hi Basil. Hope your doing fine and having a great time with my basilisk Sal. :)

  6. What isssss for lunch....? *wanderssss around the Dungeonssss*

  7. hisssss.... I'm hungry for ssssssome badgerssss..

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    2. Wicket Wilcox

      Wicket Wilcox

      Thats not scary at alllllll.

    3. Rayne Devereaux

      Rayne Devereaux

      how about a badger in snake's clothing?

    4. Rosemarie Halliwell

      Rosemarie Halliwell

      I hear that those taste the same.

  8. I came to realise that I have never won this game. So Basil wins round 10. The 11th not-quite annual Last Person to Reply Wins Games begin! May the odds be ever in your favour. This post was automatically translated by the 'Parseltongue to English Super Duper Thingy'
  9. hopes Brabas disappears soon

  10. hsssss doesss i ssmell fressssh meat?

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    2. Prof. Opal Curare

      Prof. Opal Curare

      psst! Basil! If you hide the evidence under the rug, no one will know...

    3. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      What rug this is a dungeon I don't see a rug in here.

    4. Vera Prince

      Vera Prince

      Basil, you're not allowed to eat the younglings until Daphne get's a chance at them ;)

  11. Basil!!! I put you on our Slytherin Yearbook banner :) check it out!

  12. issss very hungry, when isss the newbiesss arriving?

    1. Sirithre Leylnn

      Sirithre Leylnn

      ʃine, Basil. Soon. About two weeks or so, ssssweety. The new studentsss will start arriving soon.

  13. whosss the loser now Brabassssss the eagle better watch her tone too, Basil is getting hungry issss it a one of those cat thingssss?
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