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  1. The Wizard/Witch Below Me..

    Kinda, planning on watching a movie with my friends but nothing more but there’s the Quidditch match and gathering and games. TWBM has a special charm necklace or bracelet.
  2. 1-10,000

  3. Word Association Game

  4. Last Letter, First Letter

  5. Double Letters

  6. Rita Skeeter’s Scoop - Task 2

    Someone who I know will always motivate me is myself. Really, there’s no one who can motivate myself more than myself, and I think for other people it’s the same.
  7. Sweets Elimination Game

    Chocolate Frogs + Licorice Wands - Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans 6Chocolate Frogs 8Drooble's Best Blowing Bubble Gum 7Peppermint Toads 8Cauldron Cakes 8 Licorice Wands 4Sherbet Lemon 8
  8. The Yule Ball - Task 2

    I remember having a bit of trouble with Hermione’s name and with the spell Confringo. But the word I had the most trouble with, and which I still mix up today is “Apparation”.
  9. The Yule Ball - Task 1

    I learned to dance the waltz with my grandmother and I have happy memories of us together trying to figure it out. I would really like to learn the polka, the minuet, the mazurka, and tango. These four dances really appeal to me.
  10. Tabletop Spotlight: The Settlers of Catan

    This game sounds awesome and I’ve heard so much about it, but for some reason I’ve never played it. Not at home, and not with anyone else. So to this game I’m a complete newbie. But Settler of Catan sounds like an amazing game and you should really play it.
  11. First Love

    My first and favorite game was also Dominion. My father found it somewhere and when I played it with him I fell in Love immediately. In fact both of us were so entranced that we tried to create a desktop Dominion game. We coded it and it worked, but there were soon a lot of bugs and since our Dominion craze was dying down we never really got around to fixing them. We still love Dominion and play it, but now nobody can beat my father so it’s rather one sided. My favorite game now is Timeline because you not only play, but you also learn history and the relation of historical events to each other.
  12. The Genie Game

    Granted but all your answers are written in base 7. I wish spring would come soon.
  13. This or That

    Comedy. Puzzles or Board games?
  14. Word Association Game

  15. Keep a word, drop a word!

    Rise up