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  1. Shadow Gaunt

    2017-18 Slytherin Awards

    Congratulations everyone! And thank you so much for my award, I feel very honored.
  2. Shadow Gaunt

    We now have...

    Woooo yeah! Congratulations Amy!
  3. Shadow Gaunt

    Today I Played...

    Yesterday we played a 4 player elimination Kamisado round, and I won (yaaay). We also played a few round of Timeline which was very hard and so disappointing when you were one space off. Finally we also played some Munchkin but we always play it without the Divine Intervention card because it relies heavily on luck and it's very skewed towards the Clerics.
  4. Shadow Gaunt

    Guess the next poster

    Heeeeehehehe. Yes. Perhaps Shiloh?
  5. Shadow Gaunt

    Keep a word, drop a word!

    Oak tree
  6. Shadow Gaunt

    Word Association Game

  7. Shadow Gaunt

    Last Letter, First Letter

  8. Shadow Gaunt

    This or That

    Pizza. Analog or Digital clock?
  9. Shadow Gaunt

    The Wizard/Witch Below Me..

    Kind of. If I can write about anything I want, then yes. If, however I am restricted, then usually not. TWBM likes sitting in front of a fan?
  10. Shadow Gaunt

    Slytherin ABC

    Fox snake
  11. Shadow Gaunt


  12. Shadow Gaunt

    Double Letters

  13. Shadow Gaunt

    IRC Activities

    Agreed, A Saturday would be better for me.
  14. Shadow Gaunt

    Word Association Game

  15. Shadow Gaunt

    Slytherin ABC