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  1. ..and chocolate chip cookie dough bits...
  2. Nope. TWBM likes to read Harry Potter fanfiction.
  3. *leaves it* I don't need to study anymore today. *leaves a necklace with a ghost stuck inside*
  4. I feel like everyone generally knows Hermione is a friend of famous Harry Potter, so I would glamour a part of myself so I would seem like a different person. Perhaps I would change the shape of my nose or straighten my hair for a brief moment. I would pretend I was Pansy, in my mannerisms, and ask flirtatiously about what a boy at school would like from a secret admirer. I would try to hint that the boy was Draco without being too obvious, such as saying, "What would a boy from a prominent wizarding family, from good stock mind you, enjoy as a courting gift?" But either way, I feel like Borgin would kick Hermione out of the shop without telling her what Draco was interested in.
  5. WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN A JOKE FALLS THROUGH? LEAN ON PERU, OF COURSE! - Introducing Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder for either awkward moments or rebellious heists, the Wheezes have your back!
  6. Sunflowers! I love the seeds too. Clowns or magicians?
  7. Nope! I love big dogs though. TWBM goes to school.
  8. Dandy That was the collection subject of the Gay Museum when I went to Berlin. It was awesome.
  9. Skiing trip Rom Coms or Fantasy movies?
  10. Fleur Delacour was my favorite character of the entire series for a while. Partly because I loved how, even though everyone around her reduced her to her physical traits that she had no control over, she was fierce and used it as a weapon. I think people often forget that the Goblet of Fire was meant to pick the best candidates from each school, which meant that Fleur was the best warrior fit to represent her school in the magical item's eyes. I would love to befriend her, train with her, and keep gross people who are attracted to her Veela allure away from harassing her. I was so happy when everyone else got on her side after Bill's attack, both readers and the Weasleys, and realized how fierce she truly was. I can't imagine how hard it must have been to live in a foreign country where my soon-to-be in-law's made fun of my accent because I was a quarter Veela and they were jealous of my heritage? Tonks on the other hand felt like every 2D YA heroine ever. She's clumsy, check. She has an eccentric part of her that makes her appearance different, check. Everyone's obsessed with her love life, check. She falls in love with a werewolf, check. She didn't truly feel like a 3-dimensional until the last book, in my eyes.
  11. I am not from Discworld.
  12. Beauxbatons because Fleur is queen. Baseball caps or beanies?
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