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  1. Prof. Aurora Sinistra - Prof. Pomona Sprout they would be so cute together! 🎇
  2. *takes them* It's so cold down here in the dungeons! *leaves a contract for someone's voice*
  3. Nice one! Just in time for Halloween: If two witches watched watches, which witch would watch which watch?
  4. *takes them for potions later* *leaves some candy*
  5. ..and chocolate chip cookie dough bits...
  6. Nope. TWBM likes to read Harry Potter fanfiction.
  7. *leaves it* I don't need to study anymore today. *leaves a necklace with a ghost stuck inside*
  8. Sunflowers! I love the seeds too. Clowns or magicians?
  9. Nope! I love big dogs though. TWBM goes to school.
  10. Dandy That was the collection subject of the Gay Museum when I went to Berlin. It was awesome.
  11. Skiing trip Rom Coms or Fantasy movies?
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