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  1. Depends in what they are alone neither. Lemonade or Limeade?
  2. Avada Kedavra + Lumos - Avada Kedavra 4 Crucio 19 Expelliarmus 2 Lumos 10 Obliviate 6 Sectumsempra 8
  3. I have no more time for HOL. Nor any energy. So I will not be doing classwork or even be around much anymore. However I will pop in every so often. I miss you guys so much.

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    2. Prof. Amy Lupin

      Prof. Amy Lupin

      All the best with everything!

    3. Arianna Stonewater
    4. Will Lestrange

      Will Lestrange

      aww, good luck with everything!  Basil and Brabas will still be thinking of you :)

  4. Cauldron Cakes - Drooble's Best Blowing Gum +  Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum 22 Cauldron Cakes 29
  5. Nobel Prize (You can use either the letter l or e.)
  6. For once I can say yes. TWBM is upset with someone?
  7. I hate stairs right now, because of my hurt knee.
  8. Bright Colors (Although I prefer certain bright colors to other.) Pink or Black? (Which color do you like more.)
  9. Train Would you rather have super strength or Flying ability?
  10. No Snow Yet TWPM is hoping there will be snow soon?
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