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  1. "You are welcome." (It's not an actual title of my quote. If you are curious and Google does not answer, feel free to send me PM. ) "Terminate this program and get off my computer at once," he said.
  2. Clockwork Princess "Certainly, my dear, certainly," replied the old gentleman.
  3. @Magnus Ward you are my only Tendency buddy here. I am an Upholder. Doing what others expect you to do in a smart way can make you get what you want or manipulate situation to your advantage. I guess I could say that my statement has a "dash of Rebel" in it.
  4. @Lora Wallabenger the goal of this topic is to post a 5th sentence not a 5th line from the page 94 of your book. It is less confusing. Some of those who had been among the most industrious, the kindest, and the most stalwart citizens of Village now went to the platform and shouted out their wish that the border be closed so that "we" (Matty shuddered at the use of "we") would not have to share the resources anymore.
  5. My name is not even mentioned here (because I am not a recent one). I have no idea why people congratulate me. Might want to try reading the topic. BUT, if you want to congratulate me for one reason or another then please include food. I would love some fish and chips, ice cream, or filled bell peppers. Anyway, it is best to stay on topic (with correct people), therefore: Congratulations, Emma!
  6. To bring him back and show him his place in the web of humanity.
  7. You will totally nail it, Romilda! Congratulations! Go
  8. Hello, Pezzie! Basil should enjoy some frogs, that's why earlier this year I fed him frog cookies.
  9. I expected a little bit more from Bellatrix Lestrange. Dark side (bad side, evil side, illegal side) is usually extremely strong due to questionable ethics and moral code. I guess every book/movie needs heros and villains but I find that battle insulting. Bellatrix comes from a highly respected, magically pure family and is being defeated by a Weasley woman who practices magic by making cheese and feeding her endless children. In theory Bellatrix Lestrange should have more experience, knowledge, and practice in battle. If it was a real life event, I am pretty sure all Weasleys would be dead. It is annoying that bravery (a.k.a mindless emotional decisions) must always win instead of common sense and logic. I guess HP was trying to be kid friendly but I think George R.R. Martin would have made it a lot better.
  10. I guess I will continue with my battle of concepts. The Giver Quartet's first book is utopian views vs dystopian views. It's one of my favorite books from the Quartet. Through this series there are numerous battles; one of the common ones is 'battle against greed'. I'm not a big fan of the second and third books because they aren't well connected to the first one. The fourth book manages to connect all three books and create a decent story. Also in the fourth book there was an inner battle on several occasions, one where one must overcome oneself, and another where one must sacrifice something physical to gain access to something the heart desires.
  11. Dexter and the Henchmen will be working for Villains!
  12. Hello, Mable Man! Welcome to Slytherin! I cannot speak for others but my answer is yes, it has enabled me to feel closer to HP universe and community itself. HOL compared to other HP communities is unique. Instead of gathering and providing visual stimulus only, it offers an excellent community, safe environment, you can challenge yourself, and there are numerous options to stimulate creativity and imagination.
  13. Same here. I like X-men battles because those are battles between concepts not just power. I'm more into 'battle of views' than 'battle of power'. One of my favorite movie battles is from Doctor Strange movie, the "Dormammu I've come to bargain" battle. I enjoyed novel Unwind by Neal Shusterman. In the novel parents are allowed to sign an order for their children between the ages of 13 and 18 to be unwound - a concept where one stops existing in the current form but continues to live on as separate body parts. One side agrees with such an option because it is a solution that came due to the Second Civil War, but the other side doesn't (the affected side) due to ethics and at least 13 years of singular existence experience.
  14. Sounds like my real life. Kira leaned forward to see, but when Annabella lifted the lid, she jerked her head back in unpleasant surprise.
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