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  1. major slacking on classes... need to get motivated...

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    2. Bianca Delacroix

      Bianca Delacroix

      I have not done a darn thing... I stink

    3. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      Oops! Come on Bianca, you can do it!

    4. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      This month I still got 1/2 OWLs, 1/2 Ancient Civilization and one art project. To do.

  2. it looks like someone threw up Cotton Candy all over the dungeons... who's to blame here.

    1. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      Cody of course! Thinks he can fool us but we know he's aways dreamed of pink dungeons.

  3. I don't know how I feel about the new dungeons design...

    1. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      I like them - they work much better on my mobile and they're still awesomely green and silver. Takes a while to get used to but you'll get there, I'm sure :)

  4. Yes I definitely understand why Harry has confidence at this point (book three), it just always bothered me that there was confidence/defiance in the very beginning (book one). I don't know why it just always seemed too romantic to me that he would be well adjusted and wouldn't have a bunch of complexes because of the way he was brought up. Has anyone ever read A Child Named It? Another thing I like about the Aunt Marge bit was that she fed her dog everything and anything that she or any person around her was eating/drinking, including brandy? tea? what the heck! I don't like it when people feed their dogs table scraps, its so bad for them, then you get little chubby doggies. 1 Scale awarded ~Max
  5. oh sheesh, I accidentally listened ahead to chapter three in my audiobook!! I often wondered where Harry got his sass from if he was so oppressed in the Dursley house. At this point at least he's got friends and a few years school under his belt so when him and Dudley are together and he's making fun of Aunt Petunias nicknames for Duddykins it makes some more sense but originally I would think that Harry would be shy and reserved instead of outgoing like he was portrayed. 1 Scale awarded ~Max
  6. I imagine that the permission slip itself detect false signatures and obvious trickery and that underage wizards cannot perform magic outside of school, I think I would create a false document stating punishment or something, coming from Hogwarts, that I know Uncle Vernon might be interested in signing and then slip the Hogsmeade permission form in the very back. I believe if the first couple of pages were detailed torture methods and such, maybe make it 6 pages including the Hogsmeade page, Uncle Vernon would not read the entire packet. If presented in a sullen and unenthusiastic way, Uncle Vernon may be inclined to sign it blindly? You never know unless you try!
  7. The Knightbus, come on this is the best! Also, being alone to wander Diagon Alley must have been a great time for Harry. All of that alone time among magic must have seemed like a dream to him. 2 Scales awarded ~Max
  8. so it works like this.. when someone untrustworthy is close by, the globe's gases turn blue and then words will begin to form spelling out a charm or hex or spell that will aid in your defeat, escape, capture, depending on which words you choose to use. The Rememberscope floats in the air, pulled by a person's personal gravity, it is about the size of a bludger. If anyone needs such a dark detector, it's Harry Potter!
  9. If I had won the 700 galleon Daily Prophet Grand Prize Draw, I would take my little sister to Diagon Alley and indulge in a shopping spree. We would be fitted for new robes, light blue to bring out her eyes and green for mine. I would buy us Floreans sundaes and then stock her up on all of her school things for her first year. Though she is not starting until next year, this will give her some time to read her school books and feel comfortable with her equipment for potions. She seems to have an aptitude for potions, she's been slipping them into our maids breakfasts in the kitchen, turning their hair red or their complexion spotty. My sister is a little rotten but I blame it on our parents.
  10. Au revoir SUMMER! I am on the Hogwarts Express and for some reason this years journey seems to be taking quite a long time... So to give an annotated version of the summer's event with the love interest, it did not work out. The guy ended up better as a friend and honestly not so great as a boyfriend. My friend Inès saw him out kissing another girl! J'y crois pas?! (can you believe it?!) So as they say, I am back on the market or something and looking to love again. My sister has told me that I should concentrate on my studies and not so much on boys, (probably right) she is an old soul and my solace and better half. So I have signed up for some classes to challenge me. They are Astronomy, History of Hogwarts: Professors and the Castle, Fantastic Beasts, and The Dark Arts. Wish me luck! B Scales awarded ~Max
  11. I will be listening to the audiobook because I love the narrator, Jim Dale. I really enjoy the read-alongs and I'm looking forward to this! C'est super!
  12. I miss Pottermore the way it was, its so different now. I can't get over the change. It is basically a blog now, HOWEVER, the fountain of information is insane. I am very happy to have so much content coming out. I really thought that HP was going to be over and that made immensely sad but sheesh, its never ending. JK Rowling is a goddess!
  13. Cher Journal intime, Ahh the summer holidays! It's been incredibly hot in France this summer, much more so than usual but I am not complaining. It takes so long for the Hogwarts weather to warm that by the time the sunny days are back we have to go home! I have been ambling around the city, sitting around at the tables in the street cafes drinking tea and daydreaming.. Did I not say I met the most gorgeous guy! I am blushing just thinking of him now, he is tall and a little brooding with dark messy hair. And when I say meet, well he has been around for awhile but it was as if one day I opened my eyes and really saw him in a different way than I usually do. Our parents are friends, which is annoying to me because they keep asking about him. They are overjoyed as his family is another pure-blood prominent french lineage and although these things do not matter to me, they do to my family. Ultimately I will make my own decisions, family expectations can be so stifling. I will fill you in more at a later time, I have to pick up my room quickly before my friends Margot, Inès, et Cosette come over before we head out to a movie. bisous, à bientôt! B
  14. Cher Journal intime, I finally found my journal! It's been missing forever and when I was packing my room for summer holidays I found it sitting in the bottom of one of my trunks! bizarre, I don't remember putting it there but it's entirely possible that I did and forgot, I am quite forgetful sometimes. C'est la vie, you lose things and they have a way of finding it back to you when you need them again. I am almost packed to take the train back to France for the summer.. I am still in my second year, I can't seem to make it through a class without being interrupted by some outside force that causes me to leave school for a period of time, mostly family issues but nothing to worry about just stupid dramatics. You do not get to choose your family, as they say. Hopefully after this summer's brief reprieve, I will be able to advance in my schooling at Hogwarts. Overall, I've had great memories here and I would love to continue in a more involved way. I have many ideas for subjects that are not currently available and maybe I could do some student teaching! Anyway, I must leave this for now, my escort Étienne is giving me dirty looks because I am taking so long. Honestly, why can't I just take the train back myself. My parents seem to think I'm still a child. À la prochaine, je m’en vais! Scales awarded ~Max
  15. I actually figured this out when I googled Cokeworth after reading it in the first book and the scene of where Snape lives showed up in the search and I was like wait, what? NOOOO WAYYYY haha