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  1. Emma Borg

    Emerald Gate I

    I don't listen to much music, let alone 80s music. But AC/DC's Back in Black is always a winner!
  2. Emma Borg

    Gehenna Quest

    This is Ms DNA! She has a number of abilities, mainly as a defence against other characters. She can also hide in very small spaces; at 2m long, she can easily fit into a grain of sand. You use her to stealthily attack other Gunters and damage them (temporarily, usually...)
  3. Emma Borg

    Galodis Quest

    The artefact I can see is my new pair of sunglasses. Brown plastic rims, branding on the corner, and tinted lenses. But not just any old tinted lenses - these have night-vision properties as well as sun-protective and polarising abilities. They also act as binoculars in a pinch, which is particularly helpful for spotting threats from a distance, ranging from a rogue Gunter to a nasty monster. To obtain such a marvellously useful thing, one must rescue the elusive Mr Ray Ban from a nasty nest of broken glass. Said glass is extremely hot, molten in places, due to being on top of a slightly active volcano (why not?). You have to first find some fireproof gear (Mr Ban won't be impressed if his would-be rescuer goes up in smoke before actually rescuing him) and rig up some sort of system to keep both of you safely away from all the potentially painful elements around. I recommend chains, as ropes may burn or get cut on the glass. Once you rescue him, he makes you the glasses out of the bits of broken glass! Unfortunately for him, as soon as you get the glasses, his character resets back into the glass nest and is locked away for you, so no collecting multiple glasses.
  4. Emma Borg

    Ixia Quest

    I may be a Gunter, but I am not much of a one for rescuing anyone. Initially, I am tempted to leave the place and let time run its (backward) course and hope nothing untoward happens other than people losing the last 100 days. However, I’m feeling generous, and decide to help. First, I move all the local townspeople out of my way; I’d hate for them to get caught in the next phase of my plan. Next, I get my blaster, and blast the clock to several sad, smoking metal fragments. With a resounding ‘DONG’ the clock falls silent at last, and time resumes as we all know it best (forward). The locals are very grateful, although one officious looking chap (the mayor? Who knows?) starts whining at me about destruction of public property. However, his cries are quickly drowned out by some very grateful locals, who refuse to accept any restitution for the damage inflicted on their clock. Indeed, some of them try to wire me some units in gratitude, which I try not to accept. Mentally, I earmark the funds for charitable endeavours. It’s not every day I get thanked for breaking things. Maybe I’ve been playing the game all wrong?
  5. Emma Borg

    GC-818 Quest

  6. Emma Borg

    IRC Activities

    16th is fine, 9th is not
  7. Emma Borg

    Coloring Page #1

  8. Emma Borg

    Discussion #1

    I haven't seen the film nor read the book - yet! The book is on my e-reader so will eventually get read, hopefully before this task finishes. As for the film, I will hunt for a DVD of it while I'm on holiday and see how I like it.
  9. Emma Borg

    Discussion #2

    I don't think I ever actually played arcade games! My childhood involved games like bridge or chess (because I'm trapped in the body of an 89 year old, apparently). I battled with pac-man for the task, and joust wan't much easier. But, I think I'll definitely learn about arcade games with this activity, and I'm all for learning
  10. Emma Borg

    Tarsiss Prime Quest

    This was SO difficult for me.
  11. Emma Borg

    Green Gate

  12. Emma Borg

    IRC Activities

    My availability will be patchy - I'll see you when I see you, and will try to make any pre-arranged times
  13. Emma Borg

    Novus Quest

    http://s754.photobucket.com/user/elcollins95/media/plant 1_zpsc9u1ofxg.jpeg.html Image shows a line drawing of bunch of green grass and leaves from which 4 red flowers with yellow centres emerge (the description is much better than my artwork). My plant is called a lowlil. It's fairly boring, save for the fact that the dried and ground petals make a painkilling tea. For this reason alone, it is separated from its cousins which are all otherwise classed as pests and weeds. It has a slightly powdery smell, and actually appears very commonly provided you know where to look.
  14. Emma Borg

    Gunter Sign-up

    Oasis username: diamondsciencer Avatar: Diamond family avatar description: Shows a cartoon 'mother' and 'child' piece of coal and a 'father' diamond. The 'mother' coal says "Your dad's been under a lot of pressure lately" Gunter clan: Silver (team silver!) Contact: elcollins95@gmail.com
  15. After a long absence, I have returned to the Dungeons! I hope I'll be able to make more time for HOL this year.

    On a side note, does anyone know how to run mIRC on a Mac?

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    2. Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      Glad to have you back, Emma!

    3. Aurelia West

      Aurelia West

      It's good to see you back in the Dungeons! :)

    4. Bianca Delacroix

      Bianca Delacroix

      welcome back Emma! real life interferes with HOL often and just can't help but come back !!