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  1. Task 2: Venue & Décor

    For decorations, I'd go with a classic Slytherin green and silver. Is it cliché? Possibly. But a nice forest green can look very festive, and if you add silver accents such as baubles and tinsel it would look rather elegant. Plus, with silver plates and goblets on green-dressed tables I think it would be hard to go wrong. In addition, since Christmas trees are naturally green, it is easy to add silver tinsel and perhaps have a few other ornaments in varying colours so the room doesn't look monochromatic or dark.
  2. After a long absence, I have returned to the Dungeons! I hope I'll be able to make more time for HOL this year.

    On a side note, does anyone know how to run mIRC on a Mac?

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    2. Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      Glad to have you back, Emma!

    3. Aurelia West

      Aurelia West

      It's good to see you back in the Dungeons! :)

    4. Bianca Delacroix

      Bianca Delacroix

      welcome back Emma! real life interferes with HOL often and just can't help but come back !!

  3. Any technical peeps know how to put mIRC onto a mac?

    1. Prof. Amy Lupin

      Prof. Amy Lupin

      I've just sent you a PM with some details. :)

  4. Decided to stick my nose into the dungeons as a birthday treat :)

    1. Bull J. Johnson
    2. Prof. Cody Lewis

      Prof. Cody Lewis

      Long time no see, Emma. Happy Birthday!

  5. What is the matter with mIRC?

    1. Prof. Alaia Logan

      Prof. Alaia Logan

      nothing...try a different server,one of them has gone awol