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  1. The corporeal mist dissipated, and she knew it was time. She had to go. Now. Alexandra Riddle was known only to one - Bellatrix LeStrange. Her slightly curly midnight black hair cascaded down to her waist, reflecting a shimmer of green throughout it. Her eyes, a deep, dark grey in which you could get lost for hours, were currently narrowed in irritation. Slender, long fingered hands held her wand gracefully between her fingers even in her anger. Currently, she was busy. And did not like being interrupted. Placing her platinum inlain mask over her face (spelled for her use only, anyone el
  2. I'm always looking for new things to bake! Take it! Leaves an old wind up music box with a slow, sweet melody.
  3. Crucio - Sectumsempra + Crucio 16 Sectumsempra 32
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  5. Annabeth One of my favourite characters from the Percy Jackson series, I related a LOT to her while reading the books!
  6. Boots. Toes are a no winter or summer?
  7. Nope, when I fractured my thumb we went to the A&E in my dad's car. TWBM has an unusual pet.
  8. Hi Guys! For the Emerald Cup, I have uploaded an Avatar of a Hippocampi. They're really cool mythological beasts that live underwater and are part horse and part sea monster. Many of you here will likely known them from the Percy Jackson franchise, and I just adore them. Edit: Since this post February Fortescue has been an absolute star and helped me out with a few issues, and I now have a Signature of an Olive Sea Snake. Slytherin AND Underwater resident, I love it!
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