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    HP, Indie/Rock Music, Drawing, Gaming, Playing Guitar, Horror, Piercings, Tattoos, Dyeing My Hair Just Because I Can, etc etc.

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  1. I'm always looking for new things to bake! Take it! Leaves an old wind up music box with a slow, sweet melody.
  2. Crucio - Sectumsempra + Crucio 16 Sectumsempra 32
  3. Annabeth One of my favourite characters from the Percy Jackson series, I related a LOT to her while reading the books!
  4. Boots. Toes are a no winter or summer?
  5. Nope, when I fractured my thumb we went to the A&E in my dad's car. TWBM has an unusual pet.
  6. Hi! It's been a couple weeks, but I'm back, and cramming for finals harder than ever! How is everyone coping? :D

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    2. Celeste Farhorn

      Celeste Farhorn

      Yes, you there, with the wand hidden down the arm of the chair. You've been performing dark, tasty, cookie filled magic! 

    3. Prof. Will Lestrange

      Prof. Will Lestrange

      Welcome back!  I'm just looking forward to graduation!


    4. Celeste Farhorn

      Celeste Farhorn

      Thanks! Me too! I have one more final to submit and then that's me for the year! 

  7. Hi there, I have absolutely no idea why I haven't done this sooner, but I'm finally posting my introduction in my house! I could have sworn I've posted similarly for a S.H.O.P. Assignment, but hey ho! How are we all this fine afternoon? *slides hand along Basil's back, stroking him lovingly* I love being a Slytherin.
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