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  1. Nearly Headless Nick Exploding Snap or Wizarding Chess?
  2. I sprained my ankle a while back, but fortunately it's largely recovered. TWBM likes Lego?
  3. Tempest The name of the spacecraft the main character and their crew use in Mass Effect: Andromeda, the video game I'm currently playing.
  4. I've read all of them including the companion books. TWBM is looking forward to something (eg. book, movie, game, etc) being released in the next month.
  5. Tough tough one. Not too long ago it would have been fantasy hands down, but lately I've come to really appreciate science fiction. Board games or video games?
  6. I confess I've only watched a few episodes to date, but I do plan on watching more of it. TWBM has solved some of DaKeed's clues.
  7. London! Museums or bus tours?
  8. Pokemon I was a massive fan when I was younger (though I still have a soft spot for it these days).
  9. I do. TWBM has something fun planned this weekend.
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