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  1. Dice Roll-and-write games are among my favourite at the moment (minimal setup and they tend to play fairly quickly). I also enjoy the puzzle-like aspect of trying to decide how best to incorporate a particular dice roll.
  2. Blue Bloods Easily one of my favourite tv series. I'm really looking forward to when season 10 will finally be available in South Africa.
  3. Yokohama I was recently introduced to a boardgame set in this Japanese city (and goes by the same name), which has some interesting mechanics. If ever I find myself back in Japan, I'd definitely be tempted to visit.
  4. Unfortunately Halloween doesn't really get celebrated in South Africa. TWBM learnt something new today.
  5. Wireframe A great way to showcase ideas for website or app layouts, without getting too bogged down on the styling or finer details.
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