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  1. Next up are scales! Put your hands together for the winners of the Spring Term Scales Race... In 3rd place, with 625 scales... Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis! In 2nd place, with 1098 scales... Will Lestrange! And in 1st place, with 1428 scales... February Fortescue! The Best Hatchling Award is given to the first year student who earns the most scales. Congratulations to Brianna Caedmon with 606 scales! We always appreciate visitors to the Dungeons and their contributions. Our Dweller of the Dungeon is none other than Prof. Tarma Amelia Black with 1858 scales! To acknowledge their hard work, the top ten Slytherin scale earners of the school year receive the Dedicated Snake award. Congratulations are in order for: February Fortescue - 3035 Will Lestrange - 1989 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 1446 Brianna Caedmon - 606 Emily Spencer - 585 Arianna Stonewater - 530 Cody Lewis - 505 Mya Abititeux - 442 Emerald Nightshade - 416 Lucia Dinapoli - 359
  2. Icons These come up a lot in design work. Though I'll almost always use an existing set, I really enjoy the process of creating them from scratch.
  3. Pizza! Chickpeas or lentils?
  4. My favourite South African brand is Valpre (and my least favourite is Nestlé). TWBM was able to cross something big off their to-do list this week.
  5. A turtle! I spy something mysterious.
  6. All my shelves are white save for one wooden bookshelf. TWBM has recently reread one of the Harry books.
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