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  1. Prof. Amy Lupin

    This or That

    One of each. Morning or evening?
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    Word Association Game

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    The Wizard/Witch Below Me..

    I don't mind it. TWBM is excited about the FIFA World Cup?
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    Guess the next poster

    Nope. Arianna?
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    Last Letter, First Letter

  6. Prof. Amy Lupin

    Grab Bag Writing Challenge

    Grab Bag submissions have been sent in by: Maxim Trevelyan Sky Alton Arianna Stonewater
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    SerpenTimes Ideas

    Sounds good, Shiloh!
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    Welcome to the OASIS!

    No. Only Quests and other activities specifically associated with the OASIS will count towards Emerald Cup.
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    SerpenTimes Ideas

    Go ahead, Tarma!
  11. Prof. Amy Lupin

    Today I Played...

    I played Millennium Blades last night, and absolutely loved it. It's a collectible card game simulator, which brought back memories of the days I used to play Pokemon. Each player starts off with a basic deck filled with cards of a particular element (I got water). We then played a tournament round using some of those cards (which also allows one to get a feel for how the game works -- we all made a lot of mistakes that round) before proceeding to a market phase. The market phase was high-pressured but fun (there were three timed mini-rounds to each set of market phases), as each of us sought to improve our decks and collect cards of a particular type or element (for scoring purposes). I felt it captured the spirit of trying to buy and trade cards quite well. While some of the more expensive cards had some indication of possible elements/types, there was a lot of chance involved. As a result, the second round didn't go that great for me either, but the third round saw things change for the better. I lucked out and got a powerful water gold promo card, which, along with other combo cards, cinched me first place in the third tournament phase. I can't wait to try the game again. It's quite unlike any other game I've played in the last year.
  12. Prof. Amy Lupin

    Today I Played...

    As a fan of worker placement games, Stone Age has been on my list for a while. I finally got a chance to play it this last Saturday, which incidentally was International Tabletop Day. I enjoyed it for the most part, and I'd be keen to play it again at some stage. We also played a 5-player game of Bohnanza. I came second, missing first place by 1 coin, but we were all within a point of one another. It was fun negotiating with each other, although I always felt bad choosing one player to trade with over another. I also got to play Santorini several times, which is one of my favourite games. There's a fair bit of strategy involved, but games can play quite quickly. I also enjoy the variable player powers that one can play with, so each game plays differently. Our third game was particularly challenging, as one player had Ares, which allowed them to demolish a layer of a building in their worker's vicinity, which kept the rest of us from victory on more than one occasion. Archaeology: The New Expedition was another game we played. I really liked the theme, and the push-your-luck mechanic often caught us out. I liked the variety of the different monuments included, as interacting with those made each game more exciting. On Tuesday, I played Tyrants of the Underdark. While I'm not a fan of area control games, it does have a deck-building element, which I find hard to resist. This particular blend of mechanics was quite interesting, but I wouldn't necessarily be in a hurry to play the game again.
  13. Prof. Amy Lupin

    Today I Played...

    Lately I've been playing a lot of Century: Spice Road and Clank! (another recent acquisition of mine). Last night's game of Clank! was particularly fun, as one of the players in our group tends to take more risks than the rest of us. Emboldened by his playing style, I stayed in the depths longer than usual, snagging two artifacts instead of the usual one. Unfortunately though, I ended up being the first person knocked out by the dragon, but at least I was able to escape the depths of the dungeons so my points still counted. Another player soon fell to the dragon soon after, while the risk-taking player managed to return to the starting point. During his following turn, the dragon knocked out the remaining player. I came last, but it was still my favourite playthrough of the game to date. We played several rounds of Spyfall 2, which was a lot of fun. It's always tricky getting the balance right between giving subtle clues to other players that you're not a spy and trying not to tip off the spies as to the location. We also played The Oregon Trail Card Game, based on the video game that a significant number of American children grew up with. Coming from South Africa, I've never played the video game, but I have heard about it in recent years. While I liked getting a taste of the original game, it's not a game I'd play again. I felt it relied too heavily on nostalgia for the video game, and, apart from educational value, it's not a well-designed game. While I wouldn't have expected a 50/50 chance of winning given the theme, it felt more like 5/95.
  14. Prof. Amy Lupin

    Sweets Elimination Game

    Cauldron Cakes + Sherbet Lemon - Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans 8Chocolate Frogs 2 Drooble's Best Blowing Bubble Gum 14Cauldron Cakes 15Sherbet Lemon 10
  15. Prof. Amy Lupin

    Today I Played...

    On Monday, I got to play several games thanks to the public holiday. We started off with a round of Perudo, which is our go-to game while we wait for everyone else to arrive, as it's easy to slot in additional players without it affecting gameplay too much. For the better part of a year, we've played Perudo using the standard rules, but in the last few months, we've been playing other variants of it (such as starting with 1 die instead of 5 dice, or introducing cards that affect gameplay - I have yet to play with the latter variant). We then played 7 Wonders, which is fast becoming a staple in our group. Now that most of us know the rules, the games play very quickly. Afterwards, we played Robo Rally, which is equal parts fun and stressful. One needs to plan 5 consecutive moves at a time, but these moves are affected by the board (particularly conveyor belts) and other players. It took a turn or two to get the hang of it. I managed to get to the first check point largely unhampered, but with everyone converging on it, it made getting to the second checkpoint very challenging (my robot got pushed by another several spaces and then I moved straight into a hole, which meant I lost a life and had to respawn from the first checkpoint). I'm glad I got an opportunity to try the game, but I'm not necessarily in a hurry to play it again. We then split into two smaller groups. My group played Sid Meier's Civilization: A New Dawn. I liked that there were other aspects to the game beyond just area control/influence. I particularly enjoyed building different wonders (probably to no-one's surprise) and the ability to expand one's domains (there is a limited number of times one can do this, so one has to choose wisely. This also introduces variable player powers, which potentially makes a game more interesting). I've never played the video game the boardgame was based on, but I've always been intrigued by it (my brothers used to play it quite often). According to someone in our group, the boardgame plays very differently to the video game, but the experience is still consistent with it. We also played a game of Century: Spice Road, a new acquisition of mine. I was a bit apprehensive going into the game, as I'd been on the fence about getting it for months, but it went down really well, and the other two people I played it with are keen to give it another go sometime. I like that it was a light game (so it helped balance out Civilization: A New Dawn), but there was still a fair bit of strategy to it.