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  4. Challenge yourself to read more books this summer! Participate in the Summer Reading Challenge happening at the Book Club.

  5. True. Is participating in the Book Club's Summer Reading Challenge?
  6. Congratulations to everyone! Thank you to each and every one of you for helping make this past year an awesome one!
  7. Congratulations to everyone who participated, especially the Silver Team!
  8. I'll be away, but there's a slight chance I'll be there. In any event... Froakie, I choose you!
  9. Last Sunday saw three rounds of Codenames being played. Silver won the first game, whereas Green won the next two. Good job everyone! The following people participated: Amy (Green) Arielle (Silver) Cody (Green) Darcey (Green) Dario (Silver) Gail (Green) Kendra (Silver) Maxim (Silver) Scarlet (Silver) Tarma (Green) We'll be playing Codenames once more in #slytherin on Sunday, 25 June at 6 PM HOL time. See you there!
  10. We'll be playing Codenames in about an hour's time! Scales have been increased as follows: 10 scales will be awarded for participating in a round of Codenames 20 scales will be awarded to the winning team I'd also like to remind everyone of a few points: When giving a clue, please state only the word and number of words it refers to (ie. Sky, 2). Saying "It might be a stretch" is technically more than the one-word clue permitted. When making guesses, please try keep the 2 minute time limit in mind.
  11. I went to see Wonder Woman yesterday and there was a trailer for Paris Can Wait. I'm really looking forward to seeing it when it comes out, as it reminded me a lot of one of my all-time favourite films Under The Tuscan Sun (it isn't French, but it features a character named Frances, which totally counts for something ).