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  1. Sweets Elimination Game

    Cauldron Cakes + Sherbet Lemon - Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans 8Chocolate Frogs 2 Drooble's Best Blowing Bubble Gum 14Cauldron Cakes 15Sherbet Lemon 10
  2. Today I Played...

    On Monday, I got to play several games thanks to the public holiday. We started off with a round of Perudo, which is our go-to game while we wait for everyone else to arrive, as it's easy to slot in additional players without it affecting gameplay too much. For the better part of a year, we've played Perudo using the standard rules, but in the last few months, we've been playing other variants of it (such as starting with 1 die instead of 5 dice, or introducing cards that affect gameplay - I have yet to play with the latter variant). We then played 7 Wonders, which is fast becoming a staple in our group. Now that most of us know the rules, the games play very quickly. Afterwards, we played Robo Rally, which is equal parts fun and stressful. One needs to plan 5 consecutive moves at a time, but these moves are affected by the board (particularly conveyor belts) and other players. It took a turn or two to get the hang of it. I managed to get to the first check point largely unhampered, but with everyone converging on it, it made getting to the second checkpoint very challenging (my robot got pushed by another several spaces and then I moved straight into a hole, which meant I lost a life and had to respawn from the first checkpoint). I'm glad I got an opportunity to try the game, but I'm not necessarily in a hurry to play it again. We then split into two smaller groups. My group played Sid Meier's Civilization: A New Dawn. I liked that there were other aspects to the game beyond just area control/influence. I particularly enjoyed building different wonders (probably to no-one's surprise) and the ability to expand one's domains (there is a limited number of times one can do this, so one has to choose wisely. This also introduces variable player powers, which potentially makes a game more interesting). I've never played the video game the boardgame was based on, but I've always been intrigued by it (my brothers used to play it quite often). According to someone in our group, the boardgame plays very differently to the video game, but the experience is still consistent with it. We also played a game of Century: Spice Road, a new acquisition of mine. I was a bit apprehensive going into the game, as I'd been on the fence about getting it for months, but it went down really well, and the other two people I played it with are keen to give it another go sometime. I like that it was a light game (so it helped balance out Civilization: A New Dawn), but there was still a fair bit of strategy to it.
  3. Sweets Elimination Game

    Cauldron Cakes + Peppermint Toads - Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans 8 Chocolate Frogs 3 Drooble's Best Blowing Bubble Gum 13 Peppermint Toads 1 Cauldron Cakes 14 Sherbet Lemon 10
  4. This or That

    Almonds. Dragons or unicorns?
  5. Word Association Game

  6. Guess the next poster

    Yep! Arianna?
  7. Keep a word, drop a word!

    Time Travel
  8. Word Association Game

  9. Last Letter, First Letter

  10. 1-10,000

  11. Sweets Elimination Game

    Cauldron Cakes + Peppermint Toads - Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans 8 Chocolate Frogs 3 Drooble's Best Blowing Bubble Gum 12 Peppermint Toads 4 Cauldron Cakes 13 Sherbet Lemon 9
  12. This or That

    Regular chocolate. Iced Tea or Iced Coffee?
  13. Today I Played...

    Wednesday was a public holiday in South Africa, so I was able to get a solid 6 hours of board gaming in. We started off with a game of Sagrada, which is one of my favourite abstract games. We then moved on to Incan Gold, once more of us arrived. Secret Voldemort was played next. Whenever we’ve played it, I’ve always been a member of the Order of the Phoenix, but I ended up being Voldemort for a change in our second game. I was able to gain the trust of the Order members, as they made me Headmaster at least twice, the second time spelled game over for the Order though as we had enough Death Eater cards on the table by that point. It was difficult keeping a straight face throughout though. We then played Dominion with a twist. Instead of playing with 10 kingdom cards as per normal, we played the game in the style of the DC Comics Deck-Building Game with one of each type of kingdom card across various expansions (the base game, Intrigue and Prosperity, as well as random cards from other expansions that had been printed off the internet). Apart from the basic cards, only 5 cards were shown in the line-up at any point in time (any cards purchased would get replaced after a person’s turn ended). The game ended when either the stack of kingdom cards or Province cards were finished. We had a lot of fun playing it as one had to gauge one’s options more carefully. I ended up spending 6 coins on a Village card (costing a mere 3 coins), just because I really needed a card that would allow me to chain Actions. We’ll be tweaking this version of the game as time goes on. Following that, we played 7 Wonders, which I always enjoy as there’s so many different strategies one can go with. The person who won the first game focused on drafting the science cards - in fact, all but one of his points came from them. I won the second game with a more balanced approach. I used to struggle to get the game to the table and was debating selling it, but now we seem to play it every other week. We ended off with two rounds of Telestrations, which is always a winner. We had a lot of laughs trying to decipher each other’s drawings.
  14. Today I Played...

    On Monday night, there was a large group of us so we played Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. It was an interesting take on the social deduction genre. We got several games in, and while they were fun (albeit challenging at times), I'm not in a hurry to play it again. Last night I played Skull (or Skull & Roses) for the first time. The bluffing mechanic was quite fun, especially when we caught each other out. The game only requires 2 points to win, but it can be challenging getting those 2 points. I managed to bravely snag a point after stating there were 5 flowers on the table (from 7 players). It was very tense as I got certain people to reveal their cards one by one, but fortunately no skull card was to be found. By that point in the game, at least two others had one point each. Eventually one of them managed to win. With so few cards left at that point, none of us were as willing to take any chances, as the likelihood of being eliminated also had increased. We then split up into groups and I got to play Terraforming Mars, which is currently in my Top 5. We played it with the Venus Next expansion for a change, which introduced some really cool cards to the game and an extra planet to try terraform (however unlike with Mars, Venus did not need to be fully terraformed in order to end the game). What I like about the game is that even after several playthroughs there are still new cards that one comes across, so it helps keep the game fresh. I managed to get a copy of Terraforming Mars at half price recently, so I'm looking forward to trying it solo at some point (partly so that I can refine my strategy and finally beat this one guy in our group who always wins without fail).
  15. Today I Played...

    Yesterday was a boardgames day hosted by one of the local boardgame retailers. They have one each month, and I always look forward to them. I finally had a chance to play Clank!. After hearing so much about it from Cody and Scarlet, I knew I just had to try it, especially with being a fan of deck-building games myself. It was an extremely fun but tense game. When one of the players clambered outside the dungeon with just one health to spare, it was a race for the rest of us to get out before the dragon knocked us all out. In subsequent turns, two other players were felled due to not having enough health to go forward, and I managed to get out of the dungeons in just the nick of time (the very next turn would have been game over). The extra time in the dungeons allowed me to snag a few extra victory points, securing me first place. Definitely a game that I want to play again (and maybe even buy). Next we played Istanbul, which is one of the games currently in my Top Five, although Clank! might just edge it out. Most of our group had already already played the game before, so we opted for a slightly more challenging set up. I had to adopt a new strategy as I couldn’t use my usual starting moves. While I didn’t win, I still had a lot of fun playing it. There’s a dice version of the game coming out in May that I’m looking forward to trying out. We then played Ethnos, which is a game my group also enjoys. We’ve probably played it at the last five boardgames days. I’m usually not a fan of area control or area influence games, as people tend to play quite aggressively, but Ethnos employs a largely non-confrontational approach to this mechanic, so this is one of the few games in the genre I actually enjoy. Each Ethnos game plays a little differently as only 6 (out of 12) tribes get played with, so it’s always interesting to play. Next was Five Tribes. I loved Mancala when I first introduced to it around the age of 10, so it was great having an opportunity to play a similarly-styled game. Other mechanics are included, so it makes for a fuller and more interesting game. I liked that there were various ways to earn victory points, although they weren’t equally weighted, which ended up counting against me. Still, it was a fun game and I’m glad I finally got a chance to play it. It was one of the first few boardgames I watched a play through of. We ended off with multiple rounds of Two Rooms and a Boom. This quickly became my new favourite social deduction game, as discussions and strategising happen in smaller groups, rather than involving everyone at one time. Another thing I really like about the game is that it plays with 6-30 people. With each round, we attracted new players, as they were curious to find out what we were all playing (we were the only group of people standing up in the room and walking around a lot). With each game we played, new roles were introduced, which kept the game fresh.