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  1. Ballycastle Bats vs Appleby Arrows Wimbourne Wasps vs Chudley Cannons Falmouth Falcons vs Wigtown Wanderers Tutshill Tornados vs Holyhead Harpies Puddlemere United vs Kenmare Kestrels Pride of Portree vs Montrose Magpies
  2. First column completed for the Hero BINGO card: Team Iron Man - Cody Lewis Submitted Superlatives - Gail Allen First Year - Romilda Jones "H" in name - Adaleine Shuster Drinks tea - Bull J Johnson 5 emerald shards to Heroes (BINGO #3)
  3. Lumos + Obliviate - Avada´╗┐ Kedavra 3 Crucio 25 Lumos 10 Obliviate ´╗┐2 Sectumsempra 9
  4. I drink several cups of tea a day, though will have the occasional coffee. TWBM can't believe it's already June.
  5. Second row completed for the Hero BINGO card: Submitted Superlatives - Maxim Trevelyan Has a sister - Iverian Gnash Prefers Summer - Bull J. Johnson Silver team - Sophia Rudel Posted an arcade score - Shadow Gaunt 5 emerald shards to Heroes (BINGO #2)
  6. Last column completed for the Hero BINGO card: Disney Fan - Sky Alton Posted an arcade score - Elena Galatas Superhero Studies Student - Alexander Brighton Quidditch player - Patrick James Has a dog - Kendra Givens 5 emerald shards to Heroes (BINGO #1)
  7. I am not from Themyscira.
  8. Reporting for duty! Image of Tali by Lintu (couldn't find the original source) and Mass Effect font made possible by Font Meme.
  9. Mountain Walking/Running or cycling?
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