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  1. I'd choose to go with Moody. Although he is older, he has many years of experience as an Auror. He would know what to do in nearly every situation. "Constant vigilance" is his catchphrase, after all! That magical eye of his would also be very useful in this covert operation. For transport, I would stick with a broom. Unfortunately, I don't have any experience riding horses, so it would be much easier for me to feel comfortable and maintain control on a broomstick than on a Thestral.
  2. It's officially fall! Perfect time for a fallen letters puzzle! 10 scales (September 2020) Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject: Dropquote I'll also send you 10 beans if you can figure out the source of the quote! Solved by: Prof. Tarma Amelia Black 5 scales (September 2020)
  3. Better known around HOL as Fallen Letters or Fallen Phrase, Dropquote is a word puzzle. When the grid is filled out correctly using the letters provided in columns, a quotation or phrase is revealed. Here is an example: The answer tells you yet another name for this type of puzzle! Post your puzzles below along with the following information: Title/theme/source (optional) How to submit the solution (E-mail, Dungeons PM, HOL message, etc.) Each puzzle you make is worth 10 scales. Solving someone else’s puzzle earns you 5 scales. You are allowed to post a
  4. Superlative nominations sent in by: Gail Allen Prof. Sindor Aloyarc
  5. Puzzle Exchange Scales 2020/2021 September Mia Fountain - 5 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 10 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 10
  6. I had to replace the broken sudoku in the intro post, so here it is for you to solve: Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject: Slytherin Sudoku Solved by: Prof. Tarma Amelia Black 5 scales (September 2020)
  7. I don't have any really clever stories, but my siblings and I used to try to trick each other into trying food/drinks that we knew the target didn't like. My sister, for example, refuses to eat anything with ketchup. We would put a little in her fried rice and see if she would notice. I'm not a fan of iced tea, so they would purposely give it to me and tell me it was Coke. One of my co-workers likes to collect the glue bits that keep the drug monographs stuck on the bottles and then leave them in random places around the pharmacy them as surprise "booger" presents.
  8. Giving this a bump! New accounts will not be approved until after you validate your email. Please make sure you register with your full HOL name.
  9. Great idea for a column, Lexi! For completeness, could you please fill out an column application with more details and so we can discuss it further? Thanks!
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