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  1. Thank you Aurelia, Louis, and Lucia for the lovely tour around the world! It was great to see all your hard work in action!
  2. I have a postcard of the Temple of the Masonry Altars in Altun Ha from when my sister did a volunteer trip to Belize, so I have decided to make that my first stop on La Ruta Maya. The Temple of the Masonry Altars is also known as the Sun God's Tomb, but recent interpretations of the jade head in the tomb suggests that it may actually be the Jester God. Then I'd stop by Tikal in Guatemala. The juxtaposition of the Mayan ruins with the rainforest is so interesting! And, of course, there's no point in exploring Mayan history without visiting Chichen Itza and seeing El Castillo in perso
  3. I have been in an airport in Japan on the way to Taiwan, but I'd love a chance to explore Japan. I definitely want to see the cherry trees in bloom. I've always loved the cherry blossoms all around the Tidal Basin surrounding the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. The lakes around Mount Fuji would have a similar feel. Either Himeji Castle or Hirosaki Castle would also be beautifully framed by cherry blossoms. As for the magical world, I'd like to take a ride on the giant storm petrels of Mahoutokoro!
  4. My first stop in Africa is going to be South Africa. The lovely Amy Lupin has already met up with me in the United States multiple times, so I definitely have to visit her there. She speaks fondly of Cape Town. The ocean views must be gorgeous from a port city. The Cape of Good Hope must be good, right? I'd want to take the cable car to Table Mountain. I'm also interested in seeing all the wildlife, especially all the big cats. I heard that there is even a penguin colony!
  5. I believe Lavender survived. It wasn't a full moon during the Battle of Hogwarts (neither Lupin for Fenrir Greyback were "full wolf"), but it would be interesting to see her gain some wolf-like qualities.
  6. Really interesting! I never thought about it like that before. I can see why Voldemort thought he had to kill Snape and couldn't rely on his wand. Nagini is technically an extension of himself in a way... Though it also would have been an interesting twist for the Elder Wand to be loyal to Nagini! The antidote question is one I've had in my Poisons class for several years and there are so many good theories. Creating an antidote to a magical venom is likely impossible. I also think Snape thought Voldemort would kill him himself if it ever came down to that, not use Nagini. Snape was also
  7. @Hannah Lovegood Graphics can be advertisements or used for the Superlatives page. You can see all the ads for the March issue HERE or check the archive for more examples.
  8. @Silvana Mandeville Please choose 2 graphics for now. We like to give other people an opportunity to claim graphics of their choice. (Also keep in mind that you can only receive a maximum of 30 points from graphics.)
  9. So difficult to choose! But I'll go with Asia. It's my heritage and the values that my parents taught me have helped shape me.
  10. It's awesome to see some new names in the mix. Keep it up, snakes!
  11. My favorite dish is he fun, more commonly known as beef chow fun, comprised of wide rice noodles, bean sprouts, and beef. It originates from Hong Kong. I would love to try gelato from Italy... or any pasta!
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