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  1. Countercurse #3

    Indeed, it is!
  2. Countercurse #2

    G and O are correct. R and L are in the wrong spot.
  3. Curse Breaking

    A few clarifications and reminders: Each individual is allowed one guess each day. (That means one guess total, not one for each word.) The same person cannot guess twice in a row for any of the three countercurses.
  4. Countercurse #2

    G and O are correct.
  5. Countercurse #1

    That's it! Remember that each person only gets one guess per day, so I'm only taking this one for today.
  6. The Portkey - Task 2

    This Portkey is cleverly disguised as a lawn ornament. It will actually transport someone to a respected Fire Crab breeder in Fiji. If you have any interest in getting a Fire Crab as a pet, this is one of the best options.
  7. Countercurse #3

    N, O, and E are correct.
  8. Countercurse #2

    G was given. R is in the wrong spot.
  9. Countercurse #1

    F was given. A and S are in the wrong spot.
  10. Happy Slyth-o-ween!!

    The Chamber of Secrets is now open! If you still need to get to the entrance, send me a PM and I'll give you the password.
  11. Want to join SerpenTimes staff?

    Here’s your chance! SerpenTimes editors can receive up to 30 points per issue. Staff members may be required to do any of the following: Proofread and edit submissions Brainstorm themes for future issues Come up with Superlatives and words for the Grab Bag Writing Challenge Make missing graphics Promote SerpenTimes! If you are still interested, please send me a PM here in the Dungeons with the subject “ST Staff Application.” Tell me why you want to be on SerpenTimes staff and how much time you think you will be able to devote to SerpenTimes. What are your favorite aspects of SerpenTimes and which of the above tasks would you be willing to help out with? If you have any suggestions or comments about SerpenTimes, I’d love to hear them as well. (Apologies to our loyal non-snake contributors, but only Slytherins can apply! But you are always allowed to send me suggestions or comments for SerpenTimes.)
  12. Now there is only one person left. I wonder who it is going to be.

  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. The Portkey - Task 1

    It’s almost time for the Quidditch World Cup! How would you get there? What would you wear? Would you get there a few weeks early to soak in as much of the World Cup experience as possible? Or maybe you’re only going for the Quidditch because you prefer avoiding too much interaction with others. Whatever the case, share your journey to the Quidditch World Cup. 10 scales if posted by Sunday 22nd October, 23:59 HOL time. 5 scales if posted after that but before Tuesday 31st October, 23:59 HOL time.
  15. The Portkey - Task 2

    We’re getting into the heart of autumn, so go outside and take a walk! Enjoy the gorgeous fall foliage. See if you are able to locate any potential Portkeys during your stroll. Take a picture or describe the Portkey. Also, just for fun, take a guess as to where the Portkey might transport someone to or who the Portkey is for. 10 scales if posted by Sunday 22nd October, 23:59 HOL time. 5 scales if posted after that but before Tuesday 31st October, 23:59 HOL time.