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  1. Here are two puzzles that I used for my Seeking Fundamentals class this past term. Five friends love traveling the world and going to escape rooms together. From the information provided, determine the theme of each friend's favorite escape room, in which city the room was located (one was Oslo), and how long it took them to escape (they were in a room for 70 minutes). 1. Hazel liked the escape room in Melbourne, while Oliver liked the escape room with the tomb theme. It took 60 minutes to escape the room in Casablanca. 2. The group's fastest escape was 30 minutes, which was Mason's favorite escape room, but it wasn't jungle themed. The 40 minute escape was from a room with a time warp theme. 3. They escaped Theo's favorite room 20 minutes faster than the one with a bank vault theme. 4. It took 10 minutes longer to escape Charlotte's favorite room than the one in Buenos Aires. 5. The submarine themed escape room was in Amsterdam. 80 minutes was the longest time spent in a room. Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject: Escape Room Logic Puzzle Solved by: Will Lestrange Prof. Tarma Amelia Black Arianna Stonewater *** The European Quidditch League is holding its annual prospects games, and five former Hogwarts players were invited to attend. During the event, each of the five players wore a different color of robe, with each of them wearing a different number on their back (1,7,13,19 or 25). At the end of the event, each of these players received an offer to be a reserve member for a different team (one of which were the Appleby Arrows). From the information provided, determine the player (Three boys - Zacharias, Miles, and Dean, and two girls - Cho and Alicia), the number they wore, the color of their Quidditch robes, as well as the team that approached them at the end. 1. Miles was wearing number 25. The player wearing number 19 was not offered a reserve position from the Chudley Cannons. Alicia was wearing robes of powder blue. 2. The player wearing emerald green robes is neither Zacharias nor Cho (these two players were not wearing robes of crimson red either). 3. The player wearing robes of shocking pink was not approached by the Falmouth Falcons (who also didn't approach Cho). The player wearing the number 1 was female. 4. The player who got an offer from Puddlemere United was wearing a number higher than the one Zacharias was wearing, but lower than the player who was wearing canary yellow robes. 5. The player who was offered a reserve spot for the Wigtown Wanderers was wearing a number at least twelve less than the player who was wearing robes of crimson red (who was not wearing the number 25). Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject: Prospects Logic Puzzle Solved by: Will Lestrange
  2. Evergreen! Tap water or sparkling water?
  3. Xerochilia Especially in the winter, I need to make sure I have chapstick on hand for dry lips.
  4. I'm okay as long as I can breathe. TWBM made resolutions for 2020.
  5. Five Pizzas Mushroom - My top choice is always mushroom. Unfortunately, very few people that I know share that thought and I can't finish an entire pizza on my own. Sausage - It's generally easier to get others to agree to sausage as a topping. Margherita - The ingredients are so simple, but it's so delicious! This is the go-to pizza when we order it for work parties. BBQ Chicken - You can't go wrong with barbecue. Supreme - I don't mind all the extra toppings (and getting a supreme pizza usually means my siblings will give me all their mushrooms).
  6. Quick turnaround this time... The deadline for the next edition of SerpenTimes is March 15th.
  7. I think I'd go with the Anansi stories. Anansi is a character in African folklore. He likes to take the shape of a spider and is a huge trickster. (Sorry, but I can't imagine reading Twilight out loud... or at all... Clearly I'm a huge fan. heh)
  8. 5453 (FYI: The one in Gryffindor has hit 5000. Even if you don't like counting, don't deny the Slytherin competitive spirit in you!)
  9. Only the richest families can afford their own House-Elves and those families typically believe they are "higher" beings than House-Elves. It is unlikely that they would admit to asking a House-Elf to Apparate or want to rely on House-Elf magic for an ability they can perform themselves. Students may not even know about House-Elves. As mentioned above, only the wealthiest wizarding families could afford them. Many Hogwarts students probably go their entire schooling without encountering a House-Elf. Hermione Granger, who has read Hogwarts: A History from cover to cover, didn't even know House-Elves were employed in the castle. House-Elves did their best to stay "invisible" and rarely interacted with the students. It's not very likely that the students when knew the name of one House-Elf to ask for a favor.
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