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  1. Continuing with the plant theme, here are my favorite vegetables. No pictures this time because I have to go into work early. (Yes, I'm one of the lucky few who still have to physically go to work.) Five Vegetables Broccoli Corn - kinda a must if you grow up in New Jersey Spinach Green beans Zucchini (or courgette for the British folk)
  2. Five Spring Flowers Daffodil - Whenever I see daffodils, I know it is officially springtime. It's like they "trumpet" in the good weather! Tulip - Ever since my dad told me that I share a name with a tulip, it has been one of my top flowers. Hyacinth - Finishing off the usual spring trio, I like how the purple hyacinths contrast the yellow daffodils. They are also a fun shape! Iris - My parents have a light purple one (similar to the image) in their yard and I always look forward to seeing it in full bloom. Allium - I wasn't sure what these were called, so I had to look them up. They're part of the onion family! I love the height and circular shape of them. They also look nice surrounding gazebos in gardens. (All images are from Getty Images.) 5 scales awarded
  3. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious) Before "stay at home" was enforced, I got to see a high school production of Mary Poppins!
  4. Fun fact: Domhnall Gleeson, the actor who portrayed Bill Weasley in the last two films, is the son of Brendan Gleeson, who played... Mad-Eye Moody!
  5. Last night, my sister told me that she finally finished Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult. She said it was deep and she didn't see the plot twist at the end coming. It has been awhile since I read the book, so I had to find a summary of it. Jodi Picoult is one of the authors that I look forward to reading. Five Authors Jodi Picoult - She is able to touch on several controversial topics in each book. Dan Brown - The suspense and mystery are well-written. Brandon Sanderson - His world-building is amazing. Malcolm Gladwell - His psychological views are eye-opening. Mitch Albom - His style is straightforward, but the storytelling is still very effective. 5 scales awarded
  6. The deadline for the final issue of SerpenTimes this school year is June 15th. We have yet to select a theme, so if you have any ideas, please send them our way! (P.S. If you're itching to write/graphic, both the Alte Sententiam and the Paw Print have closer deadlines.)
  7. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

    1. Iverian Gnash

      Iverian Gnash

      YES, Happy St. Patrick's Day :D 

    2. February Fortescue
  8. I know I missed a week and late this week, but let's get back on track! I hope everyone is staying safe and sane during this crazy time! Five Fortunes Sometimes they are nonsense, but sometimes fortune cookies come with meaningful statements. Every good friend was once a stranger. Change has both physical and psychological attributes. Do the right thing because it is right. Have the courage to face it. A mile walked with a friend contains only a hundred steps. Sharing little joys offers great hope to others. 5 scales awarded
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