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The Slytherin Dungeons

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So as you may know there are seven approximate magic education schools around the world. Would you prefer to keep doing H.O.L. or go to one of their schools? In my opinion I love H.O.L. it has given me education I would have never received with out this online school, but again it would be awesome to get accepted into any of these schools and go to one of them in person.  What are  your opinions?

-Daphne Trelwany🐍


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I've got to agree with my friend, February, on this one.  I love HOL and I'm so glad that I found it, but given the chance to go to a REAL wizarding school?!!  Pack me up and ship me off; I'm Hogwarts bound.  If I couldn't go to Hogwarts, my next choice would be Mahoutokoro.  I love the smallness of the school and the culture is absolutely beautiful.  

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February and Emily hit the nail on the head...for me I adore HOL and I am so thankful for its presence in my life but real life Hogwarts would be a dreeeeeam ~
If not Hogwarts I would choose Beauxbatons...Imagine being serenaded by wood nymphs at dinner!

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