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  1. The groom that is speaking with Merlin casts a gesture against the evil eye when Merlin speaks of things that he should not know. Please follow this link to solve a sliding puzzle highlighting the gesture. Please send me a Dungeon PM with your completed puzzle for 3 scales. Alternately, make your own image (whatever medium you choose) relating to the evil eye gesture and post it below. Keep in mind that HOL image dimensions are 600x600 so please do not make your image larger than that. Thanks! Your submissions are worth 3 scales. If you feel particularly creative/bored, feel free to do both for a total of 10 scales.
  2. The main interaction of this chapter takes place between Merlin and a groom. The groom offers some very sage advice to Merlin, and advises him to keep quiet about his "gift" of having knowledge about matters that should be forbidden to him. Although he seems friendly to Merlin, he casts a ward against evil when he thinks the child is not looking. Merlin does not take offense, even wen he notices this. Why do you suppose this is so? We saw in the previous chapter how upset Merlin was at his uncle's rejection, why do you suppose he is not similarly upset by the guard's fear of him?
  3. Chapter 3 Remember, you have until 11:59 PM (HOL time) October 17th to send me a Dungeon pm with the answers: 1. What is the name of the groom that speaks with Merlin? 2. What is Merlin's prediction about his mother's future? 3. The groom compares Merlin to a certain animal. What is it? 4. What did Merlin and the groom have to eat? 5. What did the groom say about Camlach?
  4. I'll admit that I'm not really into werewolf movies, but one that sticks with me is The Howling. It's an older movie (1981), and although the special effects are rather outdated, the movie itself is solid. The premise revolves around a young news anchor by the name of Karen White who is being stalked by a serial murderer named Eddie Quist. If that isn't bad enough, it turns out that Eddie is also a werewolf. Uh oh! The ending of the movie, bar none, is one of the best I've ever seen. If you have never seen it, and you are a fan of the genre, it's one I would strongly recommend. *Fair warning-the movie does have some content of adult nature and is not suitable for younger viewers.*
  5. In honor of one of the main parts of this chapter, please color at least one of the picures and post below. Each picture is worth 3 scales (you may do both if you choose). Picture 1 Click for bigger image Picture 2 Click here for larger image
  6. Up to this point, Camlach seemed to be on relatively friendly terms with Merlin. After the incident in the garden when Merlin refuses the fruit his uncle offers him, Camlach's whole demeanor changes. The once friendly man declares: Why do you think Camlach had such a strong reaction? What might you have told Merlin in explanation had you happened to be there?
  7. Chapter 2 Remember, you have until 11:59 PM (HOL time) October 17th to send me a Dungeon pm with the answers: 1. What do the Welsh call the river, Tobius? 2. What was the name of the visiting King? 3. What sort of bed did Merlin have? 4. What did Camlach tell Merlin that he should be? 5. What did Camlach give Merlin in the garden?
  8. I won’t lie, I would be sorely tempted to saying yes to becoming a ghost. Yes, I know there are many disadvantages, such as having to watch your loved ones die and not being able to enjoy the things you did when you were living. But think of the possibilities! As a ghost, you would be able to witness historical and social advances, and you would still be able to still influence some things to a certain degree. Besides that, there is also the connection (as was mentioned) that you’ll be able to maintain with your loved ones. So for me, at least, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
  9. How very ironic that I, who was not the biggest Quidditch fan, would be visited by the ghost of Edgar Cloggs. In life, Edgar was quite the Quidditch player, and his passion had not cooled with death. In fact, it was said that he had been hanging around the Hogwart’s quidditch pitch for as long as anyone could remember. That’s quite a long time to devote to a sport! He loved the sport so much, that in his death, he had made it his personal mission to help out during Quidditch practice. Having a somewhat captive audience (me), he was eager to relate the following story: ”Oh, I’ve helped so many people throughout the years, but one that always stands out to me is little Catherine Crawford. The year was 1905, and she was a first year Gryffindor. She wanted to play Quidditch so badly, and, sad to say, she wasn’t very good at it. But every day she would come out to practice, and I admired her tenacity. I didn’t want her to feel defeated, so I made sure that she scored enough to boost her confidence. I remember one time in particular. Gryffindor was having a friendly skirmish with Slytherin, and the Captain had seen enough improvement in Catherine to let her play. With my help, of course, she was able to help Gryffindor secure the win. It was one of my favorite moments in my long life, both in the flesh and as a ghost. Catherine never played well enough to dream of becoming a professional Quidditch player, but she enjoyed moderate success here at Hogwart’s .” I have to admit, that I rather enjoyed the encounter with Mr. Cloggs. For the briefest of seconds, it even made me consider playing Quidditch myself. On second thought…nah! I’ll just try to catch him again one day and hopefully hear another story.
  10. Vampires are were people, too! This comes with likes and dislikes the same as any other living (or unliving as the case may be) person. These four vampires are no exception. Please send the answer to the following logic puzzle to me in a dungeon pm by 11:59pm HOL time on Sunday, October 31st to receive 10 scales.
  11. Greetings, my lovelies! It's a special night here at the Castle. To celebrat 'his' special night, the Count himself has invited us to his castle for a dinner party. The decorations are all up, but he wants us to bring the food! (Rather rude of him if you ask me, but who am I to argue with Dracula?!). Don't worry, he's promised not to use any of us for appetizers. (Whew!) Please post your party contributions below for 10 scales. (Please keep all images 600 x 600 or smaller..thanks) All food must be gathered by 11:59pm HOL time on Sunday, October 31st.
  12. Vampires are rather myserious creatures, and yet, much seems to be known about them. Test you knowledge by taking this quiz and posting a screenshot of your scores below (score can be found at the bottom of the quiz once it is completed.). All posts due by 11:59pm HOL time on Sunday, October 31st You can earn 10 scales for your efforts!
  13. Imagine, if you will that you have the opportunity to sit down with a vampire and conduct an interview. What sort of questions would you ask, and what do you imagine their responses would be? Please come up with at least 5 questions/responses and post them below. You may choose to interview a particular vampire (Dracula, for example), or ask general questions of an anonymous subject. If you manage to survive the interview intact, you will receive 10 scales for your efforts. All posts due by 11:59pm HOL time on Sunday, October 31st. Good luck!
  14. Here you can find a weekly total of the points (scales) earned. I will tally them at the end of each week to keep things up-to-date. Yes, I could use a spreadsheet, and yes, Emily is too lazy to do so Prologue Discussion Prof. Tarma Amelia-Black-6 scales Lucia Dinapoli-5 scales Prof. Will Lestrange-5 scales Louis Walles-5 scales Harry Walles-5 scales Aurelia West-5 scales Willow Carter-5 scales Jigsaw Prof. Tarma Amelia-Black-5 scales Lucia Dinapoli-5 scales Georgie Slithern-5 scales Prof. Will Lestrange-5 scales Aurelia West-5 scales Louis Walles-5 scales Harry Walles-7 scales Willow Carter-5 scales Week 1 Discussion Prof. Tarma Amelia-Black-5 scales Prof. Will Lestrange-5 scales Aurelia West-5 scales Willow Carter-5 scales Maze Harry Walles-3 scales Aurelia West-3 scales Louis Walles-3 scales Prof. Will Lestrange-3 scales Prof. Tarma Amelia-Black-3 scales Willow Carter-3 scales Trivia Aurelia West-5 scales Prof. Tarma Amelia-Black-5 scales Prof. Will Lestrange-5 scales Willow Carter-5 scales Total after Prologue/Week 1 Prof Tarma Amelia-Black 24 scales Lucia Dinapoli 10 scales Prof. Will Lestrange 23 scales Louis Walles 13 scales Harry Walles 12 scales Aurelia West 23 scales Willow Carter 23 scales Georgie Slithern 5 scales
  15. I’m still sticking with the brother, but you bring up some very valid points, Tarma. I hadn’t thought about the grandfather at all, Will, but now you’re making me wonder. His attitude toward Merlin could be prompted because of guilt.
  16. As we learned, Merlin loves to roam the vast network of tunnels beneath the castle floor, with his 'cave' lying at the very center. Merlin is just a little boy, however, and seems to have become hopelessly lost this time. Can you help him find his way to the 'cave' before he is caught and punished for being where he is not supposed to be?! Please send your answers to me in a Dungeon PM entitled 'Week 1-Merlin's Maze'. 3 scales are up for grabs! For bigger image click here.
  17. One of the main themes of this chapter seems to be the question of Merlin's parentage. Despite being beaten and tormented, his mother refuses to name a father. Speculation is rife with possibilities ranging from the Devil to the High King, Vortigen. Personally, I'm looking at her brother, Camlach. He gets my vote for 'baby daddy', due to the set-up in the prologue and just the way he interacts with his sister and her child. What are your thoughts on the matter? Who do you think Merlin's father might be? Why do you feel that way? The rumor mill is waiting...
  18. Chapter 1 Remember, you have until 11:59 PM (HOL time) October 10th to send me a Dungeon pm with the answers: 1. Who was Merlin's chief tormentor? 2. Where was Merlin's 'cave'? 3. Where was the entrance to Merlin's secret labyrinth? 4. What was Merlin's given name? 5. What was the name of Merlin's nurse?
  19. I can't help but think that when Merlin started this tale, he was picturing himelf as the young man that he used to be. Please solve the following jigsaw to get an idea of what he might have been thinking. Please post your completed puzzles below, making sure to include your solve time. The task is worth 5 scales with an added 2 scales for the person with the fastest time. You can find the puzzle here: What Merlin Saw
  20. In the prologue, we first encounter Merlin as an old man. The tale that follows, of course, will be him reminiscing about his life. But let's stop here first, shall we? Close your eyes and say the name "Merlin". What image comes to mind? Do you think of the mysterious youth, the old man, or somewhere in between? If you're anything like me, the name conjures up a certain image that I associate with the famed wizard. Below, please post a picture (drawing, digital image, etc) of what you 'see' when you say the name 'Merlin'. (Remember the HOL guidelines when posting please and keep the image no larger than 600x600). Alternately, write a written description of no less than 100 words. Each entry is worth 5 scales.
  21. Oh my dear, Professor Lestrange, we aim to please and have both kinds
  22. If you have any questions about this activity, please post them here and I'll consult with Merlin to give you an answer with all due speed!
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