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    has anyone else join the Quiz Championship on Wizarding World? 

    1. Emily Spencer
    2. Prof. Will Lestrange

      Prof. Will Lestrange

      I returned to that site, and at least Slytherin is in the lead!  I'm not a Cursed Child fan at all though...

    3. Cole Thronheart

      Cole Thronheart

      I don’t like cursed child either. I heard Chris Columbus wants to make a movie if he can get the OG cast to join it. 

  2. Welcome to Slytherin, Annabelle! I hope you enjoy it here at HOL!
  3.   Thought I would introduce my dog Sadie. She was just diagnosed with Evens Syndrome last week. Whichmeans her immune system attacks her red blood cells and Platelets. But she is doing better, she had a blood transfusion and her numbers are holding steady. She’s eating more and is getting her energy back. She’s an 11 years old Yellow Labrador Retriever. 

  4. Entry Two 22/11/2021 Dear Journal, It’s been a little rough out here in the muggle world. My eleven years old yellow Labrador retriever, Sadie, was just diagnosed with Evens syndrome last week. Her immune system attacked her red blood cells and platelets. She is doing better now though. She had a blood transfusion and her numbers are holding steady. She is getting her energy back slowly. I was able to finish up my HOL 101 class yesterday so I only have my Astronomy class to worry about but that’s an all year class, so I have time and I’m caught up. Until Next Time, C.T. she was waiting patiently for the nurse to come get her for more blood test.
  5. Welcome! Anyone is welcome here!
  6. Peter piper picked a pack of pickled peppers
  7. *leaves it* I’m too clumsy to handle a lighting bolt Leaves a unknown poly juice potion
  8. You know you’re a Slytherin when people won’t approach you because you look mean
  9. Niffler One of my favorite HP creatures
  10. Swimming in a lake vacation in the mountains or on the beach
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