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  1. I can't play Quidditch too well myself but I think ultimately I would also choose Quidditch, even though I think highly of my abilities the risk over reward for the Goblet of Fire doesn't seem all that worth it for me! Quidditch it would be!
  2. "I don't know where he came from, nor who or what he was."
  3. Xyston - An ancient greek spear hanging proudly as a decoration on the walls of the Dungeons Common Room!
  4. until
    Join us on a virtual vacation around the world!
  5. Me too Aurelia, I'm starving. Please someone donate some cake our way!
  6. Guilty...although I am not a huge shoe collector! Thinks Summer is the best season?
  7. Earrings I am an avid jewellery collector, especially earrings - the wackier the better!
  8. The 'meeting a younger me through time travel' you spoke of made me think of those moments you bump into someone you might have known waaaaay back in the past too. Perhaps a friend from nursery or people you meet on holiday when you're a child. Those moments definitely feel like 'blast from the past' moments...in fact, I am certain I've had this happen in supermarkets and used 'blast from the past' as the exact expression when it happened 😂
  9. This makes me think of...well, you know those very specific smells that remind you of a certain point in your life? Them....unless that's just a me thing. But I totally smell things and its like, oh wow, I am suddenly four again, or, oh wow, I am in the art rooms at my high school. I think blast for the past is more nostalgia feelings that Deja Vu but that's just me personally
  10. Today I spent a looooooot of time playing The Walking Dead (typical zombie loving me) and I have FINALLY downloaded Death Stranding which I have heard such good things about I am absolutely over the moon to be able to start playing it...The graphics are incredible and Norman Reedus is such a cutie!~ Strange how both my games linked to him in some way lol!
  11. I tend to impulse but pretty much everything I own...oops...but my most favourite thing I bought was my PS4. It's kept me going through isolation and I have so much fun on it!
  12. Considering I am a Slytherin, I am not hugely competitive but I definitely enjoy games more when I win them. I completely agree with Emily that a challenge is great, but one that is attainable! If it's impossible then it's just no fun. I don't think losing affects me, but if I lose to my brother and he acts like he's better than me I will agree that all hell will break lose!
  13. Nope. I am waaaay more interested in becoming a Magizoologist or Herbologist myself!
  14. My one was "So Sick" by Ne-Yo. Considering the state of the world the title doesn't seem too pleasant...I hope my 2021 (and relationship) is much happier (and stronger) than this song hahaha!
  15. Speaking within the UK, the closest team to me Appleby Arrows, and that's the team my younger brother supports, but the team I support over here is Puddlemere United. The whole family however ADORE Thundelarra Thunderers and since my older brother has been living out there for some time it only feel right that they're our official family team! (That being said, I am forever jealous of the beautiful Pride of Portree colours, they're soooo pretty!)
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