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  1. For a typical winter day I prefer something hot! I usually go for some meatball spaghetti. I love spaghetti and it was always my favourite dish ever. When I was younger my mum used to make it almost every day during the winter period! I am not a chef and I really can’t cook so I found this website which can give you a nice recipe as to how to make one: https://www.delish.com/uk/cooking/recipes/a28868982/best-spaghetti-and-meatballs-recipe/
  2. I would definitely go for the invisibility cloak! You may wondered why, but the answer is really simple. As the tale shows the brothers who chose different items did not live for long after that. The invisibility cloak also would be a useful thing to protect my loved ones from dying.
  3. Name: Louis Walles Puzzles I can make: tents, jigsaw, fallen letters, cryptograms, sudoku, word search, kriss cross Puzzles I can test: jigsaw, fallen letters, sudoku, word search, kriss cross Preferred method(s) of contact: any forum pm, email: lyczakowskiludwik@yahoo.com
  4. Follow THIS LINK to get a Slytherin Winter jigsaw. Please make sure the number of pieces, which should be 120, is visible in your screenshot. Send me a link to your completed puzzle through a PM here in the Dungeons with the subject: February Jigsaw. 10 scales (February 2021) Completed by: Prof. Tarma Amelia Black 5 scales (February 2021) Aurelia West 5 scales (February 2021) Maeve Madden 5 scales (February 2021) Harry Walles 5 scales (February 2021)
  5. At the same time when everyone was having fun, Louis slowly opened his eyes. He still felt the sharp rheumatic pain in his left leg. He sighed. “Was it rain or snow?” he said out loud. He slowly got up and peeked through his curtains. ”Snow” - he said to himself. He hates snow. He is a typical summer boy, hot temperatures are what he has been looking forward to since October. After he took a shower and put some warm clothes on, he decided to go to the library and finish up his assignments. He put on his jacket and went outside. He saw Feb and Tarma outside. He was unsure what to
  6. I don’t have good winter memories really. I absolutely loved Christmas and gifts and obviously Santa, but not the aspect of it being winter. I dislike cold, I wear glasses and so they get really foggy when I am outside and is cold! The best parts of winter (which made this season less awful for me when I was younger) was the ability to build a snowman. My friends and I used to build snowmen outside our house to see who will have the best snowman ever! There was no actually reward for winning but it was just the pride that our neighbours could see our “art” outside their windows!
  7. Here’s mine! I am not good at making ones though 😭
  8. My son and I made some snowflakes together!
  9. Hi everyone! My name is Louis and you can call me however you want! I am a new member (today's my 3rd day). I hope everyone's doing fine
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