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  1. Nope TWBM is a fourth year
  2. +Luna -Fred Fred Weasley - 73 Severus Snape - 57 Luna Lovegood - 55
  3. Live long
  4. 4747
  5. Nope! Ivy makes her triumphant return. Alice?
  6. Artist
  7. Wooooooot! Second year, and my computer is getting replaced - it crashed, and I basically couldn't do anything At least now I'm not part of the 'first year snacks' club anymore...What are second years? Breakfast?
  8. Julia Volkova - All Because of You With Easy A backing vocals xD
  9. NOW is when I come in a ruin it all xD Mwuahaha I guess...Rayne?
  10. 4346 xD
  11. Does it like shiny things?
  12. Sorry, is me Rosalie Mason?
  13. YNYISW you hold the leash of your dog to your sister and say 'ya want this ...the noose, not the dog', and she, slytherin as well, cracks up.
  14. Ivy frowned a minute, before sitting back down, sitting still for the first time since she entered the room, and picked up a book and pen, starting to write something, before she set it down. "...tooo much sugar." She noted to herself, and lazily lay herself across the couch happily. "I thought I recognised you from somewhere!" She told Annarose, before grinning. "What did you do to your arm?" She asked, looking up at the roof with a knowing smile.
  15. Ivy frowned for a minute, bouncing on her heels a couple of times, before beaming. "Oh YEAH!" She remembered. "Sorry...sugar-induced memory loss..." She realised, giggling again. "Whoops..." The hyper-active girl jumped a mile as she accidentally broke something, before realising it was hers anyway, and just leaning over to pick it up, a big grin on her face still. "What classes are you guys taking? I'm in Death Eaters 101, Duelling 101, Zombie Survival 101, Care of Magical Creatures, and Care of Magical Pets!" She exclaimed.