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  2. Nope! Ivy makes her triumphant return. Alice?
  3. Wooooooot! Second year, and my computer is getting replaced - it crashed, and I basically couldn't do anything At least now I'm not part of the 'first year snacks' club anymore...What are second years? Breakfast?
  4. ...Right. Computer is dying. I missed everything -_- Least I graduated. And I'm getting a new computer, so no hassles in making the 10 quills next year >D *throws confetti*

    1. Rayne Devereaux

      Rayne Devereaux

      congrats on graduating! you'll make the 10 quills next year :)

  5. I give up on my laptop. Went to send in my homework two days ago, and my computer was just wiped completely blank >.> SO. To redo it and hope to god I get it in on time >.>

    1. Prof. Alaia Logan

      Prof. Alaia Logan

      e-mail the teachers and ask for an extention, most are more than happy to give you one, so long as you ask BEFORE it's due

  6. *fail* Here's to the idiot (me) who thought classes started NEXT month >.> Now to spend the night doing HOL homework to get it in.

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    2. Ivy Mizanin

      Ivy Mizanin

      Hopefully >.> ALso tryin' to get RL homework done...*headdesk* My brain. Is about to. EXPLODE >.>

    3. Rayne Devereaux

      Rayne Devereaux

      you can do it Ivy! *waves pom poms*

    4. Bull J. Johnson

      Bull J. Johnson

      I'm ahead of the game too.

  7. Friendship is one mind in two bodies. Sounds like me and my bestie - I love you bliznets ^.^

  8. Newbies soon? Can't wait! Has to get my bliznets here...If she makes Slytherin of course ^.^ (Bliznets - twin)

  9. Just. BARELY. got everything bar final's in xD I literally got duelling in five minutes before deadline...*pants* And I spent MOST of yesterday drawing dark marks and masks, and changing my mind about them - only missed Extra credit 4 for DE101, 'cause I forgot it >.

    1. Sirithre Leylnn

      Sirithre Leylnn

      Send it in anyway ;) I'm sure your prof will understand.

    2. Ivy Mizanin

      Ivy Mizanin

      Okay...*goes to send it off* I had it done and everything - just forgot xD

  10. Darn it! I'm gonna see if I can still hand in homework. I've been out of town, and had NO internet access 'cause of a funeral. Darn it...

    1. Prof. Opal Curare
    2. Ivy Mizanin

      Ivy Mizanin

      Thanks. Hopefully Ryan won't mind I handed in CoMC on the date, rather than before. I've only been back two days, and I'm still so stressed out, I completely forgot.

  11. Julia Volkova - All Because of You With Easy A backing vocals xD
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