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  1. Nassa Dikaios

    Forum Issues?

    Hmm..so apparently there are quite a few more forums than what I'm getting, so it would be pretty peachy if I could actually see them! http://i.imgur.com/IfgZ1lh.png
  2. psst, Brabas. Nassa says you can sleep with her tonight.

  3. has been busy busy busy all morning

  4. Nassa Dikaios

    Word Association Game

  5. Nassa Dikaios

    Keep a word, drop a word!

    computer algorithm
  6. Nassa Dikaios

    The Wizard/Witch Below Me..

    Correct..if that means what i think that means TWWBM is not wearing socks.
  7. Nassa Dikaios

    This or That

    Machine...I'm lazy chocolate ice cream with peanut butter...or peanut butter ice cream with chocolate?
  8. phew! Glad I take showers!

    *superglues Alaia's hands to her bum while she's sleeping*

  9. put a certain type of fish in Nassa's bath

  10. *replaces Alaia's deodorant with Essence of Hag*

  11. puts frog spawn soap in Nassa's shower head

  12. *slips a boggart in Alaia's closet*

  13. Hides stink pellets in Nassa's bed

  14. *puts a portable swamp outside Alaia's door*