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  1. apparently there are quite a few more forums than what I'm getting, so it would be pretty peachy if I could actually see them!
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  3. computer algorithm
  4. Correct..if that means what i think that means TWWBM is not wearing socks.
  5. Machine...I'm lazy chocolate ice cream with peanut butter...or peanut butter ice cream with chocolate?
  6. Shoe Box
  7. ------------------------ Name: Anassa Hypatia Dikaios Age: 14 Year: Fourth Wand: Olive, Pegasus feather, 10 1/2 inches Pet: Kneazle named Artie Physical Description: 5'3 bronze skinned with long curly brown hair and brown eyes. While at Hogwarts, she is often seen sporting the common trends and the school uniform, but at home Nassa likes to dress in more traditional Greek attire. Brief Personal History: Nassa is an only child born into a long history of pureblood witches and wizards originating in Greece, where her family estate is. Her parents live a leisurely life of travel and are rarely at home, so Nassa was mostly raised by the servants of the household. She does not begrudge them this, however, as she rather prefers being left to her own devices. Nassa spent her childhood roaming around the gardens of her family home, which is slowly deteriorating because her parents are rarely home to oversee things. When she wasn't out on the grounds, she was encouraged by her caretakers (and she rarely protested) to curl up in their vast library to study magic and spell books, to not be a nuisance to the hustle and bustle of daily life at the Dikaios estate. Underage magic laws are different in Greece, so she was able to get a large head start on her magical education. Temperament: Nassa is usually calm and unexcited, often too concerned with all the stuff inside her head to bother much with what else is going on. But don't let that fool you. Just because she doesn't involve herself with everything, doesn't mean she isn't aware of it! She can be extremely blunt in her speech, finding it generally tiresome and a waste of time to bandy around. If you ask Nassa something, you will get a straight answer, whether you want it or not. She rarely speaks of her personal life. Special Possessions: Her pet kneazle Artie, diadem passed down to her through the family and her family estate which will become hers one day. Greatest Fear: Nassa would never divulge such information. Future Goals: She wishes to forge a path for herself in the world, be able to work out of her home and regain the beauty of her family estate.
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  9. I hate long-tined forks.
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  11. Moby//Flower
  12. Wish granted. Captain Jack drinks all the rum then abandons you by hitching a ride on the back of a turtle. I wish I never got dry skin.
  13. tan lotion
  14. Wish are now lying on the beach..stranded.on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean with no food and no water. I wish they only made green m&ms
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