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  1. Iverian Gnash

    Dudley Demented - Task 1

    Fruit N’ Bran is good to eat, Fruit N’ Bran is quite a treat. Put Fruit N’ Bran to the test, Fruit N’ Bran is still the best!
  2. Iverian Gnash

    Guess the next poster

    Nope! Tarma Black?
  3. Iverian Gnash

    Guess the next poster

    Nope! *thinks for a second Vanessa Tilley?
  4. Iverian Gnash

    Keep a word, drop a word!

    Language class
  5. Iverian Gnash

    Last Letter, First Letter

  6. Iverian Gnash


  7. Iverian Gnash

    Guess the next poster

    Nope! Sorry How about Tarma Amelia Black?
  8. Iverian Gnash

    The Wizard/Witch Below Me..

    Sometimes, other times it just gives headaches. TWBM enjoys language classes?
  9. Iverian Gnash

    The Advance Guard - Task 1

    I wouldn’t mind being able to change my hair at will. The spell would be mutatio capillus for change hair.
  10. Iverian Gnash

    Double Letters

  11. Iverian Gnash

    Hogwarts Houses

    Alright, for Slytherin I would definitely say Monopoly because it deals with money and makes Slytherins very aggressive when playing to buy the most properties. For Gryffindor, I'd say Labyrinth because Gryffindor's will enjoy the adventure theme in it and trying to find new paths to get to their objects. For Ravenclaw, I would have to say Chess because it involves critical thinking which Ravenclaws are very good at. For Hufflepuff, I would have to say Candyland because every Hufflepuff enjoys the fact that it is a game based solely on luck and does not show that the loser is not as smart as the winner in any way and it is also a colorful and fun game to play.
  12. Iverian Gnash

    SerpenTimes Ideas

    Ok, thanks!
  13. Iverian Gnash

    SerpenTimes Ideas

    Hello! Would I be able to conduct interviews with fellow HOL members and have them in Serpentimes? How often does an issue of Serpentimes get published. Is it a weekly thing or more of a monthly thing or does it just depend on how many submissions you get? I could conduct interviews with people from all different houses about all different things like a Hufflepuff about Quidditch, a Slytherin about music, a Ravenclaw about favorite ways to travel, and maybe a Gryffindor about how important their homework is. Would this be a good thing for the newspaper? By the way, I am a Gryffindor. Would that be a problem? Thanks!