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  1. Crucio + Avada Kedavra - Avada Kedavra 10 Crucio 19 Sectumsempra 20
  2. Hahaha, I forget about the thread for a day or two and get guessed eighty million times XD YES, now me XD Nessa?
  3. Avada Kedavra - Crucio + Avada Kedavra 13 Crucio 20 Sectumsempra 16 (was looking at the wrong thread)
  4. Avada Kedavra - Lumos + Avada Kedavra 11 Crucio 20 Lumos 8 Sectumsempra 10
  5. Sectumsempra - Lumos + Avada Kedavra 11 Crucio 21 Lumos 8 Sectumsempra 9
  6. Lawful Good: Justice Strauss (A Series of Unfortunate Events) because she's always following the laws in the series, even when it doesn't always work out. Neutral Good: Winter (Lunar Chronicles) because, while she's on the good side, she finds herself caught up in both. Chaotic Good: Ze'ev Kesley or Wolf (Lunar Chronicles) because of his wildness while doing the right thing. Lawful Neutral: Jacin (Lunar Chronicles) because he's trying to follow the laws while keeping Winter safe and finds himself caught up in the middle. True Neutral: Heather (How to Train Your Dragon Series) because she's rather in the middle of both sides. Chaotic Neutral: Dagur the Deranged (How to Train Your Dragon Series) because, while he changes over to the good side, he's still a rather chaotic and crazy person to be around. Lawful Evil: President Snow (The Hunger Games) because he's following the "laws" he sets forth while still being as wicked as possible. Neutral Evil: Queen Levana (Lunar Chronicles) because she does everything with a reason and always manages to think one step ahead... usually. Chaotic Evil: Fenrir Greyback (Harry Potter) because he's the kind of villain who seems rather... unstable. 20 emerald shards to Villains
  7. I watch a lot of X-Files and many times the government is trying to keep various things secret to the general public. While you're watching the episodes, you see them as villains, but, if you think about it, they have valid reasons for keeping some information secret as is mentioned in a few episodes. If the public knew a lot of what was going on, there would be widespread panic. In a lot of these shows, we see the government, or those in high authority, as villains because they are keeping things secret and those who are trying to expose them as heroes, but it could be viewed as the other way around. Forgot, shards are for the heroes
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