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  1. I think Azkaban was never a good idea to begin with. Locking criminals in a jail with soul sucking dementors doesn't fix the problem, instead it makes it worse. As we see with the Death Eaters who escaped, they came out looking a lot worse than they did going in. As much as these people are criminals who (some of them) have done horrible crimes, it's still not right for any human being to be placed under these conditions. The location of Azkaban and taking away all contact with magic (wands mostly) the wizards and witches have should have be enough as long as they were highly guarded by experienced Aurors. The dementors may have added an extra layer of security, but they made Azkaban an absolutely terrible place to be. Having Aurors (or highly experienced security officers of the like) there instead of the dementors would keep a high level of security and take away the mental torture the dementors inflicted on people.
  2. I will do the graphics for The Serpent Lounge and the Art Department. I will also be doing a fallen letters and a visual sudoku!
  3. I would prefer (in no particular order): Friday Jan. 3 at 9pm HOL time Sunday Jan. 5 at 9pm HOL time as I'm not sure I'll be around between Christmas and New Year's yet, but I could make (in no particular order): Friday Dec. 27 at 9pm HOL time Sunday Dec. 29 at 9pm HOL time work out, just no Saturdays
  4. French is pretty, my sister speaks it pretty well and I find it to be a beautiful language! I don't know the language so I can't say any particular words or phrases, but I did take Spanish for a while and always thought "mi amor" (meaning "my love") was pretty!
  5. Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift! It's played on a guitar, but I'm sure Morticia can figure out the notes on her shamisen. Safe and Sound is a slow soft song that's absolutely beautiful!
  6. Definitely creepy stories, the scarier the better. They'd also read fairy tales and change the story so the "villain" wins. For instance, they might have the dragon win in a classic story or the evil queen win in a more disney like story. They'd probably read stories from the villains perspective as well so they'd sympathize with them.
  7. My favorite project to make are definitely the origami snowflakes around Christmas because they all come out looking different and they're beautiful! However, since we're talking Halloween, I love decorating pumpkins! There are all sorts of ways to decorate them (cutting shapes in them, stickers, etc...) but I love painting them because they come out looking super cool and colorful! If you look at a pumpkin closely, you'll see it has rings running from the top to the bottom and I have a habit of painting each one a different color XD Painting on faces after the first layer of paint has dried is a great idea, because carving pumpkins is always a mess (in my opinion) and I find it rather difficult to do, so painting faces on makes it a lot easier and they turn out super cute!
  8. My siggy is of the Addams family all looking at a book with "The Addams Family" and "Slyth-o-ween" written on the left and "2019" on the right. I wasn't sure which character to go with as I've only watched my first Addams family episode a few days ago XD So, I just decided to go with the whole family and this picture seemed like it'd work well! Then I had no idea what to do for my avatar as I tend to like taking things straight from my siggy/something sort of related to it, but then the boy and girl seemed to work well for it, so yay \o/ Avatar:
  9. Questions: 1. What's the cutest thing my pet bird does? 2. What frustrates me the most about my school bag? Answer: Poison Ivey
  10. I think there was a lot to consider concerning where Harry should grow up, but I agree with the others about the blood wards, and Dumbledore thought it was best to leave him with family most likely. Sure, he had probably heard something about them, but according to Professor McGonagall who stated rather shocked that they were the worst kind of muggles, apparently he must not have known too much or he would have shared that with her. He shouldn't have left Harry with the Dursley's as we see all the pain that caused him, but Dumbledore did have some valid reasons for it. That spell protected Harry until he was 17 and he saw that as the safest option for him.
  11. Snape's and Bellatrix's personalities were complete opposites. Bella always had very high amounts of energy that sometimes (usually) overflowed into craziness, while Snape tended to be a bit less crazy in his personality. Bellatrix had a tendency to not think things over so much and let her anger and other things control her actions while Snape always took a bit to think it all through. I think the main reason he enjoys taunting Bellatrix is simply because she doesn't trust him and he knows it. She dislikes Snape and so he returns the favor. He also knows that Bella can't do anything about her mistrust of him except spread rumors because Lord Voldemort is on his side and that was all that really mattered. Bella probably just irritated him and he did what he could to do so back.
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