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  1. CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!! You'll be great :D
  2. I think the biggest thing I will always cherish are the friendships I've made here. It's such a beautiful feeling to know you have people outside of family who genuinely care about you and have your back. Other things I'm proud of this year would be teaching classes for the first time and creating three of my own. Planning/running/participating in activities with my friends is also something I can look back on and treasure. It's fun after finishing up an activity and mentioning it months later to look back on the fun you had while doing it. It also makes you excited for everything there is to come in the future as well. I've met a lot of new people and we've had quite a few new students who are such a pleasure to get to know and hang out with.
  3. An electric eel! I spy something that lives in a shell!
  4. Funny, but the picture of diving you have up there is just like where I went a few months ago with my dad and siblings. The three oldest have our diving licenses and we go diving off our boat a lot on the reefs. This time was going to be our first time diving in a spring. The spring was near a property of ours and there were a lot of other springs in the same park so my younger siblings were going to hang out there while we dove. The top of the spring was covered in duckweed and it got everywhere! Last time I went diving I still found a bit of it on my regulator! It was really murky and you couldn't see a thing until you got pretty far down and then it really opened up. There was a ledge just like in the photo you have that we swam under and it went pretty far down but it got really dark so we couldn't go too far. However, I did find a cool rock pretty deep that I sat on XD When we were finished, we went to another spring nearby that was crystal clear just to get all the duckweed off of us XD It was beautiful there!
  5. A lionfish! I spy something adorable!
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  8. Avatar: Av is a picture of baby dory on sand with a bit of grass in the back. Siggy: Siggy has a background of sea grass and sand with baby dory, 'Iverian' written in black bubble letters and bubbles above it.
  9. Well, if I knew any spells that would help to transfigure myself into a sea creature I would definitely be trying that first. I'd need someone with me of course if it didn't go well and they'd have to turn me back into human form Muggle equipment would definitely be useful here if transfiguration didn't work so well. I went to this place in Florida called Weeki Wachee once where there were mermaids who would swim all the way to the bottom of this really deep spring. They used these tubes to breath, so that would probably be my first strategy since I wouldn't need a lot of difficult equipment for it. It would be sort of like a hose that would have its top above water where I would have someone holding it. I would have to make sure it would be long enough, but this should work nicely. The only trouble would be getting wrapped up in the hose or if it gets caught on something.
  10. Thank you February and Emily for such a fun activity
  11. I think Azkaban was never a good idea to begin with. Locking criminals in a jail with soul sucking dementors doesn't fix the problem, instead it makes it worse. As we see with the Death Eaters who escaped, they came out looking a lot worse than they did going in. As much as these people are criminals who (some of them) have done horrible crimes, it's still not right for any human being to be placed under these conditions. The location of Azkaban and taking away all contact with magic (wands mostly) the wizards and witches have should have be enough as long as they were highly guarded by experienced Aurors. The dementors may have added an extra layer of security, but they made Azkaban an absolutely terrible place to be. Having Aurors (or highly experienced security officers of the like) there instead of the dementors would keep a high level of security and take away the mental torture the dementors inflicted on people.
  12. I would prefer (in no particular order): Friday Jan. 3 at 9pm HOL time Sunday Jan. 5 at 9pm HOL time as I'm not sure I'll be around between Christmas and New Year's yet, but I could make (in no particular order): Friday Dec. 27 at 9pm HOL time Sunday Dec. 29 at 9pm HOL time work out, just no Saturdays
  13. French is pretty, my sister speaks it pretty well and I find it to be a beautiful language! I don't know the language so I can't say any particular words or phrases, but I did take Spanish for a while and always thought "mi amor" (meaning "my love") was pretty!
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