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  1. Ivy Field

    A new school year

    Prescott went up. He seemed really nervous. He looked over to the Hufflepuff table and located his sister. She smiled. You'll do great, she mouthed. Prescott looked over to Ravenclaw. Don't worry one bit, Lawrence said. Prescott didn't seem nervous now. He stepped up to the Sorting. "GRYFFINDOR!" the hat yelled. Ivy and Lawrence cheered the loudest of their tables. They could be heard over the Gryffindor table. Ivy smiled over to Iverian. "He made it!" she squealed. "He really made it!"
  2. Ivy Field

    A new school year

    "I mean, I could have. You weren't there, of course, but the Sorting Hat had the longest talk with me. 'You have the wits, the boldness, and the loyalty in you,' he said. 'Definitely the toughest one so far.' Not a big deal, though. I was sorted into Hufflepuff," she added hastily, going red. A few Gryffindors and Ravenclaws greeted her: they were in her year and heard she had had the potential to make their house. "These things are invisible to most. They're called thestrals. I saw it in the library. They're only visible to the ones who have seen someone die before. I saw it in the library." Which wasn't entirely true, but not false. Ivy had actually wanted to research these things. They were most peculiar looking, and she wanted to know about them. But when Ivy saw what was so special about them, she had walked away, half-numb. Truth be told, Ivy was embarrassed and scared. She was in one in 5 children. There was one set of triplets, and the other two were a year apart. Ivy was the oldest out of all of them, surpassing the second oldest by a minute. That was the one who died, Rose Field. She had a very sudden illness, a stroke. Not even the people in St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries could cure it because it was a common Muggle disease. Ivy stayed up late into the night, watching over Rose, who was struggling. There weren't words to describe the feeling in Ivy. It was worse than the Cruciatus Curse. Her insides were churning so much that they felt like they had liquidized. Ivy was the only one there. She didn't want the rest of the family to feel the worst that she was feeling. When Rose heart stopped beating, Ivy had to do everything to stop herself from jumping out the window herself. This was during the first summer break after they entered Hogwarts, at age 11. Ivy had gained depression after that, and spent hours in her room, crying and reliving (against her will) the moment Rose lay dead on the bed. The youngest sibling was starting Hogwarts today, and the other was in 2nd year. Lawrence was in Ravenclaw, and Ivy knew that Prescott just belonged in Gryffindor. The triplets all ended up in Hufflepuff. They were pretty evenly split.
  3. Ivy Field

    A new school year

    Yeah, I really wanted to be Ravenclaw here, cause that's what I am on Pottermore. You can still call me Hufflepuff, just not that I really love the colors blue and bronze and will use those colors sometimes)) Also note that Jason Carter is not a real person on HOL, it just sounds like a cool name. I have no grudge against anyone on this site)) "Yeah, I did. It was awesome when I saw that attached to my letter! I wonder who's the other prefect. I couldn't see them when I patrolled the cabins, so I'm wondering if they're coming later and are sick right now. That would be a drag. I just hope it's not Jason Carter. He can really get annoying. Put one toe out of line, he'll get you for that," she explained. "I bet you'll get it too! You have quite a chance. Aren't you top of your classes? I bet you could've made Ravenclaw. Professor McGonagall included in my letter that I was picked because of my kindness and humbleness. I bet there were better choices, though," Ivy added quickly. "She said that I was smart and deserved to become one. I've heard of many people like that, but I really want to meet the Minister of Magic, Hermione Granger, and her friends, Ronald Weasley and Harry Potter. I won't bombard Albus or Scorpius with questions though. I met them on the train and said hi to them. They said I had the calmest greeting that anyone had ever said to them." They approached the thestrals. Ivy could see them, but she hadn't told anyone else, not even Iverian. She was scared she'd get teased. Ivy tried not to get involved in anything with thestrals. She might've said it on accident.
  4. Ivy Field

    Looking to start a RP?

    Okay, I'll RP with you! I'm Ivy Field, and can I be a 5th year? Just asking. So anyway, I'm Muggle-born. I'm very smart, and I'm a prefect (if I can be 5th year). So, I'll be going to Hogsmeade with you, I guess. I can be a little obnoxious too, especially at lessons. However, I still find time to be a Keeper in Quidditch for Hufflepuff.