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  1. Help the Secretary of State sort out which of her diplomats she needs to send out from April-August. Determine the month and destination (one is Riga) of each diplomat, and the duration of their visit (one is 9 days). 1. Neither Anderson nor the person going to Brussels will leave for the 10 day visit. 2. Of the person leaving in August and the ambassador with the 2 day visit, one is Mr Vasquez and the other will go to Brussels. 3. The ambassador with the 7 day visit will leave 2 months after Stevenson. 4. Nguyen is either the person going to Tirane or the person leaving in April. 5. The diplomat going to Brussels will leave sometime after the ambassador with the 7 day visit. 6. Of Vasquez and the diplomat going to Copenhagen, one will leave in April and the other will leave for the 4 day visit. 7. Howell, Stevenson, the person leaving in July and the ambassador with the 4 day visit are all different diplomats. 8. The diplomat going to Madrid will leave sometime after Vasquez. 10 scales (May 2018) Send me a solution via Dungeons PM with the title Diplomats. Solved by: Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis 5 scales (May 2018) Will Lestrange 5 scales (May 2018) Emma Borg 5 scales (May 2018) Prof. Tarma Amelia Black 5 scales (May 2018)
  2. Would someone mind feeding my pets for me? My cat wants to runa away again. :(

    1. Darcey Goode

      Darcey Goode

      Thanks Scarlet, Max and Tarma, that'll hold them off until I earn some points.

  3. Nope! Karlyn? (Btw, whoever sees this - would you mind feeding my cat? She's threatening to run away )
  4. Would someone mind feeding my cat Scar? She's getting grumpy again and I don't want her to run away.

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