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  1. It's almost time for Silver Snake! See you in #SilverSnake on IRC at 9pm HOL time tonight (1/2)!!

  2. Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know i'm so close to being free again! I was hoping to be done with everything by July 1 but it looks like i've got to push that to Aug. 1, but then i'll have a real life schedule that gives me more time to hang out with all you lovelies!

  3. There is still time to sign up; and I've extended the deadline to send gifts/sign up to Jan. 2 as the date most people can make is Sunday Jan. 5 at 9pm HOL time so that's when we'll be doing the IRC exchange in #SilverSnake

  4. Mama's gonna buy you an Arctic Tern! And if that Tern flies away.....
  5. As so many Slytherins before me, I too got Rebel!
  6. Sherbet Lemon + Cauldron Cakes - Drooble’s Best Blowing Bubble Gum 16 Cauldron Cakes 19 Sherbet Lemon 16
  7. All of my pets are "very happy and joyful" and "stuffed" but only one is also "very proud." The other two "want to run away" and "do not like my owner!"


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    2. Arianna Stonewater

      Arianna Stonewater

      I kept feeding them and feeding them so they were stuffed and the first part always changed until it got to "very happy and joyful" but no matter how much i fed or pet them they still "want to run away" or "do not like my owner" 😭

      It definitely seemed like they needed someone else's beans, as they are fine now, so thanks Scarlet!

    3. Prof. Sky Alton

      Prof. Sky Alton

      That middle stat is effected by prestige. Usually it goes up if you've earned points or (I think) an award recently. Sometimes not though. But it always goes up if someone else feeds them for you. They won't run away if the other two stats are high though, even though it says they want to.

    4. Cheyenne Roncone

      Cheyenne Roncone

      What kind of pets do you have?

  8. GOOOOB!!! I've recently finished watching the Haunting of Hill House for the second time, and every time i see Bowler Hat guy, i'm like, THIS is my bowler hat guy: I've also thought Maleficent and Jim Carey's Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas were good too!
  9. A few years ago I backed an Australian artist, Sen.Art, on Kickstarter who made bookmarks out of leaves! I got 3 of them, and they turned out so beautiful! I'm not at home so I don't have the bookmarks with me, but here is a picture from her original Kickstarter of one of the ones I ended up getting! (She made a bunch, each of them unique, and i was sent 3 random ones. She has done several more Kickstarters with different designs. I'm still waiting for her to open an Etsy shop!)
  10. granted, but they obliviate you before leaving so you can't tell anyone their secrets! I wish my Star Wars mobile game gave us a completely new character instead of another version of Chewbacca! (we already had Vandor Chewy, Veteran Smuggler Chewy, and Clone Wars Chewy, why do we need Original Trilogy Chewy???)
  11. NO! It's-a-me, Arian-na! Perhaps Will will join our game?
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