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  1. thanks for running this! I can't believe how many different ideas you came up with for the cards!!
  2. I'm sure the Dungeon ceilings are high enough for that!! So pretty....
  3. Maybe I should try. Aurelia?
  4. Welcome to all of our non-"Slythering" friends! Some advice during your time here: First years are advised to stay away from shadowing corners as our pet Lethifold Malumbrabas (Brabas) likes to snack on first years All students are advised to be mindful of where they are looking as our other pet, Basil (a basilisk), can be very tricky and you don't want to be turned to stone! We all enjoy fun and games here so stop by Silly Snakes to participate in one of our games, or start your own! We are all very friendly, so don't hesitate to ask us anything! Snakes, did I forget anything else? Lions, Birds, and badgers; what brings you to our serene dungeons?
  5. Granted, but the house was so overcome with things to do it decided the only thing to do was light itself with "cleansing fire" and now you have no house I wish throat lozenges came in better flavors
  6. "You can say so as often as you like, but I don't believe it."
  7. Revelio is wrapping up, I loved all the clues everyone was coming up with, and Prof. Amy did an AMAZING job thinking of some obscure items for the cards! Bookclub finished up with the Hunger Games and now we've started Inkheart! Sadly, I've already packed my hardcopy but I have found a decent pdf version (much better than my Harry Potter pdfs!) that I think will work just fine Hollers, largely in part thanks to Maxim, has been much more active! I love all of the different activities Maxim has thought of for the various holidays in the Creative Outlet area; we are very lucky to have this new member on our team! Still no laptop, and it looks like we're going to wait until we move at the end of June/beginning of July to get one since we aren't sure when my husband will start getting paid from his new job then, but I've been making do with my work computer and cell phone work in the meantime so it hasn't been too bad.
  8. Yes! And that's it for this card I'll see if I can get another
  9. Gringotts Mine Cart?
  10. Correct on all accounts! I'm doing this from my phone and didn't see that my words were cut when I put the pictures in Item #5, clue #1 A play made by the seeker and his (or her) sleeve
  11. nope! Item #4, Clue #2:
  12. Roast Hog?
  13. +
  14. Holly
  15. Yes! Item #3, clue #1 This headpiece is much sought after