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  1. As so many Slytherins before me, I too got Rebel!
  2. Glinda the "Good Witch!" She knew Dorothy had the power to go home all along and could have found a much better way of convincing her to believe. Instead, she sends her on a crazy, life-threatening mission to kill her enemy! (I'm talking straight Wizard of Oz here guys, no need to bring in the Wicked storyline.) PLUS, when Dorothy arrived this exchange happened: SHE ASKED HER IF SHE IS A GOOD WITCH OR A BAD WITCH, BUT KNOWS FULL WELL BAD WITCHES ARE UGLY.
  3. My blade lights up for the Heroes, and for Slytherin For the most part, my saber is sleek so it won't catch on anything, but i did add the staff handle so I can use it as a combat staff too I chose the leather grips to help me hold on to it better, and everything else is designed to be pretty, which is why i chose Chamber 3 so you can see my green crystal too! Parts ASP . Pommel 17 . Weathered ASP . Staff Extension 1W . Weathered . Medium Green Leather ASP . Resilient Body . Weathered . Medium Green Leather ASP . Chamber 3 . Weathered ASP . Vigilant Switch . Weathered ASP . Black Lotus Emitter . Weathered ASP . Led 12W+ . Green ASP . Blade Plug 2 . Black ASP . Blade 32'' 15 emerald shards to Villains
  4. I don't think there is anything that would make me change sides. That being said, I think sometimes the ends justify the means. That is, sometimes I might need to do bad or "evil" things for a good reason. This is especially true when concerning my friends or loved ones, or if it means stopping a big bad guy. An example might be stealing something before a bad guy can, or shooting a bad guy so he'll let go of the hostage.
  5. This is a good point! I don't know if I'd use the weapon i inherited or won though. I think I would probably keep it in some kind of study or other place for displaying it. I would want to be able to remember where it came from, but it would be too special to use. So they'd be more like trophies or souvenirs.
  6. I've always loved Sokka's (Avatar: The Last Airbender) meteor sword that he makes himself! Watching him go through all of the effort to make something that suits him so perfectly was incredible. It was such an amazing journey, and I'd like that for myself. Having a cool weapon is one thing, but one you made yourself? That's something to be proud of, and that's what i want! Though it'd be cool to have his sword too
  7. Heroes: -"H" in name: Start Light -Never had a cavity: Sky Alton -Plays an instrument: Iverian Gnash -The Her in Hero student: Diana Whisper -Quidditch Player: Emma Borg 5 emerald shards to Heroes (BINGO #1)
  8. A dark poster so it will stand out amongst the white notices posted around town features a grass green comic cloud with bright gold and yellow words. The words ask questions of the reader to draw them in, and to tell them we're looking for specific people. Just outside the cloud are more yellow words, offering the perks and benefits of joining our organization. Interested parties may call the number in bright red at the bottom of the poster!
  9. You guys are bringing back all kinds of memories! Right now, with my daughter, I'm enjoying all of the Mickey Mouse Vs. Pete battles in whatever version they take! My current favorite is Captain Mickey Mouse vs. Peg-Leg Pete! There's a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode where they help Goofy's Grandpappy, Captain Goof-Beard, who is voiced by the legendary Dick Van Dyke! I also used to love Dora (the Exploradora) vs. Swiper the Fox! I loved watching with my younger sister and yelling "Swiper no swiping!" at the tv!
  10. Here for the Heroes! (Image shows a teenage Rogue from the X-Men Evolution putting her hood up outside while snow is falling) (Image shows adult Rogue from the X-Men running with a brown-grey background)
  11. 190: to the lake Bonus: Sirius and James Bonus: Moody, Lupin, and Tonks Those who answered correctly are italicized: Adaleine Shuster – 2 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis – 60 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black – 60 Will Lestrange – 60 A most sincere thanks to all who have participated this year, with a special shoutout to Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis, Prof. Tarma Amelia Black, and Will Lestrange who have done more trivia than anyone else this year!!! See you 12AM HOL TIME (ish) next year when we start Book 6!!! Have a great summer!
  12. How to tell if you're under the control of a Gurgling Sprout: 1. Have you smelt Strawberries when none were to be found? 2. Have your eyes changed colors but reverted to their "normal" color when you look in a mirror? 3. Have you traveled to Africa recently but don't remember anything about the trip, including going or coming back? 4. Have you lost the ability to whistle? 5. Has your balance significantly improved from last year?
  13. I'm in agreement with the two above! There were certainly be the standard political baloney, but I'd hope there was something useful too! And perhaps some "jobs" ads for new positions as the death eaters leave/are discovered or others go into hiding/are killed
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