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  1. Goblet of Fire Trivia

    Hello! Question #71: What was Moody's first instruction to the class? PM me your answers by 12am HOL time on Dec. 12 for 2 scales!
  2. Goblet of Fire Trivia

    #70: The library Those with correct answers for #70 are italicized: Anna Snape-12 Marie Dark-20 Polaris Black-20 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis-20 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black-20 Shadow Gaunt-20 Shiloh Adlar-6 Will Lestrange-18 See you at 12am HOL time on Dec. 11 for more trivia and more scales!
  3. Goblet of Fire Trivia

    #69: Rita Skeeter Those with correct answers for #69 are italicized: Anna Snape-12 Marie Dark-18 Polaris Black-18 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis-18 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black-18 Shadow Gaunt-18 Shiloh Adlar-6 Will Lestrange-16 #70: Where did Hermione need to go that caused her to eat so quickly? PM me your answers by 12am HOL time on Dec. 8 for 2 scales!
  4. Goblet of Fire Trivia

    #68: a midget in glasses is being born Those with correct answers for #68 are italicized: Anna Snape-12 Marie Dark-16 Polaris Black-16 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis-16 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black-16 Shadow Gaunt-14 Shiloh Adlar-6 Will Lestrange-16 #69: Who wrote the article about Ron's father? PM me your answers by 12am HOL time on Dec. 7 for 2 scales!
  5. Mad-Eye Moody - Task 2

    I think he would transform some poor Hufflepuff into a Lion or some other big creature to try to teach it some "fierceness" after they "squeaked" an answer or something.
  6. Mad-Eye Moody - Task 1

    i don't understand my chart at all, but part of the report that the page gave me was this: which totally describes me i think
  7. Goblet of Fire Trivia

    #67: the ones with the stings are probably males (the females are probably the ones with the suckers) Bonus: Eloise Midgen, she tried to curse her pimples off (don't worry, Madam Pomfrey fixed her nose back on!) Those with correct answers for #67 AND the bonus are italicized: Anna Snape-12 Marie Dark-14 Polaris Black-14 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis-14 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black-14 Shadow Gaunt-14 Shiloh Adlar-6 Will Lestrange-14 #68: What did Ron say "two Neptunes in the sky" means? PM me your answers by 12am HOL time on Dec. 6 for 6 scales!
  8. Arianna Stonewater's Journal

    I am so upset!!! I feed and pet my three pets every day. This morning I log in and find out my toad Damien (my first pet, i've had him for a little over 2 years) ran away, and my cat Edrea "is very happy and joyful and wants to run away."
  9. Task 2: Venue & D├ęcor

    For my Dark Glitterati theme, we should definitely have dark, sparkly decorations everywhere! Of course the floating candles should be there, but the flames should be enchanted to be more like Sparklers (like on the 4th of July/New Years Eve). Glittering dark silver icicles with metallic crimson, forest green, midnight blue, royal purple and burnt orange baubles sporadically spaced in between hanging on the walls. The tables can be covered in black table clothes with silver and gold shiny speckles!
  10. Task 1: Theme & Colour Scheme

    I'd like a Dark Glitterati theme! That means that everything is shiny and glittery! Like Prof. Tarma, I live in the northern hemisphere so Yule-time for me means Glittery Snow, shiny lights, and sparkly decorations! There is no one color, but as the word "Dark" in the "Dark Glitterati" title suggests, the colors should be dark and shiny/glittery/sparkly, as opposed to something light (like pastels). This is a time of joy and celebration, and if that doesn't mean glitter than I don't know what does!!
  11. Goblet of Fire Trivia

    Sorry this is so late! My daughter is being a big weenie today and she FINALLY just went to sleep. Tomorrow's questions will (hopefully) be on time but you'll still have 24hours to answer these! #66: Herbology Those with correct answers for #66 are italicized: Anna Snape-6 Marie Dark-8 Polaris Black-8 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis-8 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black-8 Shadow Gaunt-8 Shiloh Adlar-6 Will Lestrange-8 #67: Which Blast-Ended Skrewts did Hagrid reckon were the males? Bonus (4 scales!): What is the name of the student Hannah Abbott mentioned and what did she attempt? PM me your answers by 12am HOL time on Dec. 6 for 6 scales!
  12. Slythmas Signature

  13. Arianna Stonewater's Journal

    I had a really cool week working on the nutcracker, but I've been out of work so long that it messed up my days! It's the best time of the year; Slythmas has started!!!!! I'm so excited for Silver Snake this year, I hope a lot of people join in
  14. Goblet of Fire Trivia

    Here we go, question #66!! What class do the trio have with the Hufflepuffs? PM me your answer by 12am HOL time on Dec. 5 for 2 scales!
  15. Silver Snake Info & Questions

    Welcome to the 2017 Slythmas Gift Exchange! This year, we are going to do a Silver Snake Exchange (similar to the White Elephant exchanges). Below, you will see our tree, but it is sadly lacking presents. That's where you come in! Sign up to participate by sending in your "gift" (a promise to make a new avatar/sig for someone, a puzzle, a new chocolate frog card for their profile, a joke, beans, enough beans for a new pet, a favor, etc) to me in a PM (subject Silver Snake) by Dec. 15. I will then wrap your presents and put them under this tree. On Dec. 16 we will meet on IRC (time TBD, but before the Quidditch match) to pick presents! If you are unable to join us on IRC, fear not! The presents that are left will be available for you to pick from afterwards Say 20 people sign up. I will put 20 packages under the tree. On IRC, once everyone who is playing (NOTE: you can only play if you submitted a gift.) is ready, we'll assign an order for picking presents with a random generator. Person 1 posts they want the green package with red bows, we say it's a sudoku puzzle. Person 2 can steal their present or pick a new one. if they steal, person 1 picks a new present, and we say what that is. Then person 3 can steal one of those two or pick a new present. A present can only be stolen 3 times. After the last person on IRC gets their present, I will edit the image so that the picked presents are crossed off. Then anyone who wasn't able to attend the IRC can pick from those until they're all gone! For items like new avatars/siggys/favors, we will connect the person who picked that present with the person who gave it. If you have any questions, please post below!