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  1. Goblet of Fire Trivia

    I'm super impressed that everyone who answer the trivia included the adverb and not just the color! #169: vivid, poisonous-looking blue Bonus: burning red Bonus: blinding white Those who sent in correct answers are italicized: Polaris Black-24 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis-44 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black-44 Shadow Gaunt-10 Shiloh Adlar-44 Will Lestrange-42 #170: What is the first thing the newly returned Voldemort had to say? PM me the answer by 12AM HOL time on April 21 for 2 scales!
  2. Goblet of Fire Trivia

    #168: The man hit him with a hand that was missing a finger so he knew it was Wormtail Those who sent in correct answers are italicized: Polaris Black-18 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis-38 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black-38 Shadow Gaunt-10 Shiloh Adlar-38 Will Lestrange-36 #169: What color did the liquid in the cauldron turn after Tom Sr.'s bone dust went in? Bonus: What color did it turn after Wormtail's hand went in? Bonus: What color did it turn after Harry's blood went in? PM me the answer by 12AM HOL time on April 20 for 6 scales!
  3. Goblet of Fire Trivia

    #167: Grey/Gray Those who sent in correct answers are italicized: Polaris Black-16 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis-36 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black-36 Shadow Gaunt-10 Shiloh Adlar-36 Will Lestrange-34 #168: How did Harry know who the man under the hood tying him up was? PM me the answer by 12AM HOL time on April 19 for 2 scales!
  4. Goblet of Fire Trivia

    #166: Cedric Diggory Those who sent in correct answers are italicized: Polaris Black-14 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis-34 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black-34 Shadow Gaunt-10 Shiloh Adlar-34 Will Lestrange-32 #167: What color were Cedric's eyes? PM me the answer by 12AM HOL time on April 18 for 2 scales!
  5. Goblet of Fire Trivia

    Hello all, and welcome to the middle of April! This week features a very short but also very dramatic chapter. #166: Who stood up first after being transported by portkey? PM me the answer by 12AM HOL time on April 17 for 2 scales!
  6. Goblet of Fire Trivia

    Thanks for bearing with me this week! 161. Impediment Curse BONUS: Shield Charm 162. sitting at the back of the exam room, looking up fresh hexes for the third task BONUS: Sir Cadogan, the Fat Lady 163. Ogg (Apollyon Pringle had the job before FILCH!) BONUS 1: Harry - left; Cedric - right BONUS 2: a Boggart, taking the form of a Dementor 164. Cruciatus/Crucio BONUS: a Stunning Spell/Stupefy 165. Harry Potter Those who got the answers right for 20 scales are italicized: Polaris Black-12 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis-32 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black-32 Shadow Gaunt-10 Shiloh Adlar-32 Will Lestrange-30 See you at 12am HOL time on April 16 for more trivia!!
  7. The Third Task - Task 2

    In Stephen King's Rose Red, there is an entire room of the house where everything is upside down!! i definitely think i would be shocked, but after a second I would try to reorient myself and keep going until the world was right again
  8. The Third Task - Task 1

    I like to imagine the precursor to the Weasley's eavesdropping ears is something like the tin-can telephone, with two objects enchanted to hear something spoken into the other one, like saying an enchanted bertie botts bag being placed in the common room and then sitting in your bunk with another enchanted bertie botts bag, you could hear the convos of anyone who spoke near the first bag!
  9. Goblet of Fire Trivia

    I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend! My upcoming week is going to be a bit busy starting today, so you get all of the trivia at once today and you get it early! #161: What curse were the trio supposed to work on but couldn't as it was too late? Bonus: Which charm was Harry having issues with? #162: What was Harry doing while other students were taking exams? Bonus: Which portraits did Bill ask about? #163: What is the name of the groundskeeper before Hagrid? Bonus Which path of the fork did Harry and Cedric each take? Bonus: What is the first creature Harry came across? #164: Which spell did Krum use on Cedric? Bonus: Which spell did Harry use on Krum? #165: Who suggested they both take the cup at the same time? PM me the answers by 12am HOL Time on April 14 for 20 scales!
  10. Thank You!

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the Spring Scavenger Hunt and made it lots of fun for me! All solutions have been posted now, so here is the final tally of scales earned! If something is missing, please let me know! Astaria Rivers - 50 Elena Galatas - 35 Ellie Warhol - 25 Emma Borg - 80 Katelin Ross - 55 Kendra Givens - 80 Polaris Black - 80 Prof. Gustavo Flores - 50 Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis - 75 Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 80 Shadow Gaunt - 5 Shiloh Adlar - 80 Siobhan Sullivan - 55 Vanessa Tilley - 40 Will Lestrange - 80
  11. The Final Puzzle

  12. Clue #12

  13. Clue #11

  14. Clue #10

  15. Clue #9