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  1. You know you’re a Slytherin when you get too competitive
  2. I’m a huge Walking Dead fan and have three separate Walking Dead theme games one of course is just a trivia game but the other two are: Monopoly which is based off the comic books instead of the show. Has the different locations the survivors had come across or stayed at like the prison, Woodbury, etc… and then I have one called All Out War. It’s a tactical head to head game just like Risk. I like them better this way because its themed and it catches my attention better.
  3. I play Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. I’m on 6th year. Currently doing the three mendous decorations challenge
  4. Just took this quiz and got Slytherin. That honestly doesn’t surprise me. I always get Slytherin on any sorting quiz I take. Lol.
  5. So I’m really into the dark academia aesthetic, so I thought I would share my iPad layout and background. A91738-F4-B8-CF-4109-B80-D-5634-B79351-A

  6. So, I don’t know if anyone else is into it but I really like the Dark Academia Aesthetic so I thought I would include it into my dorm.
  7. So, Tom Felton who played Draco Malfoy has a website where he post fan art of himself and Draco. You can collect the art you like. And back in October he posted one of mine I had submitted and I didn’t know about it because I hadn’t been on in a while. But last month I got on and saw it and freaked lol. I got on tonight and saw he posted another one on Thursday. I’ve been a huge fan of Tom Felton since he played in The Borrowers, I had a huge crush on the little boy who played Peagreen when I was a little girl. It got worse when I saw him in Harry Potter for the first time lol. This is super exciting for me. 




  8. Entry Five 13-12-2021 Dear Journey, I am so happy right now! Tom Felton who play’s Draco Malfoy in the Muggle movies about Harry Potter has a website that he shares artwork from fans of himself and Draco and you can collect them. Well, back in October he shared one of my drawings I had admitted and then I checked tonight and he posted another one! Muggle life right now is 5 scales awarded
  9. My favorite bookmark I have is my Slytherin bookmark my mom got me last year for Christmas. It’s from the noble collection
  10. My favorite Christmas movies are: The Grinch, Home Alone, and The Santa Clause
  11. I impulse buy HP merch. There is a site called aftercolor and they have this amazing Wizard collection of sweatpants, sweatshirts, hoodies, tee shirts, hair clips and scrunchies. And a lot more. I can’t help but buy something every time I go one their website.
  12. Idk if you’re into the horror/thriller or post apocalyptic type books but I have a few Stephen Kings books that I find good. The Stand, The Revival, and Dr. Sleep (it’s a kind of sequel to The Shinning. Then Bobby Adair, who is an Indi author has a 9 book series plus a novella called Slow Burn and the Tenth book just came out this year. I’ve read about ten times already it very good. It’s a post apocalyptic type setting.
  13. Hi Sheila! Welcome to the Slytherin Dungeons! I hope you enjoy it here at HOL!
  14. Merlins feed primarily on birds. Although the species takes birds as large as pigeons and small ducks, it usually feeds on small- to medium-sized songbirds. In urban areas, House Sparrows are a major component of the diets of many Merlin.
  15. More Draco Malfoy Art of mine 700370EC-82AD-4C18-B2A8-2B8C6D9D58BA.jpeg.ed032bf15a54ac949deadeb0fa272b70.jpeg

  16. I don’t think they are evil. I think they are more. Misunderstood than anything and some, like, Draco Malfoy didn’t really grow up with the best role models. I mean Slughorn is a Slytherin and he’s a kind man.
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