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  1. I'm tempted to just start calling Basil Effie Trinket.
  2. +Fred -Snape Fred Weasley - 74 Severus Snape - 57 Luna Lovegood - 54
  3. Kind of. I've got so much to do. TWBM went to one of the Starkid Apocalyptour shows this spring.
  4. Nopes. Random drop in by me! I'll guess Alice?
  5. Granted but then the system goes down and they loose all records of you ever taking the test. I wish that power would come back on at work. Fridays' storms screwed everything up (though I am technically getting almost 76 hours since I wasn't able to clock out on Friday. )
  6. I'll take it. *Leaves a cheese pizza*
  7. Listen to nothing but Wrock. Parodies or the original songs?
  8. I hate that Pottermore is not letting us see who's in the lead for the House Cup. =(
  9. One Reason by Fade (and it's also the opening theme for the anime Deadman Wonderland)
  10. I'm StrikeWatch25534 and am in Slytherin. Feel free to add me there. I finally got around to making an account there. @Rayne: I suck at the potions as well. I've gone through every bit of 8 cauldrons in the last week and a half since I joined Pottermore. T_T
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