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  1. I'm pretty awesome at potions. my username is PixieSpell1089 and i'm a Slytherin xD
  2. "No you won't!" Rose called after her. Her sister just didn't know when to stop, did she? It was rather ridiculus how Rose always had to be the mature one, and Crystal the spoiled brat.
  3. Rose smirked, aware of everyone's eyes on her. "I would," she told Crystal. "Believe me when I say that I would."
  4. "Crystal!" Rose couldn't believe that her sister was blatantly ignoring her. "Remember our conversation in the dorm?" she asked. "Remember what I can tell everyone?"
  5. "Finally!" Rose exclaimed, before noticing the other girls standing by the fireplace. "Hi, I'm Rose," she intorduced herself. "I see you've already met my sister."
  6. Rose grinned widely. "Sure," she laughed. "But don't bring that nasty animal that you had a couple years ago. Fiend. I heard you got a wolf cub, though. He can be there. But I repeat, not Fiend the cat!" She shuddered at the thought of Crystal's old mangy cat that scratched everything and everyone.
  7. Annarose Malfoy walked down the stairs from her dormitory where she was getting her things put away. She saw a few girls by the fireplace. She only recognized one of them: Her sister, Crystal. She ran the rest of the way and gave her a big hug. "I'm so glad you made it into Slytherin!" she said enthusiastically.
  8. "Crystal! Stop!" Rose yelped. She didn't want her sister finding that door. Nothing good would come of it.
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