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  1. Nope, Gail instead Arianna Stonewater?
  2. Firetusindnihundredeogtreogfirs
  3. Hello Snakes Like Aidan I've been led here by HOL 101. A great class for newbies! I love that there is a class like that that can teach you about HOL and make sure you know about all the important placed. Like the dungeon for instance. I am not certain I would have dared sneak into the dungeon if I hadn't been goaded invited by that class. I hope to spend some time around here now that I've made it in without being bitten. I figure I can at least avoid being bitten too hard like this thread's title promises. About me I can say that I am first year Ravenclaw who has recently been converted to the joys of botting Hope to talk to you some more in the future.
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