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  1. *pops up in a random thread* Nope Accio Emily! *disappears again*
  2. Potions in order of preference: 1. Veritaserum 2. Felix Felicis 3. Polyjuice Potion
  3. A stand-up comedian Watch a movie at the cinema or at home?
  4. Tutshill Tornados + Montrose Magpies - Holyhead Harpies 26 Montrose Magpies 15 Tutshill Tornados 24
  5. Tutshill Tornados + Montrose Magpies - Holyhead Harpies 23Montrose Magpies 18Tutshill Tornados 24
  6. I have somewhat the same unfair advantage as prof Scarlet. My mum collected stamps for quite a long time, however, sadly for me now, she lost interest a while ago. Nevertheless, I found some interesting stamps in her albums. These are my favorites ones / the ones that caught my eye.
  7. Falcons + United - Falmouth Falcons 5Holyhead Harpies 24Montrose Magpies 17Puddlemere United 0Tutshill Tornados 19
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