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  1. Heroes: "H" in name- Iverian Gnash Never had a cavity- Sky Alton Plays an instrument- Kendra Givens The Her in Hero student- Anna Snape Quidditch player- Will Lestrange (BINGO #6)
  2. I would want a weapon that was pretty. I'm not completely sure of what kind of weapon this would be, but I'm thinking something that LOOKS like a trident. It would have a jewel-encrusted handle. The three spears could be used for spearing people, and they would be filled with poison. One sharp twist of the handle would reveal a sword. At the same time this weapon couldn't be huge, as I am tiny. So, I would like a double weapon with a jewel-encrusted handle. I'm not picky, but I think it would probably have been made just for me.
  3. I didn't design mine to represent something, I made it so that it looked nice. My hilt is made of 5 parts. I did two blades, one mint green and one pink. 15 emerald shards to Villains
  4. I don't think it would take much to get me to change sides. If I believe in what the other side stands for, I go there. If I like the people more on the other side, I go there. If the location of the other side is nicer, I go there. If it looks like my side is about to collapse, I go there. If it looks like we have no chance of success and we will be hurt, I change sides. Really, you shouldn't rely on me to fight for your side, as at the first sign of trouble I'll probably change sides.
  5. Heroes: Disney Fan- Prof. Gustavo Flores Posted an arcade score: Prof. Tarma Amelia Black Superheroes Studies Student: Cody Lewis Quidditch Player: Katelin Ross Has a dog: Sky Alton (BINGO #5)
  6. Heroes: First year: Dexter York Marvel fan: Keith Mauldin Free: Prof. Felicia Hartwick has worked in a RL school for 24 years Early bird: Maxim Trevelyan Superhero Studies Student: Gail Allen (BINGO #4)
  7. Villains: Youngest Child: Bull J. Johnson Won a Slytherin Award: Iverian Gnash Speaks Multiple Tongues: Romilda Jones Prefect: Sky Alton Team Captain America: Prof. Rorey Padfoot 5 emerald shards to Villains (BINGO #3)
  8. Villians: Green Team: Will Lestrange Star Wars fan: Sky Alton Free: Kendra Givens, had her first cavity at age 30 Has a brother: Prof. Tarma Amelia Black Speaks Multiple Tounges: Emma Borg 5 emerald shards to Villains (BINGO #2)
  9. 5 emerald shards to Villains (BINGO #1)
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