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  1. I, Adaleine Shuster, am officially earning scales and fighting for the villains. See my signature down below 😁
  2. I can do Friday’s and Saturday’s at any time between 10 pm and 3 am HOL time. I can do it on Sundays between 10 pm to 12 am HOL time.
  3. “It’s dreadful that he’s dead! But we’re being realistic!”
  4. I like pretty much anything by Tim Burton. His work is a bit creepy, but I think it’s still good. Beetlejuice is a favorite.
  5. None of he following post would work if I’m driving. I would bring along a light blanket, so that I don’t get super hot, but can still nap. I would also bring a neck pillow. I have a music playlist that I listen to, and it makes the time fly by. I don’t really like audio books, unless they are read by the author. If there is one that I really want, I will bring it along for the trip. I also listen to podcasts in cars, and that works really well even if I’m driving. I’m not sure if the names, but I have listened to a bunch of animal ones. There was one about dogs owning the walk, and one about how dogs think. Those were both really interesting. Another one that i thought I would mention is Mars Patel. This is, I believe, for children, but I thought it was still really interesting. I need a cold diet root beer and some plain popcorn for munches, as well as lemon halves (just in saw anyone gets carsick).
  6. No. TWBM likes Goblet of Fire the most.
  7. If you’re making some I’ll take some. *sips tea*
  8. Can you share a link to that list? Let's see... Ravenclaw- Clue or Monopoly. Gryffindor- Kind of odd, but War. You know the card game for young children who are learning to add? Slytherin- Life. Hufflepuff- *disclaimer: I know this is a little kids game, and I am not trying to imply anything. I am a Hufflepuff who actually enjoys this game. Call me a little kid.* Candy Land.
  9. A couple of days ago I played Monopoly for the first time. I played it with two other people. I do not understand why people don't like it. This guy that I was playing with sold me my fourth railroad- a bad choice. For those of you who don't know how to play, there are four railroads. If you own all of them you get 200 monopoly money whenever somebody lands on ANY of the railroads. The point of the game is to have the most money, make the other players go bankrupt, and own the most properties. AT the end of the game I had tons of money, while my friends had exactly 1 monopoly money. They could not keep their properties since they kept landing on the pricey properties that I owned. I would explain the game, but I think I heard that a post can't be more a million words. Ok... maybe I'm exaggerating just a touch.😉 I do not understand one thing about the game though- how does it end?
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