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  1. "You are welcome." (It's not an actual title of my quote. If you are curious and Google does not answer, feel free to send me PM. ) "Terminate this program and get off my computer at once," he said.
  2. Clockwork Princess "Certainly, my dear, certainly," replied the old gentleman.
  3. @Magnus Ward you are my only Tendency buddy here. I am an Upholder. Doing what others expect you to do in a smart way can make you get what you want or manipulate situation to your advantage. I guess I could say that my statement has a "dash of Rebel" in it.
  4. @Lora Wallabenger the goal of this topic is to post a 5th sentence not a 5th line from the page 94 of your book. It is less confusing. Some of those who had been among the most industrious, the kindest, and the most stalwart citizens of Village now went to the platform and shouted out their wish that the border be closed so that "we" (Matty shuddered at the use of "we") would not have to share the resources anymore.
  5. To bring him back and show him his place in the web of humanity.
  6. Hello, Pezzie! Basil should enjoy some frogs, that's why earlier this year I fed him frog cookies.
  7. Hello, Mable Man! Welcome to Slytherin! I cannot speak for others but my answer is yes, it has enabled me to feel closer to HP universe and community itself. HOL compared to other HP communities is unique. Instead of gathering and providing visual stimulus only, it offers an excellent community, safe environment, you can challenge yourself, and there are numerous options to stimulate creativity and imagination.
  8. Sounds like my real life. Kira leaned forward to see, but when Annabella lifted the lid, she jerked her head back in unpleasant surprise.
  9. Hello, Caleb! You are welcome here if you bring something sweet for everybody. I'm doing fine, quite busy lately but so far nobody was hurt and I consider that a success. How about you?
  10. Boggart is a great idea. I think we need to be light on pranks when it comes to Prof. Amy Lupin. She may be a Lupin but she is still a Slytherin. As Cody pointed out, we could go for Prof. Jenny Lupin, she is a Gryffindor - we don't need to have any mercy.
  11. Hey, Ravena! I'm in. Let's knock his socks off. We can also prank Prof. Amy Lupin.
  12. It's certainly a critical component in managing particular kinds of data and reminders of the commitments that relate to specific times and days. From ~ Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity
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