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  1. BRIE. Happy Birthday, lovely! ♥ I miss you! D:

  2. Ooh I'd like a kpop class next term, if of course you mean Korean Pop. :p

  3. How many of you would be interested in a kpop class for next term???

  4. Hey there Serena! I hope you'll find the Dungeons a really great place!

  5. Name: Gabrielle Bellatrix Cadeaux Age and Date of Birth: 13 on May 10th Year: Second Wand: 13 1/2 Willow with Leprechaun Hair core Pets: Dawlish, her owl, and Poltergeist, her cat Family Background: Gabrielle Cadeaux is the only child of two extremely wealthy French aristocrats, Jean Pierre Cadeaux and Vivienne Jeanne Rishelle. Her father is the CEO of the Magie Ikuinene Societes Corporation, a business that specializes in monitoring the trade of fraudulant magical artifacts. She is part of a pureblood French pedigree that stems from the royal house of Dreux. Her half-sister, born Cecilia Arietta Duchess but now Cecilia Else Duchess, is a Second Year but in the house of Gryffindor. Although both sisters were brought up in the same affluence and society, Cecilia and Gabrielle are the complete antithesis of one another and utterly despise one another. Gabrielle had dreamed of attending the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic ever since she was little, only to have this dream crushed when her parents decided to send her to Britain for a more "rounded" education. She has never been close to her parents, although she allows herself to be molded and shaped by them. Physical Description: In a spurt of rebelliousness, Gabrielle Cadeaux decided to dye her hair a bright red to hide her French origins or, better yet, further sever the ties between her and the country her parents had brought her up in. It reaches to the small of her back in a mass of curls. Her height is 5 feet 2 inches. Temperament: Although at first glance cold and uninterested, Gabrielle has an optimistic, and surprisingly childish, core to her personality. Almost everything is a game to her and the people around her, toys. She can read emotions very well and yet still has a hard time sympathizing with others. It is easy to please the others around her but she has a hard time making true friends given that her heart is surrounded by an almost impenetrable wall built by years of betrayal, regret, and her true nature. Classes Currently Enrolled in: She has decided to take Quidditch and Charms but would prefer to focus on her summer commitments before turning her mind back onto academic matters. Best Magical Talent: Gabrielle has a penchant for Charms but absolutely loves creating potions. She loves to charm the bone china tea set she received for Christmas into dancing Irish jigs. Worst Magical Talent: Sadly, Gabrielle is an owner of what some would call a "black thumb". Herbology is one of her worst subjects, and she must exert a tremendous amount of effort to keep up, especially since she is not very interested in the topic to begin with. Best Non-Magical Talent: She was born with the natural talent of mimicry. Worst Non-Magical Talent: Gabrielle has almost no sense of direction and will quickly become lost in almost any situation. Special Possessions: Her most special possession is a sapphire tear-shaped pendant given to her by a special childhood crush of hers, more than 5 years her senior, before he left to search for adventure in the Americas. She guards this memento on a charm bracelet on her left wrist. Greatest Fear: Failure to meet expectations, whether her own or others Future goals: She would like to complete her education with the highest marks possible in order to achieve her goal of becoming a Charms professor. Her mother and father greatly disapprove of her ambitions, preferring that she marry quickly to a suitor of their choice.
  6. Hey Lucy! This is Gab! I hope you're learning the ropes :) Believe me, the Dungeons is the coolest place to be XD

  7. Draco Malfoy + Severus Snape - Draco Malfoy 142 Severus Snape 54
  8. Draco Malfoy + Severus Snape - Draco Malfoy 141 Severus Snape 55 Haha I know exactly what you mean! Oh, choices choices!
  9. Oh funny you should mention this because it reminds me of this song my friend got me addicted to .... TOTALLY UNWILLINGLY. Justin Bieber anyone? I'm sorry, I've turned to the dark side >.< Justin Bieber ft. Jaden - Never Say Never
  10. Draco Malfoy + Severus Snape - Draco Malfoy 139 Severus Snape 57 I love how this is a standstill between two of the hottest Slytherins. Of course, it was to be expected XD
  11. Severus Snape - Draco Malfoy + Draco Malfoy 138 Severus Snape 58
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