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  1. BRIE. Happy Birthday, lovely! ♥ I miss you! D:

  2. Ooh I'd like a kpop class next term, if of course you mean Korean Pop. :p

  3. How many of you would be interested in a kpop class for next term???

  4. Hey there Serena! I hope you'll find the Dungeons a really great place!

  5. Name: Gabrielle Bellatrix Cadeaux Age and Date of Birth: 13 on May 10th Year: Second Wand: 13 1/2 Willow with Leprechaun Hair core Pets: Dawlish, her owl, and Poltergeist, her cat Family Background: Gabrielle Cadeaux is the only child of two extremely wealthy French aristocrats, Jean Pierre Cadeaux and Vivienne Jeanne Rishelle. Her father is the CEO of the Magie Ikuinene Societes Corporation, a business that specializes in monitoring the trade of fraudulant magical artifacts. She is part of a pureblood French pedigree that stems from the royal house of Dreux. Her half-sister, born Cec
  6. Hey Lucy! This is Gab! I hope you're learning the ropes :) Believe me, the Dungeons is the coolest place to be XD

  7. Draco Malfoy + Severus Snape - Draco Malfoy 142 Severus Snape 54
  8. Draco Malfoy + Severus Snape - Draco Malfoy 141 Severus Snape 55 Haha I know exactly what you mean! Oh, choices choices!
  9. Oh funny you should mention this because it reminds me of this song my friend got me addicted to .... TOTALLY UNWILLINGLY. Justin Bieber anyone? I'm sorry, I've turned to the dark side >.< Justin Bieber ft. Jaden - Never Say Never
  10. Draco Malfoy + Severus Snape - Draco Malfoy 139 Severus Snape 57 I love how this is a standstill between two of the hottest Slytherins. Of course, it was to be expected XD
  11. Severus Snape - Draco Malfoy + Draco Malfoy 138 Severus Snape 58
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