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  1. And one night, when the family slept, Essie arose in the night and unbolted the side door, to let her lover in.
  2. I think Hagrid could have tried to turn him into a fried dumpling since he was taking Harry's food. It probably would be a good thing that the transformation didn't go through all the way. I imagine the half transformation would be an almost dough crust coating Dudley's skin, with a sheen of grease. He would have an overwhelming odor of pork and soy sauce, and no matter how many showers he takes the smell will remain, until the spell wore off.
  3. When I was about ten, there was a terrible thunderstorm. My siblings were all away at school, and my parents had gone out for the evening after setting me up with pizza and pop. When the storm came, it knocked the power out suddenly. Scared, I stumbled toward the kitchen, banging my shins and toes on what seemed like every corner in the house. Once in the kitchen I tried looking for the candles, and matches that I knew Mom kept there just for this situation. For some reason (I'm fairly certain it was being scared like crazy) I couldn't find them. Just as I was beginning to panic there was a light shining behind me allowing me to see into the cupboard and cabinets. I quickly found the candles and lit one, only then turning around to see what was shining. It was a small ball of what looked like sunshine, about the size of a grapefruit, hovering in mid-air. Once I had the various candles lit, the ball of light faded away.
  4. I first heard about Voldemort's death in an owl from my sister. I thought she was trying to play a prank on me. The Dark Lord. He Who Must Not Be Named...destroyed by an infant. Nope, I didn't buy it, I even sent her an owl telling her it was a crappy joke and to try not to draw attention of those people. Shortly after I sent my owl to my sister, my friend flooed into my apartment, shrieking, and shoving champagne at me telling me we were going to party and celebrate and "Bless Saint Potter!". When she told me it was true, I broke out in tears, and started jumping and screaming with her. He was gone! Finally gone!!We flooed over to the pub and the place was packed with everyone in town cheering and celebrating. At midnight the whole pub paused in our celebration to remember those we had lost. Each person listed those they had lost, it took almost an hour for the whole pub to list everyone we had lost. At the end of the remembrance, the owner of the pub, announced that drinks were free for the next hour as we "Celebrate the creep Dark Lord dying, and bless the boy who had saved us!"
  5. You can never have enough socks, especially in different colors. *leaves some chocolate frogs and sugar quills*
  6. Reading. As much as I like writing, there is nothing better than curling up with a really good book and a hot cup of tea. Play or Movie?
  7. I nervously asked you about what books I should read for classes this year; and while you scoured your bookshelves, I snatched the cookie and ran out the door as fast as I could.... Now, it's my cookie.
  8. Doing the happy dance, signed up for my classes and can't wait for Sept. 1 so I can start them.

    1. Maxwell Shadow

      Maxwell Shadow

      I know the feeling Sophia. Love classes

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