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  1. Lawful good - Professor oak(Pokemon) He Seems To Favor Normal-Types although he can obtain powerful ones. Neutral Good - Captain America (Marvel) He believes if a law to be wrong/immoral, he will ignore and/or oppose it. Chaotic Good - Itachi Uchiha ( Naruto) Killed his own clan except Sasuke for the good of the society. Lawful Neutral - Yellow angry bird ( Angry birds) Keep the spped to the ratio but when time comes cant stop going fast. True Neutral - Mikasa Ackerman ( Attack on titan) This is a cruel world. And yet...so beautiful.... Chaotic Neutral - Aokiji (One piece) He has done both good in the past as well as attack the protagonists as well. 12 emerald shards to Heroes
  2. I have 2 questions does all the character have to be from the same book movie? Can the characters be from an anime as well?
  3. Avada Kedavra + Lumos- Avada Kedavra 8 Crucio 24 Lumos 8 Sectumsempra 9
  4. Avada Kedavra + Crucio - Avada Kedavra 8 Crucio 24 Lumos 8 Sectumsempra 9
  5. I need a weapon . It should be easy to handle. The weapon should have great powers. It should be controlled by the owner even if they are far away with just a flick of their wand. It will only work for the worthy(i.e. Romilda Jones).It will have the power no other weapon has nor will. It will stand unique and unbeaten among any other weapons. the looks of it should terrify the people. It will look like a dagger but has pretty cool and hidden powers in it
  6. Villians: DC fan: Kendra Givens Teaches a class: Amy Lupin V in name: Eve Roarke Posted in Villain Origin Story: Cody Lewis Prefect: Arianna Stonewater 5 emerald shards to Villains (BINGO #3)
  7. Avada Kedavra + Obliviate- Avada Kedavra 6 Crucio 25 Lumos 9 Sectumsempra 9
  8. Ballycastle Bats vs Appleby Arrows Wimbourne Wasps vs Chudley Cannons Falmouth Falcons vs Wigtown Wanderers Tutshill Tornados vs Holyhead Harpies Puddlemere United vs Kenmare Kestrels Pride of Portree vs Montrose Magpies
  9. The colors of my blades are purple and blood orange.The purple is a composition of red and blue crystals. It stands for uncertainty, reconstruction, recovery, high energy, sympathy, compassion, and the relentless determination to accomplish one's goals.The blood orange crystal is the mixture of Red and Yellow crystals. It stands for its skills, loyalty to the owner, and its high power against which non other blades can stand. My hilt is made of a heavy metal. My hilt contains 3 parts which are 2 Emitters and a Body.The Emitters are required to emit my blades and the body is required for a grip. My saber represent both the light and dark side, but works more effective in favor of the dark side. 15 emerald shards to Villains
  10. Villians Bingo: Grindelwald's Crimes Student: Alexander Brighton Drink's Coffee: Sky Alton Free: Adaleine Shuster, plays a Trombone "V" in name: Vanessa Tilley Left handed: Dexter York 5 emerald shards to Villains (BINGO #2)
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