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  1. Name: Astor "Ashton" Arensin Age: 12 Year: 2nd Wand: Orange and Elm with a Deer antler core, 15 inches Pet: Male Miniature Schnauzer named Abellio, 1 year old Physical Description: Short brown hair that reaches the eyebrows, with the sides and back shaved slightly into a fade. 5'0 tall. Somewhat pale skin with light brown freckles on his cheeks and arms, some scars on his arms as well from experiences with animals. Hazel-gray eyes with a blended gold rim around the iris and flecks of brown in the coloring. Slightly under average weight. Brief Personal History: Astor was raised on a farm of magical and nonmagical creatures and spent his childhood with the animals and exploring the woods nearby, he was a clumsy child who occasionally got scratches and bites from animals that were either over-excited or frightened/startled. These experiences taught him to respect all animals and to be patient with them. He also grew a passion for everything related to nature due to his years exploring the woods and seeing all the flora and fauna. Temperament: Shy/reserved, soft-spoken, hard working, determined, reliable, patient, emotionally sensitive. More to be added later. Special Possessions: A collar of his first dog, who passed away years before. It has been shrunken to the size of a bracelet that he wears around his wrist all the time. Greatest Fear: Losing his friends and pets/companions Future Goals: He wants to become a magizoologist and/or Herbologist
  2. Astor sighed as he flipped the page in his book entitled The Standard Book Of Spells: Year 2 by Miranda Goshawk. The term may not have started yet, but he prioritized reading ahead and doing well in his studies, he knew having a grasp on the content for the first few lessons in Prof. Tarma's second-year class would be beneficial, plus it would help him be a better class assistant! He smiled, amused by a passage he read, before he placed the bookmark on the page and set the book down on the plush seat next to him. Astor reached down to stroke the head of his pet Mini Schnauzer, Abellio, who was dozed off with his head nestled on Astor's feet.
  3. Will the missing items be in locations available to all of HOL? Have you checked to make sure? (I've had some events like this where things were mistakenly hidden in places only certain people could access)
  4. Hi! Let's see, do I sense Tarma up next? *g*
  5. Jigsaws are so fun! Thank you Louis ❤️
  6. Ahaha yes hello. Tarma, perhaps?
  7. Aw puppy!! Nope, it's me, Ashton Lucia again?
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