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  1. Dear journal, Long time no see,I missed you and almost forgot about you.This past month was not really happy for me,at all.I really wish boys like my ex didn't exist at all.Well,sfter all I am not in a fairytale,am I? I got over it,it's not my fault he did not see my goodness with his muggle eyes.Despise of that,I met another,not much of a joker ,tho.Got over his, texts fast as a cheetah.You know how we saaay "Me study,me care,me get my degree,if he wants,I dont care,just go out my way",Overall,now I am reeeally fine and over their messy bum.I have to go study ,cause I am really away from the finish cause I was not on and I missed many things. MOOD: In needof a relaxing mask with ditanny Literally me when I am studying YOURS TRULY AS ALWAYS DUHH, XANDRA XOXOXOXO 5 scales awarded
  2. 19th February 2021 Dear journal, I was really busy this week's Muggle school and Hogwarts exhaust me really much, but I almost finished a class. Daria and me are at kitchen right now, preparing a little sweet mischief cause I just finished writing my topic for Serpentimes about skincare with magical plants. I am excited to send it to the newspaper and maybe that who read it make my recipe for an acne mask with dittany and salicylic acid and a serum for skin problems with niamicide and bubotubers. I gotta go now Daria found all the ingredients for the sweet mischief. See you later💜 Yours truly, Xandra Malfoy 5 scales awarded
  3. The best thing I purchased by impulse, cause I always "impulse buy" anything,is 3 bucket hats and 3 bags for when I go out and some clothes to match them.
  4. I love a good old comedy movie like "Two white chicks" and "Home Alone" series,I love all the "Harry Potter" movies. In plus I love any romantic movie, action oriented like "Fast and Furious" series (I can't wait to watch F9) and I also love Christmas movies, but who doesn't? They are amazing, magical and filled with love.
  5. Hey there! I am Xandra Malfoy, I'm a first year here at Hogwarts. I am really happy cause I got sorted in this House cause all the people that I encountered and made friends with them are really sweet and kind, but ambitious and hard working too! What can I say about me? Well I am not a snake person, yes even if I am a Slytherin, they scare me,but I love other animals, like my puffskin that uncle gave me last year,her name is Céleste. I also like cooking and baking, for this one you can ask my roommate Daría, that's delighted when I cook or bake. In the like's section I also have music, Harry Potter, books and plants. I am happy to make new friends, if you encounter this message, please pm me or contact me through HOL, let's be friends! Something more about me is that I like the colour purple and that I am a skincare and makeup lover, but in the same time I love quidditch and basketball, a muggle sport.
  6. Well, today I played, actually learned to play, pocker and blackjack, it's a muggle cards games, but they are really fun and I also played wizard chess.
  7. My favorite type of snake is a basilisk, cause it's not so common and it's very rare. And I think more reason that I like it is that I am a little bit afraid to snakes.
  8. 4 February 2021 Dear journal, I had a really rough fall term in my first year, but I know I will be doing my best this time, in the spring term. I took 5 classes and I also share one of them with my roomie Daría, she is really the best friend I could ever find, cause she doesn't get mad on my messy side and the fact that I almost filled out dorm with plants. Today was a really good day, I took my first class and learn 2 lessons and I sent them at time. I decided to do them early so nothing gets in my way, so I can sit peacefully that I didn't forgot anything. By surprise though, I cleaned the dorm today when Daría was at her classes.... She didn't came yet but I hope I will surprise her, cause I changed a lil bit the decor and the plants are mostly gone, but not the Asphodel, cause we both like the plant to be there and I also kept the fern, the rest of the plants I carried them to the greenhouse, I think Prof. Alton knows more about them and needs them more then I do. Ohh, I heard a strange noise I think it's Daria. I have to go now my lovely journal, byee ! Yours truly, Xandra Malfoy 5 scales awarded
  9. In my perspective, even if I am a Slytherin, I don't think I will turn into a Death Eater, cause it is just not my thing to be the bad guy, I personally think I will suit myself better in a boring bureau at MACUSA in NYC.
  10. I do prefer challenges, so I would definetely pick Goblet of Fire. The challenge gets my adrenaline rush going strong and its really cool, plus I'm really ambitious and I think I can win the competition.
  11. Everyone is welcomed to pop in.. Even boys Im not gonna be mad lolz 😂😂
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