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  1. Amaryllis Storm

    Activity 7: Three Words at a Time

    Albus' beard doing
  2. Amaryllis Storm

    Activity 7: Three Words at a Time

    high pitched squeak
  3. Amaryllis Storm

    Activity 6: Festive Signatures

  4. Amaryllis Storm

    Top House Points 2018-19

    OoooKay?!?!?! I blinked and somehow got that many points? WOW, Love you guys, really kinda needed the self-esteem boost and my house delivered unknowingly!
  5. *Does the Snake version of the Snoopy Dance*

    I passed all my classes!!!!!!!

    1. Prof. Amy Lupin

      Prof. Amy Lupin

      Great job, Amaryllis!

    2. Will Lestrange

      Will Lestrange

      Way to go!  More quills for us is always a good thing.

  6. Amaryllis Storm

    Activity 1: If I Could Delay One Thing

    That was actually my very first thought! So, I absolutely agree with delaying New Years lol
  7. OK, So how did Ravenclaw suddenly get 2,000 points ahead of us?

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    2. Will Lestrange

      Will Lestrange

      My guess would be a few Ravenclaw-heavy classes submitting all their points for the term in one fell swoop.  


      Arianna pointed out newspapers as well.  I wouldn't think they give out *that* many points (on ST you can get 90 points from the maximum for submissions AND exclusives for issues; typical submissions seem to be around 10 or 15 points)... but 50 points * 4 newspapers * 10 people can add up to 2000 anyway!

    3. Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      Points also drop off when students become inactive...

    4. Will Lestrange

      Will Lestrange

      Which, ironically, usually helps you due to the multiplier (if the inactive student’s earned points was below the average of the points earned by your active housemates, this average - and therefore your weighted score - will go up.)

  8. Amaryllis Storm

    Activity 1: If I Could Delay One Thing

    Well, it never snows where I am at, so no white Christmas for me! I would delay so many friends and relatives descending on us all at once during December, and have their holiday visits staggered between Dec and Feb. GIve us time to prepare and its easier on our budget and wallets! It would also be less stressful personally and give us time to relax and not constantly entertain others.
  9. Amaryllis Storm

    A Magical Christmas Shopping List

    I was doing some writing the other day and had a thought, what kind of gifts would you really get for a Witch or a Wizard? Is there a Mundane toy you would like to see turn Magical or a game or...well...just about anything? What would you get for your favorite Professor?
  10. Amaryllis Storm

    A Magical Christmas Shopping List

    Thinking of that, can you see Jenga with talking blocks that yell insults or bad advice at you as you try to decided with one to remove? Or the game of life the Weasley Edition!
  11. Amaryllis Storm

    Amaryllis Storms Journal

    10 scales awarded
  12. Amaryllis Storm

    Amaryllis Storms Journal

    Dear Journal, Can I say I now officially hate the holidays? The end of the year was so hectic, and everything got pushed back so now my new year started with a game of catch up with all the things I need to get done before starting the work for the new year. The good news is three of my classes are finished for the term, the bad news is I am crazy enough to pick three more in the incoming term! My New Year goal was not to try and over achieve, to take a step back and actually enjoy the experience. I will see what the new term have to offer as classes go before deciding. My bed is screaming at me, so will write more later! 5 scales awarded
  13. I think I am officially brain dead, I am 99.9% caught up on class work and behind on everything else!

    1. Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      *coils* At least you don't have to worry about classes for a couple of weeks!

    2. Amaryllis Storm

      Amaryllis Storm

      no still have two classes! I was an idiot and took two year-long class and three one-term classes lol Still have one assignment to turn in that already late, and it's for DADA and having to create a new potion. Already got the ingredients, now just have to revive my brain enough to work out the instructions for creating it.

  14. Amaryllis Storm

    Post-IRC Presents

    Sorry a few days late, but can I claim 4. A pink present with purple bow
  15. Amaryllis Storm

    Info and Sign Up

    I'll try for Dec 22, but can't make any promises, it all depends on the time and teh time difference.
  16. Amaryllis Storm

    Info and Sign Up

    I would like to sign up, not sure what I can offer, so either a word search puzzle or 5k worded fanfic story their choice.
  17. Amaryllis Storm

    Word Association Game

  18. Amaryllis Storm

    Word Association Game

  19. Amaryllis Storm

    Keep a word, drop a word!

    Sargent Major
  20. Amaryllis Storm

    Sweets Elimination Game

    Sherbet Lemon + Cauldron Cakes - Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum 22 Cauldron Cakes 24 Sherbet Lemon 5
  21. Amaryllis Storm

    I Hate

    I hate people who offer to be helpful then find every excuse to not be! 😠
  22. Amaryllis Storm

    Puzzle Exchange - Word Search

    Don't Be A Scrooge! A Christmas based Wordsearch based on words that are related to being a Scrooge. C I M L W S D L S C I E C E A I A T I G B E W O T C O C C P P B J F S V F N L N N I K I O O R I E A E D D E D T L W R P R O H R L E R C E S H A I A L H A T L M H S S U R T D R V E T D O N M E C A B I I X Z A C N W E E R E C R L H G U B W T A D N C N S U O I D O E Q X I S Z X S I D E S P O I L T E C I E I J D E A T H E A W I Z R M O E L B I S S E R P E R R I N S U O I T E C A F V X I E Q J A S N N L F Y S V N X P C T I M P R O P R I E T Y P S H Q ABROAD APOPLECTIC AVARICE CAUSTIC CONDEMNED CONDESCENSION DEATH DESPOIL EXCRESCENCE FACETIOUS FELLOW IMPROPRIETY IRREPRESSIBLE LIFE MEN MISANTHROPIC MISER ODIOUS REQUIRED SPIRIT TRAVEL For an added difficulty find the words that complete this Christmas quote and tell us who said it. "It is ______ of every man that the ______ within him should walk abroad among his ____ _____, and travel far and wide; and, if that spirit goes not forth in _____, it is _______to do so after ________." 10 scales (November 2018) Send me the solution via Dungeons PM with the subject: Word Search Solved By Prof. Tarma Amelia Black on 11/29/2018 5 scales (November 2018) Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis on 12/13/2018 5 scales (December 2018)
  23. Amaryllis Storm

    Amaryllis Storms Journal

    Dear Journal, It's been a while since I had the chance to sit down and write something other than essays. I met another first-year Slytherin who wants to be roommates! Still in the process of moving things around so we can share a room. I'm learning lots of new and interesting things in class, I even had to do research on my First wand. I use the second wand that I got at Hogsmeade to do regular stuff, my Sycamore wand gets bored if I use it for summoning my homework too often. I'm slowly finding my niche, like writing for the SerpenTimes. and doing creative projects for the Hollers, still not a great fan of Quidditch. So that it for not journal, still have Herbology homework to get done, promise to write soon! 5 scales awarded
  24. Amaryllis Storm

    Detention with Dolores - Task 1

    This is so funny, I actually had to draw a creature for DADA and I chose a Bowtruckle! So, here is my rendition of one. This bowtruckles name is Bowhayes and he makes his home in the blackthorns trees of Ireland. Since Blackthorns attract lots of insects, this fellow never wants for a meal! Bowhayes is good-natured, with a bit of a mischievous side but can hold a grudge that rival Professor Snape and can be quite vicious when riled.