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    Unplottable Isle hidden somewhere in the British Commonwealth
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    Reading, gardening, writing, watching anime, reading manga, dancing when no one is watching.

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  1. Amaryllis Storm

    Amaryllis Storms Journal

    So, here begins my journey at Hol. I was fortunate to receive a private room, which I have just finished setting up and unpacking. Before I had even considered starting such an odious task, I wandered around the campus and was able to meet a few interesting Professors. I have already staked out to plot in greenhouse two, so will be able to continue my hobby. Classes won't start for another month, so I plan to join the few events scheduled during the break, the puffs are having a summer camp which should be interesting. TIme for bed will write more later!
  2. Amaryllis Storm

    The Storm Den

    . Welcome to my room, it is most likely where you can find me hiding. All are welcome but watch out for Kimiko my pet snake.
  3. Amaryllis Storm

    This or That

    Elves, I would like to be able to see over the shrubbery. A good book or a good movie?
  4. Amaryllis Storm

    Guess the next poster

    which Sirus there about a million of them at this school. but nope sadly its lil ole me. I'm guessing it's going to be Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis
  5. Amaryllis Storm

    Guess the next poster

    I was have tempted to not to post when I saw my name but yep it's me I'm guessing Amy Lupin
  6. Some days your the snake and some days your the entree....today I feel like I have just been picked out of a snake's fangs with a toothpick.

    1. Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      Prof. Scarlet Leslie-Lewis

      *coils* Hope your day has gotten better!

    2. Will Lestrange

      Will Lestrange

      *coils* I know the feeling 😞