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The Slytherin Dungeons

Welcome! We Don't Bite... Hard.

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Hello everyone! I suck at introducing myself but I'll do my best. :) 

My name is Hayley Grace, I just recently started HOL and am in my first year as a Slytherin (super excited about that as it's always been my favorite house). So far I'm enjoying my classes and looking forward to exploring other parts of HOL.

So... someone elses turn to introduce themselves now? I'm going to go find some butterbeer. :D

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Hi everyone! Sparky McPup here from Ravenclaw. You may not see me here that often on the account of Basil. I have two requests for the next time I am here: 1 can you make sure there is some freshly brewed coffee? And 2 can you make sure Basil doesn't try to kill or paralyze me?

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Welcome to the Dungeons, Sparky and Elena! 

Coffee, pumpkin juice, dark mark cookies, we definitely have snacks! And Basil usually listens to us, especially since so many of us have been practicing our Parseltongue, so you should be safe. 

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Hi everyone! I'm new here, I just joined HOL this morning. Definitely still working on finding my way around, but I'm super excited to be here :) I'm a first year Slytherin, and outside of my life at Hogwarts my hobbies include reading, writing (fiction, poetry and songs), making music and visual art such as drawing and painting. I can't wait to meet everyone and make friends! 

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Hi fellow Slytherins, I wanted to stop by to introduce myself.
I'm Carrie Warts, first year in Gryffindor and very excited to be here.
Please feel free to reach out to me, I love chatting and meeting new folks from around the castle. Can't wait to meet you all!

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