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  1. New jigsaw for August can be found in the Puzzle Exchange! Go check it out :)

  2. Welcome to the month of August! Despite the cold weather here in the UK, we will continue to celebrate August, another month of summer. Solve this jigsaw to find this month's jigsaw: CLICK Solve this jigsaw and send me a solution via Dungeon PM titled 'August Jigsaw'. The jigsaw has 120 pieces. Completed by: Louis Walles - 10 scales Harry Walles - 5 scales
  3. As promised: cat update! The cat’s name is Solo and when I came to feed her this morning I couldn’t find her at all. I just hope she didn’t run away 😂

    1. Aurelia West

      Aurelia West

      Haha, that sounds about right for a cat! I hope you were eventually able to find her hiding in a space that looks too small for a cat to fit. I'm sure she will eventually come out for the food and you will arrive tomorrow to a clean, empty bowl!

    2. Lucia Dinapoli

      Lucia Dinapoli

      Solo is such a cute name! Perhaps she is just super adventurous 😅

  4. A bit late but still on time - Summer Jigsaw in the Puzzle Exchange!

  5. Welcome to summer jigsaw! This month is a special month because…it’s my birthday soon! July is a time when most people hit the beach, so I’m shocked to find out that summer in London is cancelled (the highest temperature will be 19° Celsius! - 66.2 Fahrenheit), so let’s just imagine that London is actually warm this month! https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=2c592291f14b Solve this jigsaw and send me your solution via Dungeon PM. Title it “July Jigsaw”. The jigsaw has 117 pieces. Completed by: Louis Walles - 10 scales Harry Walles - 5 scales Lucia Dinapoli - 5 scales Aurelia West - 10 scales (as stated above - completed older jigsaw) Prof. Tarma Amelia Black - 5 scales
  6. Thank you so much for 5 awards! 😮 I feel honoured! 😊 Congratulations to all of you!
  7. Thank you so much for the award! 🥳 Well deserved Aurelia! 🤝
  8. Guys… I am going to baby sit a…CAT 😂🐈 I need to come twice per day for 5 days to just feed her. They pay £106 🤑

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    2. February Fortescue

      February Fortescue

      I love cats! Keep us updated, please ^_^

    3. Louis Walles

      Louis Walles

      @February Fortescue I will! I promise 🤞

    4. Louis Walles

      Louis Walles

      @Aurelia West I hope so too! However most cats are kind of scared of me 😂

  9. I think that the evidence that impressed me the most is the fact that almost no one has seen Brabas doing something else on that day. Basil was almost everywhere, helping all wizards across HOL but Brabas had no alibi! I think if he had more alibi, he would have had more chances to win.
  10. Dear court, dear public. After hearing all the arguments and statements given, there is only one possible conclusion - it was Brabas who is guilty and he stole the gems. I believe the court has heard enough about how selfish Brabas is, and how much he can do to get his hands on the gems just to win and be the best. I hope that the court can see above his fake generosity and punish him.
  11. I was walking back to Hogwarts after playing volleyball with my dear Basil when I heard a weird noise. I quickly hid under the stairs as the weird noise was getting closer and closer. After a while, I saw a dark figure. That particular figure was carrying a sack, which was clearly filled with gems because a few fell out and the mysterious figure had to pick them up. The figure then moved out of the shadow and I clearly saw Barbas!
  12. 20/06 - 27/06/2021 I don't have much tasks left to complete for the Emerald Cup (I think I need to do like 3 more). A lot of tasks to complete in the Sett! Sounds like a busy week for me! I have pretty much unpacked everything, with just a few of boxes left! Everyone's mood is changing each second - one minute everyone adores being in here and the next everyone constantly argues with each other about how small the house is. 5 scales awarded
  13. This morning the court has came to a conclusion as to who have stolen the gems - Brabas or Basil. The prosecution managed to recover a video footage showing Basil playing volleyball at the time the crime has been committed. Brabas, on the other hand, was not visible throughout the whole day. Louis managed to get a hindsight into the final statement made by the prosecutor: 'The following crime was definitely a petty crime and was purely made out of greed. Brabas showed no remorse and was open about his involvement in the crime when put to private questioning and is definitely guilty'.
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